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June 22, 2021
Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Franklin Graham: Nancy Pelosi’s Supposed ‘Fight’ for Children Conveniently Ignores The Unborn

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following a press conference in which Nancy Pelosi discussed her continual ‘fight’ for the nation’s children; Rev Graham: What about children in the womb?

During a news conference this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about reopening schools this fall. She said, “My whole purpose in politics, the three most important issues facing the Congress: Our children, our children, our children…that’s the hill I fight on.”

That may make a good sound bite Speaker Pelosi, but what about all of the children whose lives are taken by abortion which you support? What about children in the womb? Aren’t their lives important? Are their lives not worth fighting for? Abortion has killed more than 471,100 children in the United States this year alone.

I pray that Nancy Pelosi and other leaders who have succumbed to pressure to support abortion will realize that abortion is murder. Hundreds of thousands of precious lives are cut tragically short by what they like to call a choice.

Many agreed with Graham’s remarks on Facebook, saying that Pelosi’s supposed dedication to children seems politically directed with a complete disregard for the unborn.

“She only cares about what will allow her to push whatever her agenda is at the moment,” one Facebook user wrote. “Because the school year is rapidly approaching and the Dems want to keep schools closed, the children are now being used as a prop.”

“So why is she defending the rioters where children are hurt, why has she not helped with educating underprivileged children and a better life for them, what about the late-term abortion? She reminds me of a snake ready to strike anywhere she hopes to get votes,” another added.

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