Trump says Biden & Democrats are ‘Against the Bible’

Joe Biden
(Photo: Bridget Bennett/AFP via Getty Images)

President Trump told Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on Thursday that Joe Biden and Democrats are “against the Bible.”

Rivera first asked Trump about his lagging poll numbers. “Are you trailing now? Would you admit that?” Rivera asked the president on his radio show “The Geraldo Rivera Show.”

“I don’t think so. I mean, I went to Texas. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm. I went to just two days ago, I went to Florida, never saw such enthusiasm, got the support of law enforcement all over the state. And all of the sheriffs in Florida. Same thing in Texas. I mean, when you think of it. How about Texas?” Trump responded.

“One of the polls said Trump is leading by one in Texas. OK. I’m in favor of oil and gas. I’m in favor of the Bible. I’m in favor of the Second Amendment. Right. Biden is against all of those things. He’s against oil. He’s against the Bible, essentially against religion. But against the Bible and he’s against the Second Amendment,” he continued.

“That may be a little harsh, him being against the Bible,” Rivera responded.

“Well, the people that control him totally are. I mean, it may be a little harsh for him, but he’s going to have no control,” Trump clarified.

Rivera asked Trump if he buys the “image of him as an empty suit that the Democratic operatives are filling with their own ideals.”

“I do. Yeah, I do. I really do. That’s what he is. And everybody knows it.” said Trump.

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