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May 18, 2021
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Terry James: Assembling for the Appearance

While we await final election results, there is, according to emails, an emotional rollercoaster among many. The ups and downs can be traumatizing.

If it were possible for the Lord to become weary of hearing prayers about this election, imploring that He intervene in the way His people desire, He would say “Enough!” Of course, our Heavenly Father not only doesn’t say that, but He invites us to pray even more.

As we’ve said before, during these tumultuous months and years, God has held back the evil that is striving with all the might the “wickedness in high places” of Ephesians 6:12 can muster. And now that evil, which has failed to accomplish significant gains in the battle to bring the nation into the globalist configuration it demands, seems to be on the verge of achieving its minions’ goal. Election 2020 seems to indicate that those powers and principalities have found the lawless formula for being victorious.

We’ve looked at how the Restrainer, the Holy Spirit that lives within each believer, has kept this president from being removed at every turn of the torturous political screws by those who hate him. Yet, at this moment, which is a snapshot of the election process, we fear that the minions have found ways, through computer manipulation and outright fraudulent ballot counting to remove him from the office in which the Lord of Heaven placed him. (God raises up kings and He removes them, the Scripture says.)

We consider how millions of prayers go up constantly, requesting that the Lord turn this supposed defeat through fraud around. Our Heavenly Father has told us that if we humble ourselves, pray, turn from our wicked ways, and seek His Face, He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land.

We’ve been promised in His Word that He will continue to restrain until He is taken out of the way. That won’t happen until Antichrist comes on the scene (is revealed).

We know, through careful scriptural analysis, that while the Church is still on earth, the wickedness in high places cannot prevail. Jesus said that Satan will not overcome the Church. The Church is indwelt by God the Holy Spirit—the One restraining the evil that is ravenously trying to break loose from its chains and bring in Antichrist’s regime for the last seven years of human history leading up to Christ’s Second Advent.

So, while we are concerned about what we face in this election evil, we nonetheless can see a brilliant light streaming through the gloominess of the storm clouds. God is still in control, and prayer changes things. Part of that stream of light is manifesting more and more as I observe the various alternative media—that is, media that is alternative to the mainstream sources.

I’m hearing more and more voices invoking the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One example that profoundly stimulated my assurance that God is in control and is powerfully influencing things just behind all that’s going on happened Thursday, December 3.

I was listening to the last couple of minutes of the Rush Limbaugh program. Rush’s guest host while he was off recuperating from cancer treatment, Todd Herman, was signing off. As he closed the program, he said something to the effect that we must offer up prayers. Specifically, he said that we must ask the Holy Spirit to give wisdom and influence all in authority who are involved in the election matter. We must, he indicated, ask God for His intervention by praying and seeking His direction and help.

It was a tremendous reminder to millions of listeners that it is God who has the answers to this and all troubles in the world. I could only say in a whisper, while shouting in my spirit, “Amen!

This is happening in ever-increasing numbers, as alternate media types seem to grasp where true answers to what America faces reside. Perhaps this election evil is allowed by the Lord—for certainly He knew all about it from eternity past—in order to bring His people, called by His Name, together in prayer and recognition of His love and power.

In this sense, I take a bit of scriptural liberty in believing that God’s forces—His people—are not “forsaking assembling themselves together as they see that day approaching”—the day when Christ will rule and reign on planet earth (Hebrews 10:25).

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