October 18, 2021
Monday, October 18, 2021


‘Fascist Power Trip’: Trudeau Announces Vaccine Mandates on Federal Workers & Canadian Travellers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced COVID-19 vaccine mandates for travelers and federal public service employees on Wednesday morning, calling the mandates “some of the strongest in the world.”

“If you’ve done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID,” Trudeau said during a press conference. “These travel measures, along with mandatory vaccination for federal employees, are some of the strongest in the world.”

“Because when it comes to keeping you and your family safe, when it comes to avoiding lockdowns for everyone, this is no time for half measures,” Trudeau added.

According to the mandate, Canadian federal public servants in the core public administration must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 29. This also applies to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police—the federal police services—and many other offices and agencies.

Federal employees who do not comply by Oct. 29 will be placed on administrative leave without pay as early as Nov. 15.

“By the end of October, everyone 12 or older on a plane or train within Canada should be fully vaccinated,” Trudeau said. “Testing will no longer be an option before boarding.”

Trudeau acknowledged there would be exemptions but warned they would be very difficult to obtain.

“Exemptions, whether they’re medical exemptions or otherwise, will be exceedingly narrow, specific, and to be honest, somewhat onerous, to obtain,” Trudeau said.

The military will issue a directive mandating vaccination for the Canadian Armed Forces. Crown corporations and government entities like the House of Commons and the Senate will implement policies that mirror the mandate, Trudeau said.

The federal employees will sign an attestation form certifying that they’ve been vaccinated instead of providing proof of vaccination. But Trudeau warned there would be serious consequences if an employee lies about the vaccination status.

There are almost 300,000 federal service workers, plus 955,000 federally regulated workers, representing about 8 percent of Canada’s full-time workforce, Reuters reported.

Trudeau said Canadians elected him to do the vaccine mandate. During his campaign in August for the reelection, Trudeau pledged to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine once reelected.

“And in the weeks to come, we’ll get the job done on a vaccine passport for international travel. We’ll be there to foot the bill for provinces and territories that roll out proof of vaccination programs, and we’ll introduce legislation to make it a criminal offense to threaten or harass healthcare workers,” Trudeau announced.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also attended the press conference. She said around 89 percent of eligible Canadians had received one vaccine dose, and around 82 percent of eligible Canadians have received both.

Canadians 12 years and older are deemed eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Authoritarian Measures: ‘Trudeau’s Fascist Power Trip‘

Rebel News reporting on this story, condemned the Canadian Governments refusal to acknowledge natural immunity:

“Lost in this overreaching mandate from Trudeau was any consideration for natural immunity — something that not only are studies proving, but scientists working at Pfizer, according to a recent video released by Project Veritas, seem to agree is more effective than the vaccines.”

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier, who during the last elect was the only candidate for Prime Minister who opposed Vaccine Mandates, has continued to speak out against Trudeau’s “authoritarian measures.”

“After almost two years, there is absolutely no scientific justification for these additional authoritarian measures. It won’t save any lives. It’s all about Trudeau’s fascist power trip. He wants to crush all dissidence,” he insisted.

Bernier further added to the calls urging the government to factor in natural immunity.

“The emerging science suggests that natural immunity is as good as or better than vaccine-induced immunity. Why are politicians and public health officials refusing to take this into account?” he questioned.

The mandates for vaccination also include those public servants that work from home, which the PPC leader stated is “proof that it has nothing to do with the science.”

“Government forcing employees working from home to be vaccinated, or universities requiring it for students taking online courses, is proof that it has nothing to do with the science. It’s a witch hunt,” he wrote on Twitter.

Canada has seen widespread protests by both unvaccinated and vaccinated who believe such mandates are against Canadian law and the rights provided to citizens under their constitution.

A Canadian Doctor is currently under fire by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for tweets comparing the government overreach surround COVID-19 to the early days of Nazi Germany, according to Life Site News:

On September 25, Dr. Patrick Phillips tweeted about what he sees a correlation between the rise of Adolf Hitler and the current medical policies controlling the lives of Canadians.

“Germany convinced the public it was good and gained their support for doctors and nurses to kill the ‘mentally feeble’ patients because they needed hospital beds for the front-line soldiers who ‘did their part.’” he said. “Sound familiar?’

He added that during the Third Reich, doctors and nurses also actively killed disabled children. Don’t settle for saying that’s “awful and unthinkable.” Instead, learn how it’s thinkable. The answer: valuing the health of the population over the rights of the individual patient. Public health ideology.”

The tweet, and other tweets he has written about the state of medicine and the rights of patients in the province of Ontario has been used by Ontario’s medical regulator as a justification to investigate his professional behaviour.

There is also little conversation in Canada regarding religious exemptions to vaccine mandates.

Quebec’s Health Minister on Thursday announced the there will be no religious exceptions allowed for Health care workers in the province, stating, “It’s a question of health not a question of religion.”

Though not what many might picture when the here the word “lawlessness,” what we are witnessing with vaccine mandates is corrupt and lawless behaviour. It signals something in a nation is very wrong when top leaders ignore laws and rights with little to no ramifications or push back.

Our world has become utterly lawless… Just as God’s Word said it would be in the time preceding the return of Christ.

Hal Lindsey, discussing this lawless corruption, wrote, “Several places in the Bible warn us that the end times will be times of ‘lawlessness.’ That, along with so many other signs, seems to be describing our day.

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