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August 2, 2021
Monday, August 2, 2021

Netflix Show Airs Blasphemous Cartoon of Jesus Carrying Out Mass Shooting

In the most recent season of “Paradise P.D.,” an animated series on Netflix, there is an episode with a deeply disturbing scene depicting a cartoon Jesus pulling Himself off the cross after supernaturally replacing the nails driven into his wrists with two loaded guns.

The details of the obscene clip, which comes in the fourth episode of the latest season, were first highlighted by Newsbusters.


According to the outlet, the episode, titled “Trigger Warning,” centers on mocking the National Rifle Association. One of the characters, Officer Kevin Crawford, watches a video by leftist documentarian Michael Moore and asks his father, Police Chief Randall Crawford, to watch the film.

The police chief refuses his son’s request. One of the show’s other characters, Officer Gina Jabowski, then chimes in, saying, “Give it a rest. I’m sick of you liberals acting like guns are the only dangerous thing in society. Mayonnaise kills people.”

Mayor Karen Crawford, the wife of Randall and mother of Kevin, agrees the city of Paradise has a problem with guns. Frustrated by his wife’s efforts to turn Paradise into “communist Canada,” Randall Crawford tells his wife and son he is going to take them on a tour of the NRA.

During the tour of the headquarters, they are shown a “gun pit,” in which there is a dead child, as well as the corpse of the late actor and former NRA President Charlton Heston, who is hoisting a rifle. The statue features the quote: “Pry this gun from my cold, dead hands and win a Republican Senate seat.”

The most offensive portion of the episode — which is not embedded here, due to its obscene nature — came when the caricatured NRA president, whose faux name includes the F-word, played a disturbing video imagining what Jesus’ crucifixion, when He paid the price for human beings’ sins, would have been like if guns existed then.

In the clip, the cartoon Jesus conjures up two loaded guns before ripping himself from the cross and murdering all those who were there to watch his death. He then engages in an obscene sex act with two women.

The scene is, as Newsbusters described it, “horrifically offensive.”


Later in the tour, the NRA head tells the Crawfords that the pro-Second Amendment organization has “developed smart guns,” at which point an anthropomorphized firearm, named “Mr. Bang-Bang,” appears.

“Smart guns decide when to shoot on their own,” the NRA leader explained to the family. “So now blind people, babies, [expletive], even animals can own guns, as long as they’re all white.”

HD Editors Note:

The Daily Wire published an article, titled, “If You’re A Christian, Netflix Doesn’t Want Your Business,” last year, in which the writer explains that Netflix is not hiding its disdain for Christians; instead, they are sending a very clear message:

These oh-so-bold comedians wouldn’t dream of heaping the sort of contempt upon Islam that they heap upon Christianity, and they certainly wouldn’t spit on Islam’s prophet like they spit on Jesus Christ. For one thing, they would be condemned by everyone as bigots. For another, they’d be taking their lives into their hands. Not to mention Netflix wouldn’t have picked it up. The company that has publicly condemned “hatred” and “bullying” only makes an exception where Christianity is concerned.

And so for that reason, Christians should oblige and cancel their Netflix subscriptions. This isn’t a boycott. It isn’t even a statement on our part. Netflix is the one that made the statement. That statement is clear: If you’re a Christian, we don’t want your business. What else are we supposed to do but oblige? If you show up to someone’s house party and they immediately scream in your face and call you a piece of garbage, you probably aren’t going to stay very long. You aren’t welcome. And it’s not your house. Fine. Why would you want to stick around anyway? Well, we aren’t welcome at Netflix’s party. That’s fine, too. We can take our collective millions of dollars in subscription fees and go elsewhere.

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