August 4 2020
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Spanish Police & FBI Foil Suspected Radical Islamic Terror Plot to Attack Barcelona.

FBI & Spanish police arrested a “lone wolf” radical Islamist suspect on Friday who was believed to be planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Barcelona.

China Calls Hong Kong Protesters a ‘Virus’ that ‘Must Be Eliminated’

HKMAO, CCP political office in Hong Kong, on Wednesday condemned pro-democracy demonstrators as a “political virus” that “must be eliminated”.

Kenya Floods Kill Nearly 200, Over 100,000 Displaced From Homes

Nearly 200 dead and more than 100,000 displaced after heavy rains and thunderstorms led to severe flooding and landslides across Kenya in recent weeks.

Five Countries Added to List of Top Religious Persecutors

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom added five countries to its list of top offenders in its 2020 annual report.

Facing Coronavirus Fallout, Chinese Leaders Told To Be Ready For War With US, Report Says

Report presented to top leaders in Beijing warned fallout from China’s COVID-19 was so bad China needed to be prepared for an armed confrontation with US.

Islamists Massacre 12 Christians, Kidnap Bride & Groom from Wedding

Muslim Fulani raiders in north-west Nigeria slaughtered 12 Christians and kidnapped a couple from their church wedding ceremony in recent days.

North and South Korea Exchange Gunfire Across Border

North & South Korea exchanged gunfire around the South's guard post Sunday, raising tension a day after N. Korean leader ended an almost 3-week absence.

China Tried To Pressure Australia To Back Off Coronavirus Investigation. It Backfired.

The CCP attempts to pressure Australia to back off calls for an international investigation into China’s handling of the COVID-19 appears to have backfired.

Germany Conducts Raids After Complete Ban of Hezbollah

Germany officially bans Iranian-backed terror regime Hezbollah; Raids conducted throughout country targeting several supporters of the organization.

France Treating ‘Islamic State’ Car Ramming Attack on Officers as Terrorism

A 29-year-old Frenchman who claimed allegiance to ISIS is facing possible terrorism charges after he rammed his car into police, injuring three officers.

South Korea Detects ‘Unusual Increase’ in North Korean Air, Artillery Operations

South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo said North Korea is stepping up readiness activities for its air & artillery units, for no apparent reason.

China Claims To Be Victim Of COVID-19 Disinformation, Accuses US Of ‘Hiding Something’

“China always stands against disinformation campaign. We are victim rather than producer of disinformation,” the Chinese foreign ministry Tweeted.

Islamic State Cell Planned to Murder Ex-Muslim Christian for Criticizing Islam in Germany

A cell of Islamic State terrorist organization planned to execute an ex-Muslim Christianity for repeatedly questioning teachings of the Koran on YouTube.

Violence Flares in Tense Paris Suburbs as Heavy-Handed Lockdown Stirs ‘Explosive Cocktail’

3 nights of unrest in France has stoked fears of a major flare-up in deprived neighbourhoods where weeks of lockdown have exacerbated tensions.

UN Admits COVID-19 Pandemic Could Spark Famines Of “Biblical Proportions”

What the UN’s World Food Program just said should be making front-page headlines all over the globe: We could be heading into massive global food shortages.

US Eyes Report on North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un’s Health; South Korea Casts Doubt

S. Korean & Chinese officials cast doubt on reports that N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un is ill, while U.S officials said they are closely monitoring situation

Barrel Prices Plunge Below Zero as Coronavirus Collapses Demand

U.S. oil prices plummeted in historic fashion Monday, crashing below zero as traders unloaded positions ahead of the May contract's Tuesday expiration.

Russian Pilots Intercept US Navy Aircraft for Second Time in 4 Days

Russian pilots intercepted a US Navy aircraft in an "unsafe & unprofessional manner" on Sunday for the 2nd time within 4 days, said US Naval Forces.

Shooting Rampage Kills at Least 16 Including Policewoman; Deadliest Such Attack in Canadian History

A shooting rampage Sunday in Nova Scotia, Canada, killed at least 13 people including a policewoman in deadliest attack of its kind in three decades.

Violence and Looting Point to Food Crisis in South Africa Lockdown

"Mr President we are in the middle of a food crisis. It's war out here," warned a community leader in Mitchells Plain township in Cape Town.

Eastern Africa Braces for Unprecedented Locust Plague While Resources are Limited

The Food and Agriculture Organization warns of devastating effects as a new wave of locusts prepares to sweep across eastern Africa

Nigerian Genocide Continues to Mount Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

In 5 weeks, from March 1 through the first week of April, more than 60 Christians were murdered in Nigeria while the country has fought to contain virus.

Iran Regime, ISIS and Other Extremists Exploit Coronavirus to Wreak Havoc

Iranian Regime, the Islamic State and other extremist groups all over the world are watching for an opening due to the pandemic.

China May be Conducting Secret Nuclear Tests, State Department Warns

State Department is concerned China may be conducting small nuclear tests in secret, possibly violating an international agreement banning such tests.

Egyptian Policeman Killed in Shootout with Armed Gunmen who Intended to Attack Christians

An Egyptian policeman was killed and three others wounded in a shootout Tuesday with armed gunmen in Cairo intending to attack Christians.

Germany Arrests 4 Islamic State Suspects Planning Attack on U.S. Bases

German authorities say police have arrested four suspected members of the Islamic State group alleged to be planning an attack on American military facilities.

Global Oil Demand Nears 25-Year Low After Dropping Again

As the battle against COVID-19 rages on worldwide, the oil market takes another dip; The IEA says we’re approaching a 25-year low in demand

US keeps Aircraft Carrier at Sea to Shield it from Coronavirus & Keep it Ready for Action if Needed

The USS Harry S. Truman & attendant ships have been designated the “certified carrier strike group force ready for tasking” for at least the next 3 weeks.

New Wave of Locusts 20 Times Larger than Last Hits Africa; Fears of Massive Famine to Follow

Russia & Saudi Arabia conclude oil dispute in historical deal; Reduction is reported to be nearly 10% of the global supply to combat dropping oil prices