September 23, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021


MSNBC Runs Opinion Piece Comparing Pro-Life Republicans, Christians To Taliban

As Americans watch gruesome and distressing images of Taliban cruelty come out of Afghanistan, MSNBC ran an opinion piece on Wednesday comparing pro-life Republican legislators to members of the terrorist group.

The op-ed, penned by MSNBC opinion columnist Dean Obeidallah, warned that “the Taliban aren’t the only ones trying to impose their will on women’s bodies and choices.”

“Over the last few days, the airwaves have been filled with Republicans voicing their deep concern over the rights of the women of Afghanistan,” Obeidallah wrote, adding, “And yet, I have to wonder where these voices were when extremists, based on a narrow reading of their religion’s beliefs, enacted a law that forces a woman who was raped to carry the fetus of the rapist to term?”

“Look, nobody is saying the GOP and the Taliban are equally bad,” the MSNBC columnist said.

However, he accused Republican lawmakers of attempting to “impose their religious beliefs on all others.”

“If the GOP wants to show that it is sincerely concerned with the rights of the women in Afghanistan, it can start by first championing the human rights of women in the U.S. But instead, it is doing all it can to prevent gender equality while oppressing women based on its members’ extreme religious beliefs,” Obeidallah wrote.

“Sound familiar?” he concluded.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital and the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday with little to no resistance after the collapse of the Afghan government.

Over the last several weeks, the terrorist group advanced across the country at a breakneck pace that appeared to stun U.S. officials. President Joe Biden authorized a total of 7,000 troops to handle the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan as the U.S. completes its withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country, marking the end of America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, shocking photos emerged from Afghanistan showing apparently unconscious women and children soaked in blood who became victims of Taliban attacks over the last few days. The same day, the Taliban’s spokesman promised an “inclusive, Islamic government.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, slammed MSNBC in a statement.

“MSNBC does the nation a great disservice in allowing this piece to run, which exploits Afghan women, ignores their values, and smears pro-life Republicans who are fighting every day in Congress to defend the lives of American women and their unborn babies from the extreme agenda of the abortion lobby,” Dannenfelser said.

Dannenfelser said that America is one in seven nations that allow abortion on demand for any reason up to birth, as do China and North Korea.

“Pro-life lawmakers are to be commended for their courage in challenging this extreme status quo – and they should be emboldened by the truth that the majority of Americans are on their side, eager to humanize our laws,” she said.

“Pro-life lawmakers are to be commended for their courage in challenging this extreme status quo – and they should be emboldened by the truth that the majority of Americans are on their side, eager to humanize our laws,” she said.

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Lila Rose, Founder and President of LiveAction, called the MSNBC article “disgusting.”

“Disgusting. At a time when Afghan women are hiding in their homes and wondering if they will be beat or executed for going to work or school, MSNBC is running a piece comparing pro-life Americans to the Taliban,” she Tweeted.

LiveAction followed up Rose’s Tweet, adding: “How gross. While Afghans fear for their lives, MSNBC published a story comparing pro-life advocates to the Taliban, a violent terrorist group. Pro-life advocates work daily to defend human rights and humanize our laws to protect our most vulnerable.”

MSNBC Host Joy Reid doubled down in favor of this comparison, tweeting, “This is the real-life Handmaid’s Tale. A true cautionary tale for the U.S., which has our own far religious right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of Christianity, drive women from the workforce and solely into childbirth, and control all politics.”

The book of Isaiah states: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

This is precisely what we find in a generation that has rejected “Biblical morality” for what they claim is “subjective morality.”

“Subjective morality,” they say, is an “I decide for me, you decide for you,” “no judgment” mentality. However, the result has instead been a redefinition of “morality” that caters to manifold sins and a Romans one reprobate mind. The diversity of thought they claimed to be craving goes entirely out the window when another person disagrees and refuses to celebrate their new “morality.”

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