April 22, 2024

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April 22, 2024

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Why The Last Days Prophetic Scenario Centers On The Jews And Israel

It has become a normal practice in our day for people to identify themselves via their heritage and their homeland. Many refer to themselves as African-Americans or Mexican-Americans, etc. But there is one place and people where the practice cannot be engaged in. That would be Israel.

Israel is a people who descended from Abraham and Isaac and that have been given a land as an everlasting inheritance. That means it is a misnomer to call anyone an Israeli-Arab. Arabs descended from Abraham through Ishmael, and Israel descended from Abraham through Isaac. Though related, they are distinct people groups.

Today we refer to the Israelites as the Jews, a practice that began at the time of the Babylonian captivity. This marks the beginning of the time of the Gentiles, because the vast majority of the captives were from the tribe of Judah. While it is true that Israel separated into two kingdoms for a time, what God has done cannot be put asunder. The point of all this is that when you talk about the Jews today, you are talking about a people and a land. When you talk about Israel today, you are referring to the Jews and their land.

The whole of the last days prophetic scenario centers on the Jews and Israel – both the people and the land God has given to them. This tells us that when we see antisemitism growing against the Jewish people and global calls for dividing the land God gave them, we know we are watching prophecy being fulfilled.

There are a myriad of other prophetic elements in our world that are more global in scope; things like digital currency, AI, wars and rumors of war and so on. But the reality is they are all leading up to one thing:

There is a progression here that was once not possible. The Jews had been outside their homeland. There was no Jerusalem to be gathered against by the world. Now, however, there is. The people and place known as Israel is alive and well. That means the prophetic wheels have been moving toward the outpouring of God’s Spirit on His people, and the Lord has been fighting as He fights in the day of battle for over 75 years now. This took a giant leap forward on October 7, 2023, when antisemitism lifted its ugly head in a way unseen since the Holocaust.

All of this tells us that it is more likely now than ever before that the fulfillment of the destruction of Damascus and the Ezekiel War and the 70th week of Daniel and the words above from Zechariah are on the near horizon. And that means something else is also very near:

We are watching events develop that will be fulfilled during the Tribulation. This can only mean that the unknown day and hour of the Rapture of the church is more likely now than ever before.

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Tuesday night, as he wrestled with what the right path forward was, he turned to the Lord in prayer. “He was torn between trying to save his job and do the right thing,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul, a GOP colleague from Texas, said. “He prayed over it.”

Antisemitism: An Ancient Evil Reborn in Today’s America

They warn us of their intent, saying, “The 7th of October is going to be every day for you!” They often cry out, “We are Hamas!” If they are Hamas, it means they want to kill Jews and Christians.

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In A World Encased In Violence, Prophecy Is The Stabiliser Of Our Faith

God did not provide His Word so that it would simply die in the hands of the spiritually dead. He expected, as evidenced by Habakkuk, that it be shared – particularly that which was warning people of the two paths available – righteousness or wickedness. 

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