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June 21, 2021
Monday, June 21, 2021

Vancouver Police Investigate Tire Marks Left By Car On Rainbow ‘Pride’ Crosswalk Calling it ‘Gesture Of Hate’

The West Vancouver Police in Canada are investigating tire marks left on a rainbow “pride” sidewalk, calling the marks “vandalism” and a “gesture of hate.”

“This is very upsetting,” Constable Kevin Goodmurphy said in a statement. “For whatever reason, this person has chosen to leave a gesture of hate on a crosswalk that stands for the exact opposite.”

The West Vancouver PD, then took to social media showing photos of the scene and the car that made the marks which “tarnished” the crosswalk.

On Thursday, the police announced on Twitter that they identified the driver. The incident is being investigated for “willful or reckless destruction of another person’s property.”

The “vandalized” rainbow crosswalk was unveiled by the West Vancouver PD this June as part of the celebration of “Pride Month.”

Many expressed their frustration for the police using their time to investigate the incident, asking, is this really the proper use of resources?

“It’s good to see tax payers money being used to find the skid mark bandits.” said one commenter.

“It’s ok everyone we’re safe now,” joked another.

“If you look closely, there are hardly any skid marks on the white stripe. This driver must have been homophobic AND a white supremacist,” an additional person quipped.

What does this have to do with Bible Prophecy?

The Bible tells us that the world in the last days would be like it was in “the days of Lot” (Luke 17:28). In Lotz’s day, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, chiefly for the sexual immorality and Homosexuality that the cities were given over to.

In Romans chapter one, Paul warns against the sin of homosexuality and more specifically the celebration of it as a rebellion against God.

It is this reprobate mind that our society has fallen into, not in the celebration of sins alone (such as homosexuality, abortion, etc.) but also the forced celebration which disregards and violates religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

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