September 23, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021


Facebook Shut Down Prayer Page With Over 77 Million Followers Praying for Israel

Mike Evans set up a Facebook page known as the “Jerusalem prayer Group.” Evans did the nice thing of leading the page’s followers, which reached nearly 80 million, in daily prayers for the safety of the people of Israel.

Suddenly the page was shut down. HotAir reports “in what Evans described as a coordinated act of cyberterrorism, the site was flooded with hundreds of thousands of hateful comments, most antisemitic in nature and some featuring Nazi pictures and propaganda, leading to complaints that his site was hosting hate speech. (Even though it was all in the comments.) So, Facebook shut him down, potentially permanently.”

The New York Posts reported:

Facebook shut down a pro-Israel page that reportedly had 77 million followers, after a “cyber terrorism” campaign by “radical Islamic” groups — who coordinated to target it with hate speech, its founder said.

“Jerusalem Prayer Group” founder Mike Evans claimed that critics bombarded the site with “more than a million” comments — and then said they had never posted to the site, CBN reported.

“There was an organized attempt by radical Islamic organizations to achieve this objective,” Evans said.

“It was a very clever, deceptive plan by Islamic radicals,” he said.

According to HotAir, when Evans raised his objections with Facebook he was informed that there was ‘no further action’ to be taken, and to “Please consider this decision final.” Facebook charged Evans of “inauthentic behavior” and representatives for the tech company told reporters that Evans’ page has “violated our rules against spam and inauthentic behavior.”

As is being conservative, supporting the existence of Israel is also a big-tech “no no.” As HotAir explains, “Facebook and Twitter have been on a hot streak ever since Hamas resumed its rocket attacks on Israel. Anyone who wants to publicly vent their hatred of Israel, accusing them of ‘war crimes’…is welcome to do so.” But, “if you’re defending Israel – or perhaps even just praying for the safety of the Jews – your page is engaging in ‘inauthentic behavior’ so you’re violating their terms of service.”

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

In Isaiah chapter five, the Bible strongly cautions those who “call evil good, and good evil.” Clearly, our politicians, big tech companies, and others are not heeding this warning.

Our society as a whole has exemplified Isaiah 5:20 in its continued support of that which the Bible condemns. To see this full swing, look no further than the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Terrorists.

Terrorists attacking Israeli civilians with little regard for their own are portrayed as the downtrodden victims. Meanwhile, in defence of its citizens, Israel goes above and beyond to pinpoint terrorists while minimizing Palestinian civilian death in their response. Yet it is Israel who is urged to show restraint and is compared to nazis.

Worldwide, with little condemnation, pro-Palestinian Terrorist sympathizers protest in the streets, fly Palestinian flags from their vehicles, as well as threaten and attack Jews. At the same time, a group dedicated to praying for Israel is shut down by Facebook.

During this upside-down way of thinking, it is increasingly vital for Christians to stand strong with and pray fervently for God’s chosen people and nation.

In a recent interview with Jan Markell, Michele Bachmann urged Christians to pray for Israel, saying that it is our job as followers of Christ to do so.

“His hands move when we pray,” Bachmann explained. “And that is why we are praying for the peace of Jerusalem because He ‘neither slumbers nor sleeps’ who watches over Israel. That is our God. We don’t know what God’s timetable ultimately is. We know what will happen. His word is clear.”

“But it is our job as those who believe in the Bible, who love our God,” she continued. “His heart is for Israel and His chosen people. So it’s our job to pray for Jerusalem; we pray for the Jewish people; we pray for the land of Israel.”

“Why? Because God’s plan is to have a specific people on a specific land for the purpose of blessing the nations,” she informed Jan Markell‘s radio listeners. “The nations are blessed from Zion; the Word comes forth from Zion; God’s glory goes forward from Zion. And so we pray for Zion. We are called to. That is one thing we are admonished to do to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and they need those prayers now.”

Psalm‬ ‭122:6-7‬ ‭KJV‬‬ – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, And prosperity within thy palaces.”

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