World News With Biblical Relevance 

September 30 2020


Transgender Bathrooms Causing Plague of Girls Afraid to use Toilets at School

The backlash is continuing against the gender-neutral bathrooms transgender activists are demanding.

AG Barr Blasts ‘Militant Secularists’ in Speech on Religious Freedom

Attorney General William Barr blasted "militant secularists" and their attacks on Judeo-Christian values in a blistering speech at Notre Dame Friday, saying "religion has been under increasing attack" over the past five decades.

Heartbreak: How Climate Change is Manipulating Youth and Paving the way for a One World Government

My heart broke as I saw children as young as seven making signs that said “Let Kids Grow Up” and “We Deserve a Future” for their use in the “climate strike.” Children in the early years of grade school are far too young to form such opinions for themselves; others have brainwashed them into this foreboding culture of fear.

Starting where Nazis Burned Books, 10,000 March in Berlin Against Anti-Semitism

Thousands more rally elsewhere in Germany four days after neo-Nazi attempted to massacre Jews in Halle on Yom Kippur, failed to enter synagogue, killed 2 bystanders.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Warns Of ‘Crushed Bodies’ If Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement Spreads

Chinese president Xi Jinping warned his countrymen that they will experience the full weight of China’s might if they attempt to fracture the Chinese Communist state; it "will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones."

At Least 2 dead, Millions Ordered to Evacuate as Typhoon Hagibis Slams into Japan

Powerful Typhoon Hagibis slammed into Japan on Saturday, killing at least two people and prompting authorities to issue their highest level of disaster warning over "unprecedented" downpours that caused flooding and landslides.

Sarah Sanders: Syria Situation is ‘Sad Tragedy’ but Trump made the Right Decision

President Trump's heavily-criticized decision to pull U.S. troops from their positions at the Syrian border was the 'right thing" to do ahead of Turkey's invasion, former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday.

City Abruptly Cancels Pro-Life Bridge-Lighting, Hit with Discrimination Lawsuit

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has filed a court application on behalf of the Alberta March for Life Association and Jerry Pasternak against the City of Edmonton over its decision to cancel a scheduled lighting of the High Level Bridge in ProLife colours.

Iran Oil Tanker Hit by Two Missiles off Saudi Coast

Two missiles caused an explosion on an Iranian oil tanker, originally said to be a terrorist attack.

Health-insurance: If you think Drag Queens reading to your children is “Too Much”, “Too bad”

If you think it's "too much" to celebrate sexualized men dressed as women reading to children at public libraries, that's just "too bad," contends health-care insurance giant Kaiser Permanente in a new ad.

‘Only Netanyahu’ Likud Votes Affirming the Israeli PM will be their One and Only Candidate

Likud central committee votes to back Netanyahu as party's only candidate, barring other MKs from trying to form coalition.

UN Rebukes Hamas for Planning to Risk Children’s Lives at Gaza Border Protests

“I am concerned that the demonstrations’ organizers have branded tomorrow’s protests as 'Our Child Martyrs,'" UN humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories Jamie McGoldrick said.

Netanyahu: Deadly Germany Synagogue Attack Proof that ‘Anti-Semitism in Europe is Increasing’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the terror attack near a synagogue in Halle, Germany that killed two people Wednesday is "additional testimony that anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing."

How the Left is Banning Conservatives From the Internet

The campaign to ban conservatives from the internet isn’t just about banishing them, but eliminating any opposition to the power of the governments, corporations and non-profits doing the banning.

“World Take Note!” – Genocide Of Christians In Nigeria Escalates

Muhammadu Buhari, the Muslim president of Nigeria - who reached that position in part thanks to former US President Barack H. Obama - continues to fuel the "genocide" of Christians in his nation, according to Nigerian Christian leaders.

Unborn Lives and Religious Liberty at Stake in so Many Ways in New Supreme Court Term

The high court's new term starts with cases that could hit religious believers hard. A trio of them concerns the controversial subject of LGBTQ rights. And one of those three involves a funeral home and a fired transgender worker. It could have broader implications for existing civil rights law and invasion of privacy.

100,000 Jews gathered for Selichot prayers at Western Wall

Roughly 100,000 Jews gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem late Thursday night for special Selichot prayers ahead of the Yom Kippur holiday.

‘Hundreds’ Of Young People Regret Gender Transition, Seek Reversal

A female who transitioned to male as a teenager is speaking out about transgender regret.

Black Trump Supporter Prays for the President; Encourages Daily Prayer during current Political/Spiritual Battle

As young black leaders gathered Friday in the White House for the Young Black Leadership Summit, one voice split the room asking for a moment to pray for President Donald Trump.

Blessing Israel: Record 405,000 tourists visit Israel in September

Some 405,000 tourists arrived in Israel in September, a 44% increase over 2018 and a 46% increase over 2017.

Merkel’s Gov’t says Iran’s Call to “Wipe Israel off the Map” not Anti-Semitic; just Anti-Israel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has declared that Iran's call to obliterate the State of Israel is not an expression of antisemitism.

We Must Fight the Sexualization of Children by Adults

Childhood used to be a time of innocence. But as our culture has become more and more sexualized, children have become the casualties of adult exploitation.

Gunmen Attack Television Stations in Iraq as Deadly Protests Continue

Death toll rises beyond 105 in Iraq as demonstrators continue to protest against the government.

Sweden: Around 90 Per Cent of 2015 Migrants with Residency Status Are Unemployed

Of the 40,019 migrants with permanent residency status who are eligible to work, only 4,574 of them support themselves independently through working, according to Statistics Sweden’s integration database for health insurance and labour market studies (LISA).

Muslim Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Tries to Run into Berlin Synagogue with Knife

A man armed with a knife attempted to run into a synagogue in central Berlin Friday evening, German media reported Saturday.

Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A ‘Dirty Jew’: Antisemitic Bullying Exposed at Australian Schools

Shocking accounts of antisemitic bullying at two schools in the Australian state of Victoria over the past year have led to calls for more assertive action by educational authorities to protect Jewish students.

New York City Will Fine You for Saying ‘Illegal Alien.’ That’s an Assault on the Constitution.

The propaganda, surveillance, and censorship of Big Brother in George Orwell’s novel “1984” has now arrived in New York.

For First Time Iraq Points Finger of Blame at Israel

Iraq’s leadership rattles sabers against Israel, possibly giving green light to pro-Iran Shiite militias

Planned Parenthood Advised Hollywood Over 150 Movies, Shows Since 2014, Director Says

Planned Parenthood advised Hollywood on more than 150 productions since 2014 as part of an effort to influence the abortion dialogue, a director at the nonprofit said.

Judge Rules Bible ‘Incompatible with Human Dignity’

An Employment Tribunal in the United Kingdom has ruled that the biblical doctrine that people are created male and female is "incompatible with human dignity" and those who follow it can be fired from their jobs on that basis.

‘Give Your Life to Christ’: Botham Jean’s Brother Forgives, Embraces Cop Who Killed His Brother

The brother of a man who was shot dead by a white Dallas Police officer who said she mistook the victim's apartment for her own, forgave the woman, hugged her in front of the courtroom and told her to give her life to Christ.

Harassment and imprisonment: Life as a persecuted Christian in Iran

Dabrina Tamraz grew up as the daughter of a pastor living under the Iranian regime. Alongside church services and bible studies, her childhood memories are tainted by government surveillance, harassment, interrogation, and detention. In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya English, Tamraz tells the story of life as a persecuted Christian in Iran.

Vandals smash windows of Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah prayers

Mayor condemns ‘shocking act of hate,’ says police will find young women seen hurling milk crates at Williamsburg house of worship

Annual ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ Set for Oct. 3rd

Students across the country are being invited to live their faith by bringing their Bibles to school on Thursday, Oct. 3.

Beijing Launches New Rule: Residents Must Pass Facial Recognition Test to Surf Internet

The Chinese regime announced a new rule which requires residents to pass a facial recognition test in order to apply for an internet connection via smartphone or computer.

Impeachment Investigation Against Trump Parallels Probes Against Netanyahu

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent announcement that she is opening an official impeachment inquiry against U.S. President Donald Trump struck many Israelis as yet another sign that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump are in the same boat. Both are being hounded by legal elites who will stop at nothing to oust them from office.

Franklin Graham calls for prayer to ‘change hearts’ of Democrats

Franklin Graham: Taking guns, impeaching president 'could lead to conflict that nobody wants

Report: Israel’s Population Growth Built on Prosperity, World-Leading Life Expectancies

Israel’s population is expected to reach 10 million by the end of 2024, the latest figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics show, with the current total of over nine million representing an increase of 184,00 people, or 2.1 percent, since last year.

Trans-Faith Takes Over The Church: Transgender Pastors & Renaming Ceremonies

A pandemic of perversion has engulfed our society as LGBTQ activists demand that we bow down at the altar of moral relativism. But, instead of providing clear Biblical answers to this cultural chaos, many churches have fallen in league with them by aligning the Gospel message to conform with this twisted mindset.

Swedish Church Praised Greta Thunberg as ‘Successor’ of Jesus in 2018 Tweet

“Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg,” the tweet, posted on December 1, 2018, on a Limhamns church’s Twitter account, said.

Putin, Rouhani Meet in Armenia to Discuss Regional Issues

Iran's president called on the international community to stand against America's 'hostile approach'

Report Leads to Massive Wave of Online Anti-Semitism in Poland

This occurred even though the report, claiming that the Polish president blamed Israel for antisemitism there, was denied by the president's office, among others.

Hillary Clinton Wins Pro-Abortion “Lifetime Achievement” Award, Calls Killing Babies a Human Right

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good - The pro-abortion group NARAL celebrated its 50th anniversary Thursday by giving failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Young Man Prays Over Florida Deputy in Restaurant: ‘He was on FIRE for God’

An encounter between a Florida deputy and college student has gone viral after an image of the young man praying over the officer in a local restaurant was posted to social media over the weekend.

Is Hillary Gearing Up For Late-Stage Do-Over Against “Corrupt Human Tornado” Trump?

Based on bookies' bets and a few recent actions, speculation is once again starting to grow that Hillary Clinton may be about to enter the Democratic Party presidential nominee race...

Nature Magazine Yanks Global-Warming Study for ‘Systematic Errors’

Nature magazine has retracted a study on so-called "global warming" that claimed humans were creating warming in the oceans.

Are the Attacks on Saudi Oil Fields Foretold in Scripture?

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at odds for quite some time, but this latest saga in the ever-growing tension between the two has led me again to the passages of Ezekiel chapters 37, 38 and 39.

Revolutionary Guards commander: Iran has encircled Israel from all sides

An Iranian Revolutionary Guards top commander threatened Israel, warning against an Israeli attack on Iran, Radio Farda reported on Saturday.

Mattel Worships at the Altar of ‘Wokeness’, Adds Gender-Neutral Dolls to Toxic Cultural Stew

Barbie, that voluptuous, clearly female doll, has some new, not-so-clearly-defined competition. Oh, she's still around, but now her creator, Mattel, has launched its "Creatable World" doll line, which the toymaker says is designed "to keep labels out and invite everyone in."

Flocking to the Gospel: The World’s Fastest-Growing Christian Church is in Iran

People in Iran, a Muslim-majority nation, are fleeing Islam in droves as believers bow their knee to Jesus and become aggressively pro-Israel, according to the documentary "Sheep Among Wolves Volume II."

California Legislature Passes Resolution Blaming ‘Religious Groups’ for Homosexual, Trans Suicides

The California legislature continues to take more steps to counter Christianity, and religion in general, with is recent passage of ACR 99.

Nancy Pelosi says Abortion Bans ‘Ignore Basic Morality’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told one of the nation's leading abortion advocacy groups on Thursday that Republicans "ignore basic morality" when they push bans on the practice.