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Friday, March 5, 2021


Israeli Foreign Minister: ‘Corbyn’s defeat is a victory in fight against anti-Semitism’

Israel Friday hailed the election defeat of Britain's Labour Party as a "milestone in the fight against hatred" after its leadership was accused of inaction against anti-Semitism in its ranks.

German commissioner says Merkel’s envoy boosting antisemitism at UN

A German state commissioner to combat antisemitism told The Jerusalem Post that his country’s UN ambassador promotes antisemitism at the United Nations when he compared the Jewish state with Hamas.

Rick Wiles of ‘TruNews’ in Anti-Semitic Rant Claims Impeachment Inquiry is a ‘Jew Coup’

Yet another anti-Semitic rant has emerged from the ironically named "TruNews," in-which Rick Wiles exclaims to his audience that there is a "Jew Coup" taking place in the United States.

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Anti-Semitism, Boycotts Against Israel on College Campuses

President Trump is threatening to cut federal funds to college campuses that don't curb anti-Semitism against Jewish students, with an executive order set to be signed later Wednesday, according to a senior administration official.

Jewish Student Attacked in Paris for Speaking Hebrew

Two suspects fled the scene after attacking 31-year-old Yogev B., a Jewish student at Paris Metro; They attacked him until he was nearly unconscious; Habib: The antisemitic attack was clearly motivated by hate of Israel alone.

Belgian Teacher Shares Video Calling for Jihad Against Jews

A teacher on Islam at a Belgian high school posted on Facebook a video of an imam calling for a jihad, or holy war, against Jews and those who “conspire” with them.

Portugal Adopts IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism Amid Netanyahu Visit

Portugal has become the latest country to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, The Jerusalem Post reported on Wednesday.

France: Over 100 Jewish graves found desecrated near Strasbourg

More than 100 tombstones buried inside a Jewish cemetery were found desecrated near the border-town of Strasbourg, France on Tuesday.

French Parliament Decides Anti-Zionism is form of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism, the French National Assembly determined on Tuesday, voting on a resolution calling on the government to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism.

Jan Markell Laments the Blatant Anti-Semitism on US Campuses; Challenges ‘Muslims as Victims’ Mentality

A messianic Jewish leader laments the blatant anti-Semitism she sees becoming commonplace on university campuses across the United States.

Norwegian mayor asks church to remove Star of David decor; as Anti-Semitism skyrockets in Europe

A Norwegian mayor asked a church to replace its traditional Star of David Christmas decoration due to complaints that it’s too associated with Israel and Jews.

Ohio College Students Create Memorial for Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed in Israeli Strikes

Students at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, set up a memorial in memory of slain terrorists in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli strikes; The memorial mentions the former leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Bahaa Abu al-Atta; The group is blaming the ‘Zionist Settler Colonialism”.

DISGUSTING: BDS, Antifa, Attack Jewish Event; Shout “Back to the Ovens” at Toronto’s York U

“Go back to the ovens, go back to Europe!” - That was what Shar Leyb and two Jewish community members heard in Vari Hall. This ugly remark was one of many that marked an evening of hate and violence at an event that was meant to promote dialogue and understanding between Israelis and Canadians.

Trudeau’s U.N. Appointee Boasted About Voting for N. Korean -Sponsored Resolution Against Israel

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s U.N. ambassador Marc-André Blanchard bragged on Saturday about voting on a North Korea-sponsored resolution against Israel last week, stating in a tweet that: “Canada found its voice”. The ambassador featured an article on the vote from the Quebec-based publication La Presse.

YORK UNIVERSITY, TORONTO: Violent Attack at Jewish Campus Event, Student Interviews

(Abagail Hamman) - I went to York University in Toronto to ask students what they knew about the violent protests that occurred last week when Israeli soldiers visit a campus to discuss the Arab-Israeli conflict after being invited by a Jewish student group.

650 Christian Businesspeople Respond to Anti-Israel Product Labelling

Efforts to boycott Israel have consistently failed as Christians respond by increasing investment.

Dutch Parliament says EU Labeling Policy on Israel is ‘Discriminatory’

The Dutch parliament passed a non-binding motion saying it was “discriminatory” of the European Union court to mandate labeling for foods produced in Israeli settlements.

Anti-Semitism At Arizona State University Highlights Tense On-Campus Atmosphere For Jewish Students

According to a Chabad of Arizona State University (ASU) email forwarded along to The Daily Wire earlier today, the on-campus ASU Jewish community experienced a horrific act of anti-Semitism earlier this week. Worse still, this latest flare-up seems to be part of an ongoing troubling trend.

In Landmark Ruling, EU’s Top Court says Settlement Product Labeling Mandatory

The European Court of Justice on Tuesday morning ruled that products made in Israeli settlements must be labeled as such, and may not be marketed as products of Israel.

Approximately 75 Jewish Tombstones Vandalized in Nebraska, US

Omaha, Nebraska, United States-Approximately 75 Jewish tombstones reported to have been vandalized in the Temple Israel Graveyard; Damages estimated to be near $50,000.

Holocaust Survivor Given Police Escort in Italy after AntiSemitic Threats

Italian Holocaust survivor and Senator for Life, Liliana Segre, 89, has been placed under police protection after she received threats from far-right fanatics, security sources said on Thursday, highlighting concerns about rising extremism in Italy.

Pompeo in Halle: World Must Work Together to Fight Anti-Semitism

“The world must work together against this threat and this vicious attack against religious freedom, and in particular the religious freedom of the Jewish people.”

DISGUSTING:’Nazis’ in Colorado Dress up as Jews, distribute Propaganda Denying Holocaust

A group of men wearing long tallitot (prayer shawls) and white kippot (skullcaps) handed out flyers in a pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colorado on Saturday night. Though the men appeared Jewish, their message was full of hatred and the fliers claimed that the Holocaust could not have happened, citing facts purporting the murder of six million Jews was “impossible”.

Court Opens Door for Anti-Semitism being Taught in Public School

A teacher in Texas has been given permission by a judge to, if she chooses, "fill her students' head[s] with hate against Jews," according to a scathing new report from the Clarion Project.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Germans Say Antisemitism Has Increased in Germany

Around two-thirds of Germans feel antisemitic attitudes have increased in Germany, while more than a quarter holds some sort of antisemitic belief, according to a study.

Antisemitic National Students for Justice in Palestine Members Active on American Campuses

Members of the antisemitic National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) movement are continuing to influence campuses in America; Columbia University & Harvard are two of the notable schools; Sharansky: All those who value both justice and academic freedom should be resistant to it.

Sanders Urges giving Chunk of US Military Aid to Gaza instead; Calls Netanyahu Gov. Racist

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Monday that part of the $3.8 billion in annual US military assistance to Israel should instead go toward humanitarian relief in Gaza.

Swedish Foreign Minister claims BDS is not Anti-Semitic; calls it a Legitimate means of protesting “Occupation”

Sweden’s newly appointed foreign minister, Ann Linde, spoke of her desire to strengthen her country’s ties with the State of Israel, but at the same time also said that she believed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is not anti-Semitic, but rather a legitimate and non-violent movement.

Florida Principle Fired after telling Parent he wouldn’t say the Holocaust was a “Factual, Historical Event”

The high school principal in Boca Raton, Florida who told a parent that “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened” was fired.

DISGUSTING: Student Asks Holocaust Survivor If He Supports Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

A college student at Benedictine University asked a Holocaust survivor if he supports Israel’s alleged “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians earlier in October and walked out after he wouldn’t denounce the country.

Smith College in Massachusetts Vandalized with a Rash of Swastikas

Smith College in Massachusetts was vandalized with a rash of swastikas, JTAreported Monday.


A public reading and talk at a New Jersey library by the author of the children’s book P is for Palestine went forward amid protests outside after being postponed in May due to objections from the local Jewish community.

United Nations Special Rapporteur Calls for Boycott of Israeli ‘Settlement’ Products

Rapporteur for the United Nations demands a boycott on all products coming from Israeli ‘settlements’; Lynk: This occupation will not die of old age.

Palestinian Man Severely beaten by PA Forces After Converting to Judaism

The man, 50-years old, was threatened by his brothers that he will be cut off from his family should he continue.

Brussels: Knife-Wielding Man Asks Passersby if they are Jewish

Belgian police arrested a Muslim man who asked passersby on a Brussels street if they were Jewish while holding a knife and shouting about Allah.

Anti-Semitic Yom Kippur shooter is Arrested after Killing two; failing to enter German Synagogue

A gunman at a German synagogue ranted about feminism, immigration and the Holocaust before he shot two people dead in a live-streamed rampage on Judaism's holiest day today.

UK Teacher Fired for Threatening to Send Jewish Students to Gas Chambers

A British elementary school teacher was fired after telling Jewish students that she would “ship them off to the gas chambers” if they didn’t finish their schoolwork.

Anti-Semitism: Tunisia’s President Elect says Normalization with ‘Zionist Entity’ is Treachery

"This is my view on the Zionist entity and it will not change... We are in a situation of war with Zionism, and normalization is treachery."

Starting where Nazis Burned Books, 10,000 March in Berlin Against Anti-Semitism

Thousands more rally elsewhere in Germany four days after neo-Nazi attempted to massacre Jews in Halle on Yom Kippur, failed to enter synagogue, killed 2 bystanders.

Netanyahu: Deadly Germany Synagogue Attack Proof that ‘Anti-Semitism in Europe is Increasing’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the terror attack near a synagogue in Halle, Germany that killed two people Wednesday is "additional testimony that anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing."

Merkel’s Gov’t says Iran’s Call to “Wipe Israel off the Map” not Anti-Semitic; just Anti-Israel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has declared that Iran's call to obliterate the State of Israel is not an expression of antisemitism.

Muslim Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Tries to Run into Berlin Synagogue with Knife

A man armed with a knife attempted to run into a synagogue in central Berlin Friday evening, German media reported Saturday.

Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A ‘Dirty Jew’: Antisemitic Bullying Exposed at Australian Schools

Shocking accounts of antisemitic bullying at two schools in the Australian state of Victoria over the past year have led to calls for more assertive action by educational authorities to protect Jewish students.

Vandals smash windows of Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah prayers

Mayor condemns ‘shocking act of hate,’ says police will find young women seen hurling milk crates at Williamsburg house of worship

Report Leads to Massive Wave of Online Anti-Semitism in Poland

This occurred even though the report, claiming that the Polish president blamed Israel for antisemitism there, was denied by the president's office, among others.

UN Report Alarmed by Growing Antisemitism, Criticizes BDS

His report, which the Israeli mission to the UN called "unprecedented," identified antisemitism from all sides of the political spectrum and called for action.

Jan Markell: Under a Spell

Why does the Jewish population in America have such an unyielding loyalty to the Democratic party? Shockingly there is greater support for anti-Semitic liberals amongst Jews than the Jewish state itself. How do we make sense of this?

Women’s March Board Member Compares IDF Soldiers to ISIS

Women's March board member Zahra Billoo has compared American Israel Defense Forces (IDF) lone soldiers to ISIS recruits on Twitter.

The Irony and Harm of the BDS Movement

Founder of Anti-Semitic BDS Movement states that “any part of Palestine” refers to the land now recognized as Israel.

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