Looking at the times we currently live in; it blows my mind as I look on how we, the so-called Christians, go about our daily lives.

Please do see this little article in the light I’m writing it, and how I see it.

Should you have accumulated massive amounts of debt over your life, and then suddenly a complete stranger comes offering to pay it all off, no questions asked, imagine how you will react? I reckon that most people will almost kiss that person’s feet.

Then, on the other hand, we all have been issued the death sentence through Adam, and our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ stepped in, taking it on Himself so that none should die, but have everlasting life. But do we see us jumping up and down with joy?

Most people have probably went on holiday sometime in their life, going to places like Cape Town, Niagra Falls, the Rocky mountains, etc.

How do we react, taking in mind that we are about to embark on a well-deserved break? We start making a list of what all needs to be done, what needs to be bought, who will look after the animals, inform the neighbours, and so the list goes on.

But Jesus wants to give us a holiday which will last for seven years in a resort which can’t be found anywhere on this planet; All-inclusive, no strings attached, even transport there and back. The only requirement is that we believe that He is who He says He is.

How do we react on this once in a lifetime opportunity? 

I see no one jumping with joy; instead, we rather want to continue with our daily lives, by struggling to see if we can’t save up enough cash to be able to go away for a mere weekend.

Jesus says in His Word that He will come as a thief in the night, so for this argument, I will refer to Him as a thief.

Looking at our circumstances in South Africa, where crime is rated to be of the highest in the world. How do we go about to prepare and avoid a break-in at night?

We install burglar-bars, security gates, alarm systems, motion sensors, armed response teams, etc. Thus meaning we take all precautions to prevent being robbed, for no thief will let you know in advance that he will be breaking in at your premises! But Jesus, the biggest thief of all time, actually gave us a dire warning some two thousand years back that He will come to steal His children from this world.

But as to human thieves where we do all in our power to be prepared, we do nothing to be ready for when He comes, even though we can see that day approaching.

We really need to get the Word out there in order to get as many people to be ready, and more so, to eagerly await that moment.

We now can ask, how do we go about to prepare? By starting to indulge in the living Word of God, to start detaching yourself from this life and world, to start praying without stopping, to confess that we are sinners, that we need Him in our lives and to confess with our mouths that Jesus is the Lord.

Start preparing, rejoicing for our Lord and Saviour is about to come for His Church very soon!

God bless,

Your friend in Christ.

The author of this article, Robbie Robertson, resides in South Africa with his wife of 34 years, Suzette. The Lord has blessed them with two children LeRoy 28, Celeste 33 and a son-in-law, Pierre.

Formerly a Catholic, Robbie became a Christian when he and his wife were married. Three years ago, he asked his then minister and dear friend, where in the Bible he could find the Rapture? When he was told that the Rapture was not anywhere in Scripture, Robbie did not merely accept that answer. That is where his journey started… His main goal is to open the eyes of as many people as possible to receive the eternal gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ.