At least two buildings were damaged in the Israeli airstrike last week; One of the primary targets is revealed to have been a missile production facility that consisted of a couple of buildings.

Last Friday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck several targets near Aleppo, Syria, in the town of Al-Safira. New reports and satellite images are now revealing that multiple buildings were struck in the airstrike, most of which were related to one of Hezbollah’s missile production facilities. A private Israeli intelligence firm, ImageSat International, recently released images verifying the damage.

At this time, it’s known that Israel destroyed one building while heavily damaging another.

Israel will often strike Iranian targets inside of Syria to prevent the production of enhanced missiles, which is likely why the firm said, “The attack intended to weaken missile production in Syria, probably for Hezbollah, by harming its crucial elements.” And according to ImageSat, the buildings involved in the airstrike “played a significant part in the missile production at the al-Safirah Missile Factory.”

Though faithful in reporting that they frequently intercept ‘most’ of the Israeli projectiles launched in their direction, Syrian state media is not quick to mention the damage dealt. Israel has carried out numerous airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria since the turn of the year.

Despite not commenting publicly on the strike, Israel has vowed to be on the offensive regarding Iranian entrenchment, especially in recent months.

HD Editors Note: What Does This Have To Do With Bible Prophecy?

Amir Tsarfati referencing the Israeli airstrikes escalating in Syria explained: “Biblically speaking, a day is coming where the city of Damascus [the capital of Syria] is going to be decimated. The prophet Isaiah stated, “The burden against Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1) As Iranian aggression continues to excel as they’re hellbent on the destruction of the Jewish state, which in return causes Israel to focus their military power on the city of Damascus, we can see the fulfillment of this prophecy more immanent than ever before.”