August 4 2020
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Distress of Nations

Downtown Hong Kong becomes a Battlefield: Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters who Fight back with Petrol Bombs

Hong Kong police fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by thousands of masked anti-government protesters today as downtown Hong Kong turned into a battleground.

China Releases Updated ‘Morality Guidelines’ for ‘Comprehensive Social Progress’

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has released the first set of updated “morality guidelines” in almost 20 years. The stated goal of the document is instructing citizens in how to maximize “comprehensive social progress and the overall development of people.”

Franklin Graham: Does it feel like the World is Spinning out of Control?

Rev. Franklin Graham recently took to Facebook to encourage those who are watching the world falling farther and farther into chaos and civil unrest...

Police Probe Suspected Irish People-Smuggling Ring after 39 Migrants are Found Frozen to Death

Police are investigating a suspected Irish people-smuggling ring after 39 migrants were found frozen to death in the back of a refrigerated lorry.

Iranians in Malaysia say Banks Close their Accounts as US Sanctions Bite

Banks in Malaysia are closing the accounts of Iranian individuals and companies, nearly a dozen affected people told Reuters, in a sign that U.S. sanctions are having a far-reaching impact on citizens of the Islamic republic.

At least 40 Killed Friday as Fresh Anti-Government Protests Engulf Iraq

At least 27 protesters were killed in Iraq on Friday when security forces used tear gas and an Iranian-backed militia opened fire to try to quell renewed demonstrations against corruption and economic hardship, security sources said.

Berlin Urges ‘Restraint’ after Turkish-Kurdish Clashes in Germany

German authorities on Tuesday appealed to its Turkish and Kurdish communities to avoid echoing the Middle Eastern conflict, after clashes between the two groups over Ankara’s offensive in northeastern Syria.

Protests around the world: violent clashes hit Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona

Protests have broken out in several countries across the world, with citizens unhappy for different reasons. Some are protesting over economic conditions, others are protesting over tax hikes and elsewhere protests are breaking out over controversial laws or prison sentences imposed by governments.

Lebanon PM sets Deadline to Resolve Crisis as Violent Protests Rage

The government scrapped a controversial plan to tax popular messaging app Whatsapp after nationwide protests.

Violence Escalates in Barcelona After 500,000 Separatists Rally

Heavy clashes erupted again on the sidelines of the Barcelona march, which drew more than half a million protesters.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Warns Of ‘Crushed Bodies’ If Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement Spreads

Chinese president Xi Jinping warned his countrymen that they will experience the full weight of China’s might if they attempt to fracture the Chinese Communist state; it "will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones."

At Least 2 dead, Millions Ordered to Evacuate as Typhoon Hagibis Slams into Japan

Powerful Typhoon Hagibis slammed into Japan on Saturday, killing at least two people and prompting authorities to issue their highest level of disaster warning over "unprecedented" downpours that caused flooding and landslides.

Gunmen Attack Television Stations in Iraq as Deadly Protests Continue

Death toll rises beyond 105 in Iraq as demonstrators continue to protest against the government.

Sweden: Around 90 Per Cent of 2015 Migrants with Residency Status Are Unemployed

Of the 40,019 migrants with permanent residency status who are eligible to work, only 4,574 of them support themselves independently through working, according to Statistics Sweden’s integration database for health insurance and labour market studies (LISA).