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What Does Ethnos Against Ethnos Mean?

And Why Is It Biblically Relevant?

When Jesus’ disciples came to Him and asked, “What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” Jesus explained to them that one of the signs that would precede His coming would be “nations” rising against “nations.”

The word “nations” found in this verse (Matthew 24:7) is from the Greek word “ethnos,” where we get our English word for “ethnicity.” Therefore, this verse can also be read that “ethnicity shall rise against ethnicity” in the last days.

Racism is not new. However, what is new to our generation is the fabricated racism taught in schools, espoused by media and reiterated by politicians. This stoking of division will, in the not too distant future, lead to genuine widespread racism. Racism is a sin, we are all created in the image of God. Creating division and hatred is a sin (Prov. 6:16-19Luke 11:171 John 2:9). All of these things are deeply rooted in a rebellion against God, His Word, and His design.

Ethnos Against Ethnos

Ethnos Against Ethnos

National Academy of Sciences Report Confirms Biblical Truth: ‘There Is Only One Race’

You see, a report issued by a panel convened by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, argues that “Race should no longer be used to describe populations in most genetics studies.”

Big Brother: Critical Race Theory On Reality TV

Critical race theorists tempt white people to become more race-centric, then when that happens—they use that as justification for their fallacious ideology.

DC Elementary School Asks 4 Year-Olds To Identify ‘Racist’ Family Members

They don’t have any qualms about using the teacher’s or lecturer’s “authority” to brainwash kids into believing that they are racist or need to strategize ways to “deal with” their parent’s “racism.”

Ethnos Against Ethnos: NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Ranted About Race War, White People, Wanted To Watch People Die

The suspect argued that "white people and Black people should not have any contact," and made a paranoid accusation that a black holocaust was about to occur in the United States.

Should Christians Be Celebrating a Judge Who God Has Cursed… Because She’s Black?

Are the lives of pre-born children so cheap to us that we think it’s worthy to celebrate a judge who advocate for their murder—because she’s black? 

A Professor Publicly Noted She Would Call On White Males Last; Students, Professors Support Her

“How am I supposed to get a full participation grade if I’m not called on because of the way I was born?” one student speaking in opposition to the professor said.

Saying You’re ‘Colorblind’ About Race Is Now Considered Racist By The Federal Government 

"Well, not only is this obviously extreme, but it’s also bad science! There aren’t individual races of people—there is only one race, the human race.”

NPR Claims Your Emoji Skin Tone Choice Signals Your Level of ‘Privilege’

What does your emoji skin tone choice say about you? Well, according to an article from NPR, your choice of yellow or a shade of...

BLM at School Week – Indoctrinating and Training Radical Activist Children

“What we are witnessing is state-sponsored political indoctrination, using coloring books, and contests to teach a next generation ‘social justice activism,’ in the program’s own words”

Politics ‘Outweighed The Pursuit Of Truth’: Professors Work To Debunk ‘Native Children Genocide’ Narrative

“Frankly, most of this so-called ‘Native Children Genocide’ narrative looks like a political cudgel and a cash cow for social justice activists,” said a San Jose State University anthropologist.

School To Hold BLM Event Teaching Kindergarteners, 1st Graders About ‘Globalism,’ Trans ‘Affirmation’ & ‘Anti-Racism’

The school said it will instruct kindergarteners and first graders to be “transgender affirming” by “recognizing trans-antagonistic violence” and “queer affirming” so “heteronormative thinking no longer exists.”

‘A Stunningly Corrupt Enterprise’: Jordan Peterson Blasts Academia, Resigns As Tenured Professor At University of Toronto

“I am academic persona non grata, because of my unacceptable philosophical positions. And this isn’t just some inconvenience. These facts rendered my job morally untenable.“

Professor Of Color Says He Was Denied Funding Due To ‘Insufficient’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Enthusiasm

"One might have differences of opinion—that difference will not be tolerated. You must pledge allegiance to whatever the language is that’s been created to foster DEI. You cannot dissent.”

‘Separate But Equitable’: Denver Elementary School Hosts Racially Segregated Family Playground Night

Centennial Elementary School in Denver, Colorado, is taking us back to the days of state-sanctioned racism a la their segregated “Families of Color Playground...

Ontario Union Votes Two Extra Days Off For Black Employees Only

An Ontario union has voted overwhelmingly and without debate to allow black employees 2 extra days off to deal with the impact of “anti-black racism.” 

Critical Race Theory Serves to Usher in Communist Agenda in America, Professor Says

Critical race theory has become the philosophic foundation supporting a Marxist communist agenda sweeping American society, according to professor Jason Hill.

Kyle Rittenhouse, White Privilege, & The Left’s Hatred Of America’s Founding Principles

It’s leftists, not conservatives, who advocated that a criminal in Kenosha should be treated differently by the legal system because of the criminal’s skin colour.

‘Textbook Racism’: Teachers Union Passes New System Giving ‘Weighted’ Votes To Non-White Board Members

"Dividing people up by race, saying that some people are inherently more valuable, based on the color of their skin, that's pretty textbook racism."

Global Investment Firm Forces Executives To Snub White Men In Light Of Race Hiring Quotas

According to The Times, executives in middle and senior management who do not comply with the race quotas will receive cuts to their bonuses.

Second European Woman Attacked & Seriously Injured After Being Labelled Racist

The video then cuts to show the woman laying on the ground outside of the bus, her face covered in blood, with a person filming the incident.

AT&T Says All White Employees Are ‘Racist,’ Must Renounce ‘Systemic Racism’ & ‘White Privilege’

White employees, the source said, must confess their complicity in “white privilege” and “systemic racism” or be penalized in performance reviews.

Cancel Culture Failure: Prof Booted From MIT Lecture Draws ‘Thousands’ For Alternative Speech

“The fact such stories have become an everyday feature of American life should do nothing to diminish how shocking & damaging they are to a free society"

Critical Race Theorists Call Media Coverage Of Gabby Petito’s Case Racist, ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’

If you’re surprised critical race theorists would force supposed racism into Gabby Petito’s case, you shouldn’t be.

Public School Students Being ‘Abused’ By Critical Race Theory, Former University Professor Says

"Whether we have children or not in the public schools, we need to stand up and fight for the children who are trapped and left behind,"