June 25, 2024

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June 25, 2024

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Survey Finds Canadians Support Extreme Euthanasia Guidelines, Believe Homeless, Disabled Should Also Have Access

As America’s neighbor to the north continues to lead the way on the world scene regarding euthanasia, a disturbing new survey has found that Canadians are not only in favor of the country’s Medical Assistance In Dying (MAiD) program (73%) but many believe it should be expanded further.

Lifesite News, reporting on the newly released survey, highlighted that “27% believe that people should have access to euthanasia because they are poor — a number that rises to 41% among the 18 to 34 age group.”

“A full 28% believe that Canadians should have access to euthanasia for homelessness,” Jonathon Van Maren, writing for LifeSite, explained. “This means that a growing plurality of Canadians believe that killing poor and homeless citizens by lethal injection is morally acceptable, and perhaps even desirable — despite the obvious fact that Canadians opting for death in these circumstances are doing so in part due to economic coercion.”

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As noted by Van Maren, the “most chilling statistic” the survey uncovered was that “50% of Canadians support euthanasia for the disabled — a number that rises to 60% among the 18 to 34 age group.”

“This is not simply ableism; it is ableism harnessed to eugenics,” he underscored.

Calvin Smith, Executive Director of Answers In Genesis Canada, highlighted:

The story of evolution is taught [to young people] as their origin, which means they are simply an accident—the result of random chance processes—not an image bearer of the God who created them and therefore precious in his eyes.

The conclusion that God doesn’t exist because of acceptance of evolution was summed up well in the 2004 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) series called Testing God. The episode “Killing the Creator” states,

But why have we turned out the way we are? Once we believed we were unique, blessed with a soul and lovingly created by God in His image. Today, evolution says we are just a product of Natural Selection, the descendants of primitive bacteria, not the children of God.

This atheistic mindset has led millions down a dark road, because brought to its logical conclusion, it changes people’s understanding of ethics and morality as well. Obviously, the solution to an overabundance of unneeded bacteria is to wipe it out.

Hitler’s Germany brought in medical euthanasia under the guise of ‘compassion’ and the promise of improved public health. Then over the next six years, it enacted a Holocaust unlike anything seen in modern history.

The fact is, Canada arguably has the most permissive euthanasia rules in the world… Our culture here in Canada needs a paradigm shift back to belief in our Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer so that we may once again treat people with the dignity they deserve as image bearers of their Maker.

According to the Canadian Government, nearly 10,000 individuals’ lives were ended by the country’s MAiD program in 2022, which is more than double the rate of suicide in the country within the same timeframe. Additionally, 2022 brought Canada’s assisted suicide deaths to over 40,000 since it became legalized in June 2016.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, on multiple occasions, has voiced its commitment to widening the guidelines of assisted suicide far beyond the terminally ill.

A Bill introduced in February by a Conservative Party MP seeks to amend the Criminal Code to halt the rapid expansion of euthanasia. The Bill, which went into its second reading today at the House of Commons, explicitly targets the broadening of MAiD to include “mental illness.”

According to the survey, Canadians are split on adding mental illness to MAiD qualifications, with 43% in support and 45% opposed.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, a Special Joint Committee made a radical recommendation for the government to “give terminally-ill minors the authority to request euthanasia if the minor is believed to have sound judgment,” even if the parents are not in agreement.

“Assisted suicide—really murder—is a slippery slope,” Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers In Genesis, recently asserted. “We are seeing man’s religion of death increasingly permeating the culture.”

“We are not products of chance. We are not animals; we are not just molecules bumping around. We are persons made in the very image of God (Genesis 1:26), and therefore our lives have value and worth no matter our level of ability, perceived quality of life, level of dependency, or age,” Ham continued. “Only God holds the authority of life and death—we don’t! When we take an innocent life, we are committing murder, and that is a grave sin (Exodus 20:13).”

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