July 5 2020

Behold Israel

Behold Israel is a non-profit organization led by native Israeli Amir Tsarfati. Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate reporting on developments in Israel and the region. Amir’s live updates and teachings, based on God’s Written Word, sift out the truth on current events amidst global media bias against Israel.

Democrat Lawmakers Threaten to Cut US Military Aid to Israel If Annexation Takes Place

US Democrat lawmakers are threatening to withhold military aid to Israel if PM Netanyahu should move forward with his annexation plans

Lebanese President Warns of Civil War Climate as Unrest Grows Amid Economic Downfall

Lebanese President issues warning of an ‘atmosphere of civil war’ as unrest continues to rise; As Lebanese pound declines nearly 75% since last October.

Iran Issues an Arrest Warrant for President Trump in Response to Killing of Soleimani in January

Iran is calling on Interpol for assistance after issuing an arrest warrant for US President Trump; Their motive comes after killing of former IRGC Commander

Report: TikTok Used to Target Youth with Antisemitic Material, Encourage Holocaust Denial

According to study done by University of Haifa & Israel’s Institute for Counter-Terrorism, the TikTok app is being used to encourage antisemitic material.

The Iranian Rial Falls to Lowest Value Ever, Largely Due to US Sanctions and COVID-19

The rial reaches an all-time low amid ongoing US sanctions and the effects of COVID-19; The rial has depreciated in value a reported 600% since 2015.

Iran Destroys Targets at Distance of 170 Miles in Recent Cruise Missile Test

Iran’s Navy successfully struck targets in Gulf of Oman & Indian Ocean during a recent cruise missile test; Claims missiles can outreach distance of test.

Iran Combats Resolution Put Forth That Would Require them to Allow the IAEA Access to Potential Nuclear Sites

Iran is vowing to take drastic measures if this new resolution allows the IAEA to access two controversial sites that they’ve restricted to date;

Crumbling Economy & Corrupt Government – Unrest Continues Throughout Lebanon

As the civil unrest throughout the small Mediterranean country of Lebanon continues, riots and clashes with police forces took place again Friday evening.

Turkey Rejects Egypt’s Call for a Ceasefire in Libya

Egypt proposed a ceasefire on Wednesday that was rejected by Turkey soon after; This suggestion from Egypt was welcomed by both Russia and the UAE.

Standoff in the Mediterranean – Greece Confronts Turkish Cargo Ship, Turkey Issues Warning

Grecian military stands in the way of Turkish cargo ship making its way to Libya on Wednesday; Greece would later fall back after Turkey issued a warning.

Polish Journalist Denies the Holocaust in New Book; Makes Several Antisemitic Comments

Polish journalist is being called out by anti-semitism watchdog after release of book wherein he denies the Holocaust and makes several antisemitic remarks.

Israel’s Aerospace Industries Completes Successful Tests with Missile System – LORA

IAI completes 2 successful missile launches from the water, striking both of the designated floating targets with Long-Range Artillery Weapon System

Israeli Official Anticipates Cyberwar on the Horizon

An Israeli cyber official warns of coming cyberwar; Unna: Cyber winter is coming and coming faster than even I suspected.

Iran Bans the Use of Israeli Technology in New Law

Iran has passes law officially banning use of Israeli technology; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has implemented the new law as of Tuesday.

Erdogan Doubles Down on Opposition to Israel’s Coming Annexation

Turkey’s Erdogan claims that he won’t allow anything to happen to Palestinian land; Claims he’s the “only voice” defending the Palestinians today.

Sign of Unity – Gantz & Netanyahu Respond to the Hostility of Iran’s Supreme Leader

Benny Gantz & Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu respond to Iranian supreme leader Khamenei’s hostile remarks towards the Jewish State.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Calls for the Destruction of Israel During Quds Day Speech

He believes that in order for “Palestine” to be free, resistance to Israel is required; Nasrallah: Israel must be destroyed.

ISIS Candidate to Replace Al-Baghdadi is Arrested by Iraqi Security Forces

One of the most recent candidates to be the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) is reported to have been arrested by Iraqi security forces.

Tension Rising Over the Blue Nile – Egypt Goes on High Alert; Ethiopia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Conflict is increasing between Egypt and Ethiopia regarding the Blue Nile River as Ethiopia moves forward with filing the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Iran Prioritizes Anti-Israel Quds Day Rallies Despite Severe COVID-19 Scenario

Iran approved & encouraged anti-Israel Quds Day rallies despite severe COVID-19 circumstances; Their parliament banned any Iranian cooperation with Israel.

Supposed Israeli Strikes in Eastern Syria Kill Seven Iranian-Backed Militias

Seven casualties are reported in eastern Syria after supposed Israeli airstrikes; Iranian-backed militias were targeted in this attack

Netanyahu’s Fifth Government is Officially Sworn in, Ending 508-Day Political Lockdown

Israeli PM Netanyahu ’s 5th government was sworn in Sunday; This brings an end to the 508-day political lockdown that consisted of 3 separate elections.

Pompeo Puts the ICC on Notice Regarding Illegitimate Investigations of Israel

Citing “Palestine” as an illegitimate state, Mike Pompeo issued a warning to the ICC regarding any investigations of war crimes against the Jewish State.

Jordan Warns Israel of Political Confrontation if they Proceed with Annexation of Judea & Samaria

While Israel is prepares annexation of Judea & Samaria in coming weeks, Jordan’s King warns the Jewish State of a political conflict should they proceed.

Data Reveals that Antisemitic Incidents Reached a New High in the United States in 2019

Statistics show antisemitic-related incidents increased by over 12% in the US in 2019; Different occurrences include harassment, vandalism & even assault

Iran Joins Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria in Economic Danger as Rial Takes Massive Dip in Two Days

Iranian Rial dropped nearly 10% between Sunday & Tuesday; US sanctions seen as primary source of Iran’s downward economic trend; COVID-19 is also a factor.

Friendly-Fire Leaves Multiple Iranians Dead in the Gulf of Oman During Training Exercise

At least 19 Iranian casualties are reported after a naval friendly-fire incident occurred in the Gulf of Oman during a training exercise

Iran Linked to Failed Cyber-Attack on Israel’s Water Systems in April

Reports indicate Iranian involvement in a failed cyber-attack on Israeli water systems; The attack was detected before any effects could take place

The Western Wall Reopens After Several Weeks of Closure Amid COVID-19

After weeks of closure, Western Wall has reopens; For several weeks, only individuals who live in the Old City could visit the wall in very limited numbers;

Turkish Fighter Jets Harass Military Helicopter Carrying High-Ranking Personnel from Greece

Turkish fighter jets fly dangerously close to greek military helicopter carrying high-ranking officials; Reports of Turkish jets daily violating Greek airspace

Turkish Lira Drops to 7.02 Per US Dollar; Turkish & Lebanese Economies Continue to Struggle

The Lira meets record low; The reported value is now approximately 7.02 lira per US dollar; This comes after continual drops in previous weeks.

Several Banks Set on Fire in Lebanon Amid Economic Protests

At least a dozen banks were set on fire and vandalized Tuesday evening throughout Lebanon; IMF warns of economic danger for the remainder of the year.

Germany Conducts Raids After Complete Ban of Hezbollah

Germany officially bans Iranian-backed terror regime Hezbollah; Raids conducted throughout country targeting several supporters of the organization.

Turkey Becomes Mid-East Epicenter of the COVID-19 Outbreak as they Approach 100,000 Cases

Turkey has surpassed Iran as number one COVID-19 infected country in Mid-East, though there is significant speculation of Iran’s reported number of cases.

Israeli Strike in Syria Targets Senior Iranian Officials and Other High-Level Targets

Reports of the Syrian air defense systems being alerted on Monday evening; Strikes believed to be targeting several Iranian targets in the area.

Israel Running Tests on Breath Analyzing Device to Detect COVID-19 in Less Than a Minute

The machine will work similarly to a breathalyzer; Its ability to produce immediate results will play a significant role in reopening the economy & travel.

Global Oil Demand Nears 25-Year Low After Dropping Again

As the battle against COVID-19 rages on worldwide, the oil market takes another dip; The IEA says we’re approaching a 25-year low in demand

Turkey Follows Iran for the Second Most Cases of Coronavirus in the Middle East

Turkey has over 60,000 cases of COVID-19 despite their attempts to cover it up; The government implemented a two-day curfew over the weekend

OPEC+ to Reduce Oil Production by 9.7 Million Barrels Per Day for Two Months

Russia & Saudi Arabia conclude oil dispute in historical deal; Reduction is reported to be nearly 10% of the global supply to combat dropping oil prices

ISIS Carries Out Surprise Attack in Homs Province; Russian Response Kills Several Militants

Islamic State militants attacked the town of al-Sukhna on Thursday; Russian and Syrian response killed at least 20 ISIS militants

Iraqi President Calls on Intelligence Chief to Form Government After al-Zurfi Withdraws Candidacy

Iraqi President Barham Salih taps intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the new Prime Minister-designate; Adnan al-Zurfi withdraws candidacy

Report – More Accusations that Iran is Concealing the True Death Toll from COVID-19

Iran is facing more scrutiny over their reported number of deaths from the coronavirus; A German news outlet has suggested a much higher rate of casualties

US Oil Company in Iraq Targeted by Rockets; No Damage or Injuries Reported

Rockets target US oil company site in Iraq; This is the first time in nearly a year that US oil personnel have been targeted in southern Iraq.

Israel’s Mossad Collects Hundreds of Thousands of Coronavirus Test Kits

Israel’s Mossad said to be collecting hundreds of thousands of test kits from countries; The country or countries they were received from remain unknown

Iraq Suspends Major News Outlet for Three Months After Contradictory Report of COVID-19 Outbreak

Iraq has suspended Reuters for three months and fined them over $20,000 USD for what Iraq claims is a false and damaging report

Report: Iranian Parliament Speaker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Reports indicate that Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani has tested positive for the coronavirus and he is now in self-quarantine

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Idaho; Felt in Surrounding States

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake surprises the region north of Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday evening; Reports show the quake was felt as far as Montana & Utah.

Gas Flow from Iran to Turkey Temporarily Stops After Explosion Occurs on Pipeline

An explosion occurred on a pipeline running from Iran to Turkey that has paused the flow of gas between the two countries.

Israeli & US F-35 Pilots Conduct ‘Enduring Lightning’ Over Southern Israel

Despite the global pandemic of COVID-19, F-35 pilots from Israel and the United States conducted a training exercise known as ‘Enduring Lightning’

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Voices Support of One World Government

Former British PM calls for ‘temporary’ world government amid the battle against COVID-19; Brown: There has to be a coordinate global response…