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DECEIVERS EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: CH. 1 – Jan Markell: Religionist Deceivers Rampant (Part 5) – So Protestants Are Now Catholics?

The following is part five of Jan Markell’s Chapter “Religionist Deceivers Rampant,” an exclusive preview of Terry James’ book “Deceivers: Exposing Evil Seducers & Their Last Days Deception.”

Jan Markell

So Protestants Are Now Catholics? 

In more recent years, I began hearing about mystical Christianity. I learned that many churches, and most of them evangelical churches, were promoting labyrinths, icons, chanting, candles, centering prayer, and contemplative prayer. The latter is a distant relative of Buddhism, so I wondered how much stranger things could get. Protestants began taking on Catholic traditions. They were heralding ancient Catholic mystics. I guess we didn’t need the Reformation. 

Some just called this “the new spirituality,” even though they were tapping into practices that were very old—so old that it went back to the desert fathers and borrowed their practices. I could not believe what I was seeing and reading. 

These folks all talked about a new kind of meditation that sounded quite dangerous. It did not sound like true biblical meditation, but was more aligned with Zen. The Christian college from which I graduated years ago brought in a Buddhist to encourage the students to zone out and meditate, but not on the Bible! 

Men who didn’t have sound theology, such as Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, and Thomas Merton, started being quoted in church pulpits. What was going on? The more I looked into these mystics, the more I trembled for the Church and the sheep who were going to be slaughtered and eaten by wolves. There was just no end to the last-days’ deceptions. 

These mystics thought they could sanctify yoga and decided to call it “Christian yoga.” You can’t put a smiley face on millions of demons who are a part of the yoga experience, but these folks thought you could!

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A Chronicle of Apathy: When World Leaders Looked The Other Way During The Holocaust

For the first time in the bloodstained history of the human race, a decision was birthed in a modern state, in the midst of a civilized continent, to track down, register, mark, isolate, dispossess, humiliate, concentrate, transport, and murder every single person of an ethnic group as defined by the perpetrators.

The Churches Are Sleeping: When Did The ‘Woke’ Pulpits Become The Norm?

It is extremely exciting to live in a day when so many prophetic events are converging, yet when I speak with my peers, many pastors and churches are sleeping, not concerned about the events unfolding right before us.

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In A World Encased In Violence, Prophecy Is The Stabiliser Of Our Faith

God did not provide His Word so that it would simply die in the hands of the spiritually dead. He expected, as evidenced by Habakkuk, that it be shared – particularly that which was warning people of the two paths available – righteousness or wickedness. 

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