October 18, 2021
Monday, October 18, 2021


Experts Warn Of COVID Vaccine Risks At FDA Hearing: ‘The Vaccines Kill More Than They Save’

Several physicians and other medical experts slammed COVID-19 vaccines and calls for mass COVID vaccination at an FDA meeting on booster shots last week. The experts, including a top Johnson & Johnson researcher, warned that the shots “kill more people than they save” and pose a “clear and present danger” of creating coronavirus variants.

The FDA vaccine advisory committee’s booster shot hearing on Friday featured hours of testimony ahead of a 16-2 vote against the Biden administration’s plan to roll out third doses of the Pfizer vaccine for “fully vaccinated” Americans. The booster program, which may launch as early as this week, despite the FDA vote, has already spurred multiple resignations of top FDA officials.

“I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about: that the vaccines kill more people than they save,” Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, told the FDA Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) in his testimony.

“Today we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that the vaccines are perfectly safe, but this is simply not true,” Kirsch said.

He cited data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a vaccine injury tracking system jointly run by the FDA and the CDC, which has documented more than 6,000 reported cases of heart attacks soon after COVID vaccination. VAERS is known to undercount vaccine adverse reactions by up to 99 percent.

“VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71 times more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine,” Kirsch said. He added that “there were four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report. That wasn’t bad luck.”

“If the net all-cause mortality from the vaccines is negative vaccines boosters and mandates are all nonsensical,” Kirsch continued. “This is the case today.”

He pointed to a slide featuring three calculations of the death-to-life ratio for COVID-19 vaccines, drawn from VAERS, Pfizer’s six-month trial report, and booster shot data for nursing home patients in Israel. All three estimated that the vaccines cause more mortality than they prevent.

“Only the VAERS numbers are statistically significant, but the other numbers are troubling. Even if the vaccines had a 100 percent protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life,” Kirsch said.

“Four experts did analyses using completely different non-U.S. data sources and all of them came up with approximately the same number of excess vaccine-related deaths: about 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died.”

Earlier this year, famed Texas cardiologist and internist Dr. Peter McCullough similarly gauged the number of likely COVID vaccine-linked deaths at well into the tens of thousands, far higher than the current official VAERS death count of 7,899. “We think we have 50,000 dead Americans,” McCullough said in June. “It’s basically, in a sense, it’s propagandized bioterrorism by injection.”

“Now the real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save,” Kirsch continued. “And I would love everyone to look at the Israel Ministry of Health data on the 90-plus-year-olds, where we went from a 94.4 percent vaccinated group to 82.9 percent vaccinated in the last four months.”

“In the most optimistic scenario, it means that 50 percent of the vaccinated people died and zero percent of unvaccinated people died,” he said. “Unless you can explain that to the American public you cannot approve the boosters.”

Kirsch described early treatment protocols as a “much better alternative to boosters.” “The proof is that in Israel, cases are at an all-time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is now COVID-19 free, as of today. Almost nobody there is vaccinated.”

Vaccine risks ‘outweigh any potential benefit’

The concerns raised by Kirsch echoed those of Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and computational biologist who testified at the FDA booster hearing that risks from the COVID-19 injections “outweigh any potential benefit.”

Rose also referred to VAERS reports, noting a “highly anomalous” rise in reporting rates for adverse vaccine events due to the COVID jabs. “There’s an over 1,000 percent increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021, and we are not even done with 2021,” she said, adding that the uptick in reactions comes despite a lack of increased rates of vaccination.

“The onus is on the public health officials, the FDA, the CDC, and policymakers to answer these anomalies and acknowledge the clear risk signals emerging from their data and to confront the issue of COVID injectable product use risks that, in my opinion, outweigh any potential benefit associated with these products, especially for children,” Rose stated.

The exorbitantly high rate of immunological adverse events reported after COVID-19 shots may affect as many of as one in 660 people, she said, again citing VAERS data.

“When the cumulative absolute counts are normalized to the total number of fully-injected individuals in the U.S., we can see that one in 660 individuals are succumbing to and reporting immunological adverse events associated with the COVID products,” Dr. Rose said. “The under-reporting factor is not considered here.”

The viral immunologist further warned that vaccine injections may lead to new COVID-19 variants – a theory voiced by other leading experts, like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccines.

The emergence of both the alpha and delta coronavirus variants “arose in very close temporal proximity to the rollout of the COVID products in Israel,” Rose observed.

“Israel is one of the most injected countries, and it appears from this data that this represents a clear failure of these products to provide protective immunity against emergent variants and to prevent transmission, regardless of how many additional shots administered, and this begs the question as to whether these injection rollouts are driving the emergence of the new variants.”

“There’s clear and present danger of the emergence of variance of concern if continue with these alleged booster shots,” Rose said.

“We have an unclear need with unclear motivation, significant safety concerns, poor evidence of sustained boost efficacy, and wrong priorities,” Dr. David Wiseman, who led the safety trials of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, likewise told VRBPAC on Friday. “If FDA cannot assure us of the safety of two doses, how can they assure us of three? We see strong signals for death – myocardial infarction and coagulopathy – that need transparent investigation.”

Wiseman noted that “no cancer studies were performed” for the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, an issue highlighted by Idaho doctor Ryan Cole, who earlier this year reported a “20 times increase of endometrial cancers” in vaccinated patients. “Moderna said its vaccine was a gene therapy product,” Wiseman said. “Why is FDA not requiring five-to-15-year cancer and other studies per their gene therapy guidance?”

Data From Israel

Presenters at the FDA meeting last week repeatedly emphasized problems surrounding Israel’s COVID-19 booster shot campaign, which Pfizer has used to justify rolling out booster shots in the United States.

Israeli healthcare expert Dr. Retsef Levi, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, broke down the failures of the Israeli booster shot push, saying the program was “anything but a carefully designed study.”

“In a matter of less than six weeks, Israel moved from its initial intention to vaccinate the over-60 population to vaccinating anyone above the age of 12, and it is now about to mandate booster vaccination for anyone to maintain green passport status,” he said. “This does not allow any reliable learning – definitely not in such a short amount of time.”

“Israel continues to have among the highest infection rates per capita in the world,” added Levi, who previously identified a “concerning” rise in heart attacks in Israeli youth in the wake of the country’s mass vaccination campaign. “COVID-19 deaths in Israel, in spite of all of the boosters, are on the rise, whereas in other countries, including many states in the U.S., they seem to be on downward trend at the moment.”

Data from Israel last month revealed that 31 percent of those given Pfizer booster shots reported adverse reactions, with one percent requiring hospitalization. The “fully vaccinated” have accounted for most of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Israel during the spread of the less deadly delta variant.

Unvaccinated ‘more familiar’ with vaccine science

Amid serious gaps in scientific data for the COVID jabs, one expert, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, testified Friday that the vaccine hesitant are often “more aware” of their risks.

“I know many think the vaccine hesitants are dumb or just misinformed,” said Fraiman, a New Orleans-area emergency physician. “That’s not at all what I’ve seen. In fact, typically, independent of education level, the vaccine hesitant I’ve met in the ER are more familiar with vaccine studies and more aware of their own COVID risk than the vaccinated.”

“For example, many of my nurses have refused the vaccine despite having seen COVID-19 cause more death and devastation than most people have. I asked them: ‘Why refuse the vaccine?’ They tell me while they’ve seen the firsthand dangers of COVID in the elderly, the obese, diabetics, they think their risk is low. They’re not wrong.”

A nurse, he said, “asked me, can I assure her that the studies found her risk of serious harm from the vaccine is lower than her risk of hospitalization? The truth is I can’t,” Fraiman said. “Our trials weren’t big enough. They weren’t big enough to identify the vaccines caused myocarditis yet. Now we know they do.”

He added that without booster shot trials large enough to find reduced rate of hospitalization, “the medical establishment cannot confidently call out anti-COVID vaccine activists who publicly claim the vaccines harm more than they save especially in the young and healthy.”

“The fact that we do not have the clinical evidence to say these activists are wrong should terrify us all.”

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin expressed his frustration to the Epoch Times that top Health officials in the United States are ignoring natural immunity.

Johnson made specific reference to a recent study that came out of Israel showing that natural immunity provides longer-lasting and 27x stronger protection for the coronavirus than receiving the vaccine.

Despite this groundbreaking study, that many have urged should “end the debate,” Health authorities continue to push everybody, whether previously infected or not, to get vaccinated.

Johnson added that the vast number of people who have had side effects from the vaccine “feel abandoned by the drug companies, federal health agencies, and the medical community.”

Senator Ted Cruz last month stated that the refusal to genuinely “follow the science” has revealed that the push for vaccines and mandates is “driven by the momentary politics.”

“And I think this is just abusive. It is dangerous where these government figures believe they have the right to impose rules on you — rules that they don’t intend to follow,” Cruz asserted. “It’s not driven by the science. It’s driven by the momentary politics. And if you have a reason why medically it’s a bad idea for you to take the vaccine, well, their view is tough for you. Then you lose your job. Then you can’t get on an airplane. Then you can’t go to school. Then you can’t go to a restaurant. Then, apparently, you’re cast into utter darkness.”

“It’s not tied to the science,” the Senator continued. “One example — Dr. Fauci and the CDC and the Biden administration repeatedly ignores natural immunity. It ignores the immunity of tens of millions of people who’ve had COVID. That’s politically inconvenient, so they pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Terry James, in his recent article, “Foreshadowing the Mark,” explained that the “over-the-top clamor for vaccination compliance” is setting the stage for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled:

If there is one element of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic that presages Tribulation era Bible prophecy, it is the hue and cry, the over-the-top clamor for vaccination compliance. I say so-called pandemic, because statistics have long since documented that this virus nowhere near reaches the level of previous true pandemics.

Again, I address the topic of the virus with the understanding that it is serious. All such infections are serious and must be dealt with care and common sense. However, it is the common sense aspect that is missing in this so-called pandemic. It is a manufactured pandemic with a biblically prophetic attachment that should not be missed by the spiritually-attuned believer.

Many who look critically at this unprecedented drive to make all on earth compliant with vaccine acceptance believe it is all setting  up worldwide embrace of the marks and numbering system of Revelation 13:16-18.—i.e., it is all a blueprint for control of the populations on earth during the time of Antichrist’s rule.

Control is the operative term in consideration of the drive toward vaccination, the likes of which has never been seen, planet-wide. Whether the vaccines are a justifiable means of controlling the virus or its variants is open to considerable conjecture. Time will perhaps tell if they are what they are claimed by CDC and others to be. –Or whether they are a means of bringing down populations –a claim that, while I don’t wholeheartedly accept, should, in my view, be granted some degree of credence. The stated goal of some globalists is to bring the world’s population down to under 500 million people, as engraved on the so-called Georgia Guidestone.

Control is what Antichrist will demand when instituting his 666 marks-and-numbering system. It seems that a considerable percentage of the world’s population is willingly susceptible (compliant) in eagerly taking a shot upon demand by those who want to rule rather than govern in most cases–at least from my perspective.

If you know Jesus Christ for salvation, according to Romans 10:9-10, you will never have to worry about taking Antichrist’s mark. The current vaccinations for COVID, or for any other disease, is not that prophesied mark. It will come on the scene during the Tribulation, after the Rapture of the Church.

Whether you choose to take the vaccine or choose to resist taking it, the process, whether beneficial or detrimental in terms of human health, itself is, without question in my mind, part of a control process being implemented by the powers and principalities of  Ephesians 6:12.

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