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L.A. Schools Host LGBT Club For 4-Year-Olds, Promote ‘Two Spirit’ Sexuality And Child Mutilation

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of Human Relations, Equity and Diversity hosted a 10-week online club for LGBT elementary schoolers, down to four-year-olds. It also prepared a series of presentations that promoted leftwing gender theory and deviant sexualities including the “Two Spirit” sexuality.

The club was called “Rainbow Club,” and met once a week for 10 weeks. It was advertised to students from preschool to fifth grade as a “virtual club for LGBTQ+ elementary school students, their friends, and their grown-ups.”(“TK” stands for transitional kindergarten, for children who are four years old, or preschool age.)

The club had its last meeting on November 3, and the advertisement notes the club will restart next semester. The office hosted two similar programs for middle school students and high school students, respectively, including one called the “Middle School Trans & Gender Non Binary Group.”

A different group organized through the LAUSD held a meeting where they hosted Bianca Salevetti, a nurse practitioner from the Children Hospital LA’s Trans Youth Health and Development Department. Salevetti discussed “medical transition and gender care.”

A spokesperson for the LAUSD told The Federalist, “The Rainbow Club is an online meeting for parents and their elementary school-aged children to meet, connect, and talk about topics related to their identities. The goal of the Rainbow Club is to support families of elementary aged children. The meeting is led by clinicians. Participants talk and do art projects.”

When asked why the district has decided to involve itself in the sexual identities of children as young as five years old and if children were required to be accompanied by a parent, the spokesperson refused to comment, responding, “We have nothing beyond the information sent earlier.”

A similar club, titled “Middle School Trans and Gender Non-Binary Group,” was offered for middle schoolers in the district as well.

The office also created a number of presentations they described as “short, student-facing Push & Play lessons for educators to utilize in their advisory classes.” Several of these presentations pushed leftwing gender theory, including one that even informed students of the “two-spirit” Native American sexuality, which has allegedly “survived centuries of colonial violence and prejudice.” 

The presentation includes a video where an individual who goes by “Geo Neptune” complains that European colonizers victimized Native Americans when they “imposed homophobia, rigid binary gender roles, and misogyny,” which he attributes in part to “the Christian tradition.” 

The slideshow goes on to ask, “Why do you think the European colonizers worked so hard to eliminate these Indigenous values and traditions?” It concludes by telling students that “the 2 spirit tradition is resilient and precious” and that “it has survived centuries of colonial violence and prejudice.”

One presentation called “Queering Culture” featured an intersectional amalgamation of CRT and leftwing gender theory. One slide provided definitions for the terms “BIPOC” and “LGBTQ2S,” while others discussed William Dorsey Swan, a man from the 1880s who was dubbed “the queen of drag,” and led a “queer resistance group.” The presentation goes on to include a section on intersectionality, asking students to reflect on their racial and sexual identities. 

The lesson “LGBT Etiquette” tells students to introduce themselves to each other by using their gender pronouns and teaches that the word “they” can be used to refer to those who consider themselves non-binary. It also features a video from the dating app Tinder, titled “5 Non-binary People Explain What Non-binary means to them.”

The video proposes the acceptance of the non-binary category as a way to upend an allegedly socially constructed perception of sex as a binary distinction between either male or female. One of the speakers in the video even described the belief that there are only two sexes as the product of a “mob mentality.”

Myriad other lessons are provided on the website, including one fawning over Harvey Milk, a noted pederast. There are also presentations on Stonewall, the transgender day of remembrance, bi visibility day, and national coming out day.

The term “SOGIE” is listed in numerous places on the website, which stands for “sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.” A SOGIE language handbook is provided, which includes terms like “down low,” which it defines as “men who identify as straight but who secretly have sex with men.”

Then there’s “outing,” which is listed as “men who have sex with men or women who have sex with women, to distinguish sexual behaviors from sexual identities: because a man is straight, it doesn’t mean he’s not having sex with men.” LAUSD also apparently thinks it’s important for staff to know about “top surgery,” or the surgical removal of healthy breasts. The handbook ends with a bang and drifts into the domain of parody, explaining that the pronouns “ze/zir/zee/zerr/zeer” are alternate “gender neutral” pronouns.

The school district, which has recently come under fire for reportedly vaccinating a child in exchange for pizza without parental consent, also promoted a “SOGIE Affirming Practices” list. The list instructed staff to avoid “assuming pronouns” or “hiding your pride.” It also told staff to “work LGBTQ+  topics/themes into curriculum all school year” and to allow “students to use the restrooms/locker room of their affirmed gender,” as well as to “display LGBTQ+ flags, books, posters, etc.”

Then there’s the “Queer All School Year” calendar, which explained different ways teachers can indoctrinate students each month. For December, teachers are told to “Post LGBT-affirming signs in your office, classrooms, and around campus.” In January, teachers are told to “Hold a Jazz and Friends Reading Event and read inclusive books in every grade,” referencing a children’s book titled “I am Jazz,” which focuses on a two-year-old boy who believes he is a girl. A “Black Lives Matter In Schools Week of Action” is advertised for February.

These revelations are also part of an ongoing investigation into the nation’s second-largest school district, which has thus far revealed their hostility to Thanksgiving and multiple instances of them lying about teaching critical race theory.

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, in a recent sermon, detailed how our society has become marked by increasing lies and deception intended to move people away from the truth of God’s Word.

“What’s happening in our age? America has cut loose from the Bible and from the foundation of God,” Hibbs explained. “In this world, you are either drawing closer to truth or further away from it.”

“The Bible says in second timothy chapter 3 verse 13 that ‘evil men and seducers will or shall wax worse and worse.’ That means to increase obviously, in scale, to become more and more prominent. They’ll ‘wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived,'” he described.

The Pastor went on to discuss a recent California teachers conference which taught educators how to recruit children to LGBT clubs.

“If you would take the time to see what [teachers] are trained on, what to take back to your kid’s class, you would realize that down the hallway is a deceiving lie that has been put in your kid’s head,” Hibbs warned.

Candice Owens, in her article “Schools Are Targeting Our Children. It’s Time To Fight Back,” urged that “it’s time for parents to remind themselves that they are the parents.”

“I travel the country a lot, and it seems the number one question I am now getting from parents is: what can we do? They’re realizing that something is wrong,” she said. “They’re teaching critical race theory, which is really just teaching your children how to be racist. They’re teaching equitable math, which is teaching your children how to be stupid. And now, of course, is the hyper-sexualization of our children.”

“I’m a big supporter now of homeschooling, because I think that schools are a disaster,” she explained. “They cannot be trusted with our children. I hear people say they can’t afford homeschooling because they have to work, and I understand the predicament. But if you’re sending your children to school because you think it’s free, you must understand something: it’s not free.”

“It is costing you your child’s mind. It is propaganda. It is lies. It is making them dumber. And it is sexualizing them,” Owens underscored.

There is a spiritual battle behind these motivations. Satan is attempting to set children up for a lifetime apart from and in opposition to their Creator.

The Bible presents a grave warning to those that put “stumbling blocks” in front of children, causing them to fall into sin (Matthew 18:6).

Matthew 18:6 KJV – “But whoso shall offend [cause to sin/stumble] one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Ken Ham, in his article, “Feelings Do Not Determine Truth: ‘Modern Science’ Says There Are Six Sexes?” explained that what those struggling with gender confusion need is the truth which is confirmed by science and God’s Word.

“There are two: male and female. The ‘gender identities’ so popular today are not biological sexes—they are determined by the feelings of the person claiming the gender identity,” Ken Ham explained. “But feelings do not determine truth. Instead of relying on our feelings, we must turn to the Word of God for absolute truth and, by the power of God’s spirit and the gospel, line our feelings up with God’s Word and truth. And besides, because we are sinners (Romans 3:23) and our hearts are ‘deceitful above all things and desperately wicked’ (Jeremiah 17:9), we can’t trust our feelings!”

“Such individuals need compassion and kindness—and they need the truth that comes from God’s Word and is confirmed by observational science,” Ham urged. “There are only two genders/sexes in humans: male and female (Genesis 1:27). That’s how God has made us, and trying to change one’s gender is ultimately a sinful rejection of God’s design. Those who struggle with gender dysphoria need Gospel truth. They need to know that their identity need not be rooted in themselves and their feelings but rather in Christ, his death, and resurrection for them, and his design for them and their body.”

“Those who struggle with gender dysphoria don’t need chemicals, body mutilating surgery, cross-dressing clothes, new pronouns, and a new name—they need the Gospel message that changes hearts and lives for eternity and gives them a new identity rooted in Christ,” he concluded.


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