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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Iraq’s Third Rocket Attack Within a Week Targets US Embassy in Baghdad

Iraq’s Green Zone was targeted by another barrage of rockets on Monday; The Green Zone is located in the capital city of Baghdad and hosts a significant number of US interests, including the embassy.

Two rockets landed inside of Baghdad’s Green Zone on Monday in what is now the third rocket attack in Iraq within one week – this time targeting the US embassy. In addition to the rockets landing within the Green Zone, several others are reported to have landed in the surrounding civilian area(s). It is believed that once again, Iranian-sponsored fighters are responsible for the strike.

While no casualties were reported after the attack, several vehicles were destroyed and a structure was damaged. According to a source in the Green Zone, the air defense system did not deploy because the rockets heading in the direction of the GZ were not projected to reach their destination.

Monday’s attack follows two others that occurred north of Baghdad last week. Most recently, rockets were fired at an airbase in Balad, where a US aircraft maintenance company is located. And earlier last week, a foreign civilian contractor working for the US was killed after at least 14 rockets were fired at a base in Erbil, located in northern Iraq.

Pro-Iranian militias were responsible for both of last week’s attacks.


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