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July 15, 2024

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LGBT-Promoting Groups And Segregation Based On Skin Color: The Hidden Dangers Of Today’s Summer Camps

Many adults have fond memories of childhood summer camp—canoeing, hiking, arts and crafts, and s’mores. But a man dressed as a woman sharing a cabin with young girls was probably not one of the memories you brought home from camp! Parents must beware now because “trans–inclusionary” practices are coming to a summer camp near you. The secularists are attempting to normalize this.

According to a report from The Daily Wire:

The American Camp Association (ACA), an organization of 10,000 summer camp professionals, is one of the groups that has embedded leftwing theories on race and gender into their operations. The organization is also responsible for accrediting summer camps across the country.

At their winter conference, the ACA had a session titled “Trans Inclusion in Overnight Programs” that was focused on “best practices for overnight camps striving to be welcoming spaces for trans and gender non-conforming campers and staff.” Another session was designed to help camps create “affinity groups,” which, apparently, are “identity-based groups that allow people who share an identity to connect, talk openly about issues related to that identity, and brainstorm positive action steps for promoting inclusion and equity.” These affinity groups are “center[ed] around historically marginalized identities.” In other words, they’re helping camps create LGBTQ groups and groups that are segregated based on skin shade.

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And those were just two of the training sessions at the conference! Others focused on safe spaces for LGBTQ children and staff or teaching “equity and justice” activism to children. Two other camp organizations, Outward Bound USA and Camp Fire, along with many individual camps, are likewise pushing or accepting all things LGBTQ and critical race theory as part of their core identity.

This embracing of LGBTQ and CRT is likely not advertised by your local camp. But parents must be aware that these ideologies are infecting everything, and they need to do their due diligence to look into the camp to determine if it’s a safe place to send their children where their kids will have a great time and not come home confused!

Of course, our children will eventually be exposed to LGBTQ ideology and critical race theory—it’s unavoidable in today’s world! We need to be preparing our children from a young age for the times they live in (the times God has chosen for them to live in!) by giving them the right worldview, built on the right foundation (the very Word of God) so they can see the lies of the enemy for what they are and stand strong.

As disheartening as it can be to hear that even your local summer camp may be misleading children, it’s a good reminder for parents to be diligent each and every day to teach their children the things of the Lord. And it’s a reminder to pray for this nation and for the next generation that is growing up under this teaching.

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