October 25, 2021
Monday, October 25, 2021


NY Bill Seeks to Force Woke & Perverted ‘Sex Education’ on Kindergarteners

Get ready for the latest woke wave in education: comprehensive sex ed for kids as young as 5 — thanks to a new bill in the state Senate.

Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Samra G. Brouk, a freshman Democrat from Rochester, would tie New York’s health curriculum to standards written by a left-wing interest group that advocates “Sex Ed for Social Change” — and would make those lessons mandatory statewide.

Under that group’s current standards, public and charter schools would have to teach 5-year-olds about “gender identity” and instruct 8-year-olds on hormone blockers to prevent puberty in transgender-identifying preteens.

Kids as young as 11 would get lectures on “vaginal, oral, and anal sex”; study “queer, two-spirit, asexual, pansexual” and other gender identities; and receive explicit instruction on the use of external and internal condoms, dental dams and other contraceptives.

Her proposal would legally link New York’s schools to the shifting recommendations of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).

“We would be outsourcing our curriculum to this outside organization,” said Assemblyman Michael Reilly (R-SI), a member of the education committee. “That’s a concern.”

Some parents are also worried. 

“The state constitution guarantees a basic education, but nowhere does it say ‘we have to prepare our kids to change their sex if they want to,’” said Sam Pirozzolo of the New York City Parents Union. “We have schools where 95% of kids can’t read or do math at grade level, and now they want to bring in these complicated social justice issues? That’s BS.”

Even parents who approve of sex ed in school are queasy about the envelope-pushing topics the law would require.

“It’s inappropriate,” said Ken Jewell, a Manhattan family law attorney whose two children attend New York City public elementary schools. “These are things kids that age are not capable of comprehending yet.”

Jewell favors early-grade instruction on personal space and pedophilia protection, but think’s Brouk’s measure “goes too far.”

“As a dad I want my kid armed enough to know if something is wrong,” he said. “But I don’t want to put knowledge in their heads that takes away the innocence of childhood.”

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Ken Ham, in an article discussing a similar Bill in Washington last year, stated that these new curriculums for young children are “child abuse”:

Now what we’re really seeing here is a deliberate attempt at indoctrinating children as young as kindergartners in the sexual dogma of humanism, including transgenderism and LGBTQ acceptance. And this agenda is being pushed by Planned Parenthood. So, I’m sure this “comprehensive” sex-ed curriculum won’t include the biblical definitions of gender, marriage as between one man and one woman, and sexual purity before marriage…

As Christians and citizens, we need to stand against this sexualization of our children. And as parents, we need to instruct our children with the truth of God’s Word and what he says about marriage, gender, and sexuality (with age-appropriate counsel). We also need to keep these issues in prayer before our Lord daily.

As I’ve said many times before, much of public education has become—or is quickly becoming—the church of secular humanism (atheism).


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