June 4 2020
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President Trump Confirms ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi killed in US raid; says Terrorists ‘will Not Escape the Final Judgment of God’

President Trump formally announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a successful U.S. military operation in northwest Syria Saturday night that took roughly two hours.

Ukrainian Government Aims to Open New Innovation Center in Jewish Capital

The Ukrainian government has announced their intentions to open a new ‘innovation and investment’ center in Jerusalem; Katz: The office will be equivalent of a diplomatic office and be a part of the Ukrainian embassy in Israel.

Supreme Court Rejects Case of Christian Teen Forced to Write Islamic Conversion Prayer

One of the religious liberty cases the Supreme Court Justices won't be hearing this term is the issue of Maryland High School student Caleigh Wood, who refused to take part in a school assignment to write the Islamic conversion prayer that states “… there is no god but Allah,” because she believed it directly contradicted her Christian faith.

876 Pro-Abortion Clinics Have Lost Federal Funding under Trump Pro-Life Rule

Nearly 900 clinics that either perform abortions or promote them have lost federal funding under a new Trump administration rule that prevents family planning clinics receiving taxpayer money from promoting or referring for abortion, according to a new report.

Hillary Clinton uses Bible to Insult President Trump, Melania at Cummings’ Funeral; likening them to Ahab, Jezebel

On Friday during Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) funeral, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a Biblical analogy to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, likening them to "wicked King Ahad and Queen Jezebel".

At least 40 Killed Friday as Fresh Anti-Government Protests Engulf Iraq

At least 27 protesters were killed in Iraq on Friday when security forces used tear gas and an Iranian-backed militia opened fire to try to quell renewed demonstrations against corruption and economic hardship, security sources said.

Hal Lindsey: When Confusion Reigns

1 Corinthians 14:33 gives a profound and insightful statement. “God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” Yet in much of the world right now, confusion reigns. I mean deep, basic levels of confusion. Perhaps the most obvious would be the millions who are confused about their sexual identity.

United Nations Special Rapporteur Calls for Boycott of Israeli ‘Settlement’ Products

Rapporteur for the United Nations demands a boycott on all products coming from Israeli ‘settlements’; Lynk: This occupation will not die of old age.

Texas Gov. Says State Will Investigate Battle Over 7-Year-Old Boy’s Forced Gender Transition

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced via Twitter on Wednesday that the state would be investigating the matter of 7-year-old James Younger of Dallas, a boy caught in a custody battle over the insistence by his pediatrician mother that he receive life-altering gender reassignment treatments against the wishes of his father.

U.S. Forces Found Evidence of War Crimes by Turks in Syria

President Donald Trump's special envoy for Syria said on Wednesday that U.S. forces had seen evidence of war crimes during Turkey's offensive against the Kurds in Syria, and had demanded an explanation from Ankara.

‘War Against the Faithful’: Chinese Gov’t Tears Down Church Building as Christians Worship

In the latest blatant attack against the church-at-large in communist China, Chinese government authorities tore down a megachurch's building in the Funan, Anhui region, starting the demolition while the congregation was worshipping. The church's pastors were also arrested and detained.

Jack Hibbs: Let Parents Decide (Part 2) – We have Abandoned the Post of Parenting

We have abandoned our post as parents. It’s time to raise the alarm bells! We are talking about polluting a generation for the rest of their lives with perversion and confusion. Parents need to stop playing games and get back to parenting!

Corrupt Media Canada: Liberal Government Funded CBC Sues Conservative Party for Posting Video Clips of Debate

A tax-funded, government-owned broadcasting network in Canada is suing a political party for reposting videos of a political debate, alleging the action violates the "moral rights" of the debate hosts.

UK Judge Orders Forced Abortion on Mentally Challenged Women, says Doctors can Restrain her to do it

UK doctors are to perform a surgical abortion on a woman with learning difficulties without her consent, a Court of Protection judge has ruled.

Brussels: Knife-Wielding Man Asks Passersby if they are Jewish

Belgian police arrested a Muslim man who asked passersby on a Brussels street if they were Jewish while holding a knife and shouting about Allah.

Air Canada Won’t Greet Passengers As ‘Ladies’ And ‘Gentlemen’ In Recognition Of Gender Fluidity

Air Canada will no longer allow its flight attendants, pilots, and airport gate staff to greet passengers as “ladies” and “gentlemen” in recognition of “gender fluidity,” the airline announced Monday.

Greenblatt: Peace Plan is Realistic and Implementable

Outgoing US envoy sums up his work, discusses peace plan. "No one can put forth a plan that everyone will embrace."

Trump Swears Dedication to Israel as He Decries Endless Middle East Wars

“We are standing with our close friend and partner, the State of Israel,” Trump said, as he reviewed the steps he has taken on behalf of the Jewish state since taking office.


The shelling of US Forces was heavy, the Turkish Defense Ministry denied targeting American soldiers, says attack was supposed to be on "terrorist positions".


The Saddleridge Fire began on Thursday and is only 13% contained, the fire is but one of several blazes raging in Southern CA.

US to send 1,800 troops, dozens of fighter jets to Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions

Roughly 1,800 U.S. service members, as well as several dozen fighter jets and other air defense implements, will be sent to Saudi Arabia to help protect the Kingdom amid heightened tensions with Iran, the Pentagon announced Friday.

Voluntary Day of Prayer in Tennessee Upsets Atheists

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and his wife, Maria, have invited the people of their state to join them today in a voluntary “Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting.” Atheist groups objected, claiming that the proclamation violates the U.S. Constitution.

Multiple European Countries Suspend Arms Exports to Turkey; Erdogan Threatens to Flood Europe with 3.6 million Syrian Refugees

Norway suspended all new military hardware to fellow NATO member Turkey over its incursion into Syria's north in an operation against the Kurdish forces, AFP reported on Thursday.

Anti-Semitic Yom Kippur shooter is Arrested after Killing two; failing to enter German Synagogue

A gunman at a German synagogue ranted about feminism, immigration and the Holocaust before he shot two people dead in a live-streamed rampage on Judaism's holiest day today.

Planned Parenthood CEO Caught Lying in Court: Admits “Threats” From Pro-Lifers Were Just People Praying

On the first day of testimony in the Planned Parenthood video trial, CEO of Planned Parenthood Central Coast in California admitted that alleged "Threats" from pro-lifers were nothing more than letters from people saying they were praying for clinic staff.

Actress Sues After Bible Verse Post On Facebook caused her to be Dropped and Fired

Christian star intends to take theatre and former agents to court for breach of contract and religious discrimination

Franklin Graham: In Changing Times – The Word of God Never Changes

God’s Word is Truth. Authoritative Truth. Any so-called value system that contradicts it is founded on lies and deceit, and inevitably leads to disaster and ruin for individuals, cultures and nations.

Dr. Robert Jeffress Responds to Atheist Group Attack on Christian Judge in Amber Guygar Trial

Dr. Robert Jeffress made an appearance on Fox today to discuss the attack on a Christian judge who gave a Bible to a woman she had just tried for murder.

Jack Hibbs: Behold, He Cometh!

Can you feel it? With each passing day there is a universal quickening of awareness among Jesus’ followers that the glorious day of His return for His church is at hand.

Jan Markell: A Lamp Shining in a Dark Place

We are living in the most significant time in history and the most prophecy fulfilling days -- with the least amount of interest in them. Our assignment is to be "watchmen" (Ezekiel 33). We're to be sounding an alarm whether anyone listens or not.

Trump Administration: No International Right to Abortion

With the backing of officials from nearly two dozen nations, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told the largely pro-abortion United Nations General Assembly that there is no international right to abortion.

Graham, Huckabee, Jeffress Say Soul of Nation is at Stake in 2020

In a special Fox Nation presentation Thursday, host Todd Starnes kept the peace while tossing heated questions at an expert panel of politicians, citizen activists, and Christian leaders about how religious freedom, education and politics is impacting the culture – and how to prevent what each believes will be the demise of America if its people do not rise up and push back.

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Trump Impeachment Inquiry, will cause ‘Civil War-like Fracture from which this Country will Never Heal’

Pastor Robert Jeffress has dismissed Pelosi for asking the nation to be “prayerful” about an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, saying it has angered “thousands” of evangelicals and “will cause a civil war-like fracture in this nation from which this country will never heal.”

European girls in Vienna are wearing headscarves to avoid assaults by male muslim migrants

Marcus Franz, a physician and former MP from the conservative Austrian People’s Party created outrage on social media after he said the non-Muslim European girls in Vienna have started to wear Islamic headscarves so as to prevent street harassment and assault by male Muslim migrants.

Thousands of Witches Plot a ‘Binding Spell’ Against President Trump

As if battling House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him wasn't enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a "binding spell" cast by "thousands" of witches late Friday night.

‘Abhorrent on so Many Levels: Your Tax Dollars Used to Merge Mice with Aborted Human Baby Body Parts

Organs, bones and other body parts of aborted babies are being sold and transplanted into lab animals. This isn't a passage out of Frankenstein. It's research happening today and unsuspecting taxpayers are funding it.

Drones Attack Iranian-Backed Militia Inside of Syria

Three drones spotted prior to the attack near Al-Bukamal; Militia in this region of Syria have been targeted multiple times in recent months; Blame is being shifted to Israel and Saudi Arabia; Source: Saudi fighter jets have been spotted along with other fighter jets that have attacked facilities and positions belonging to Iranian militias.

Franklin Graham responds to San Francisco’s “blacklisting” of states with Pro Life Laws

City employees in San Francisco are now forbidden to take work trips or do business with companies in 22 states that have “restrictive abortion laws.” Franklin Graham took to Facebook this morning to respond...

Netanyahu Gives Up Effort to Form Government, Returns Mandate

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned the mandate to form a government to President Reuven Rivlin minutes after the end of the Simhat Torah holiday on Monday night, and two nights before the deadline for him to build a coalition.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Pushes Shameful Abortion Propaganda on Viewers

Abortion propaganda has become so pervasive in the entertainment industry that the dialogue on TV shows is now starting to sound like “Fireproof” for abortion enthusiasts. Take the latest episode of NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for example – an episode that almost literally treats its characters like puppets to spout talking points that could have come from a Planned Parenthood pamphlet.

Sex Crimes on Britain’s Railways Near Doubles in Five Years

Reports of sexual assault and other sexual crimes on Britain’s railways have nearly doubled over the past five years, with most cases going unpunished.

Slaveholding Mauritania, Sharia Sudan, and jihad-plagued Libya Elected to UN Human Rights Council

Tyrants celebrate as U.N. elects Venezuela, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan to top rights body.