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May 7, 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021

Dr. Robert Jeffress: We Thank God our President Doesn’t Hesitate in the Confronting & Eliminating of Evil

Dr. Robert Jeffress went on Lou Dobbs show following Donald Trump’s Launch of the ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ coalition. In the interview, Pastor Jeffress describes the overwhelming unity from evangelicals behind Donald Trump, the president’s dedication to protecting America, and the left’s relentless calling of evil good and good evil.

“I have never seen so much energy in a room as there was tonight,” he said. “There have been some reports from the left about a civil war among evangelicals over Trump. That is pure myth. They are absolutely united behind this president.”

One day prior to Trumps Friday rally, the US conducted strikes in Iraq targetting powerful Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. The President reiterated that the action was taken to stop a war, not start one.

“You know, one of the biggest applause lines the President got tonight, was when he talked about Soleimani,” Jeffress, a member of the White House faith initiative, explained. “It reminded me of three years ago when he was President-elect, we were talking in trump tower, about another hot spot in the world. And Lou, he looked at me straight in the eyes and said, ‘Robert, I am going to do whatever it takes to keep this nation safe.’ We have seen him fulfill that promise. That’s why at the end of tonight’s rally, in my prayer, I said, we thank God we have a president who doesn’t hesitate or flinch when it comes to the confronting and eliminating of evil.”

During the interview, Lou Dobbs expresses his confusion surrounding the lefts questioning of Donald Trump over Soleimani’s death, despite the list of murderous acts the Iranian leader has committed.

“Evil is present in so many forms, and it is not all overseas, or in Iran. There is something abroad in this country that, to me, is inexplicable. We have a nation, a large portion of it, that is not celebrating when an enemy of this country is killed.” Dobbs expressed, “It doesn’t matter to them that he (Soleimani) killed hundreds and hundreds of our troops, wounded thousands, and has carried death throughout the region for Iran.”

“Lou, what your talking about reminds me of what the Bible says in the Old Testament, woe unto the nation that calls evil good and calls good evil (Isaiah 5:20). That is the motto of the Democratic Party,” Pastor Jeffress asserted. “They call evil things good, and they call good things evil. Eliminating this terror threat to the entire world, they call that evil. They are perverse in their thinking; they can’t even think straight to be able to recognize good from evil. And that is why I don’t see how any person with a semblance of conscience could vote for one of these democratic candidates who embrace these godless and perverted policies.”

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