June 15, 2024

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June 15, 2024

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Not Science Fiction: Neuralink Brain Chip Implant To Begin In-human Clinical Study

David Bowen

I will admit that one genre which has yet to appeal to me is science fiction. I know some people love science fiction, but it never grabbed my attention. Maybe because I could never understand what it was. I know its roots go back to ancient mythology. Is it speculative? Is it futuristic? The Jetsons were pretty cool, but the rest never really interested me.

Now we live in a time when science fiction is becoming a reality. We don’t have flying cars like the Jetsons. Not yet! But, engineers are working on that. However, we do have driverless cars, though that’s not as cool as a flying car.

Here is something else that used to be science fiction — brain implants. Wireless chips are being inserted into the brain allowing the person to control devices mentally. This is no longer science fiction.


On May 25th, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink posted the following on their Twitter account: “We are excited to share that we have received the FDA’s approval to launch our first in-human clinical study!”

What was the approval for? The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted Neuralink to implant brain chips in patients. The brain chips will have a wireless connection to a computer enabling patients to control electronic devices mentally, get on the Internet, engage in social media, and so on.

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In Your Inbox

Their vision for these brain implants is to cure a wide range of medical conditions, which is excellent. However, they are promoting that the device is also planned to enable web browsing and telepathy. Telepathy, is that science fiction or reality?

I was amazed at people’s comments in the comments section on the company’s Twitter account. Comments such as “Sign me up!” and “I can’t wait!”

Reuters has reported that Neuralink had hoped to receive approval to implant its device into ten patients. How many patients the FDA will ultimately approve for a clinical trial is yet to be known.

In a video posted on Twitter, the company shows how its surgical robot uses advanced imaging systems to detect the brain and insert threads away from blood vessels using the robot’s high-precision camera.

Technology is taking a huge step in our daily lives.

ALDI Grocery Store

ALDI grocery store in the United Kingdom is advertising a new shopping method. At a new store on Greenwich High Road in London, their website says:

“Welcome to a new shopping experience. Download our SHOP&GO App and register your account to enter. Once in the store, just pick up an item or bag it. When you’ve finished shopping, go. You will be charged and receive your receipt via your app.”

First, you must download the app, then you shop, and then you leave. Did you catch that you can ONLY enter the store by downloading the app? You will not be able to enter without submitting to this technology. This is the “new way of shopping.”

This is starting in London. How long will it take for this to spread to other stores, cities, and countries? How open will people be to allowing this new shopping experience to become part of their daily life? You allow the app to track your actions when you enter the store. If you refuse to download this tracking device, you will be denied entrance into the store.

More from the ALDI website:

“Shopping made simple. Just pick up your shopping and pop it in your bag. Items will be added to your app account with the help of our in-store cameras. Shopping as a group? Download the app and set up an account. Scan your QR code at the gate to let in each person in your group. Your account will be charged for the items your group leaves with.

Did you catch the part about you having to LET others in your group in? They can’t just walk into the store, they must be “allowed” in.

Their website has a FAQ section. Here is one of the answers they are providing:

Question: “Can I shop at the store with my family and friends?
Answer: Yes, you can use your ALDI SHOP&GO app to let your friends and family in. Simply scan your QR code to let them in first, one at a time. Any items taken off the shelf by family or friends who entered the store using your app will be added to your virtual basket.”

From wireless chips in our brains, to being denied entrance into a grocery store, to our leadership giving up control of our freedom in healthcare — where will it go next?


The World Health Organization has the answer with the amendments they want to implement:

  • They want to expand the definitions of pandemics and health emergencies.
  • They want to change the language used to classify a health emergency from a harmful virus to something with a “potential for harm” rather than actual harm. So, the W.H.O. can mandate lockdowns or medical interventions based on the suspicion that a virus might cause public harm. Lockdowns based on W.H.O.’s suspicion?
  • They want to change the recommendations of all member states from nonbinding to mandatory, so member states must follow and implement the World Health Organization recommendations.
  • They want to increase the Director-General’s ability to independently and single-handedly declare health emergencies.
  • They want to set up extensive surveillance in all member states.
  • They want to enable the World Health Organization to share data without consent.

What Is the Solution?

How are we to respond to such complete technological control? What is the solution for the Digital ID? It comes down to one word — evangelism.

Believers need to do all that they can to help people realize the days in which we are living. This is not science fiction, this is real life!

Eventually, God’s timing leads to the Tribulation and the Antichrist’s world system. People need to know about God’s love and His coming wrath upon this rebellious world.

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