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Monday, April 19, 2021

Students for Life publishes list of Christian colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood

Students for Life has published a list of faith-based colleges and universities that it says has ties to Planned Parenthood. 

SFLA said that of the 700 Christian colleges and universities it researched, roughly 100 had ties with the abortion provider. Most had ties through either advertising careers or internships with Planned Parenthood, referring students to the organization as a resource, incorporating Planned Parenthood into medical school rotations, and partnering with the abortion provider to host student events. 

Although SFLA said it will release a full report on the schools, it published the first set of 25 Christian schools it said has ties to Planned Parenthood. Two of the schools subsequently cut ties with the abortion provider.

HD Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Ken Ham took to Facebook in response to this news story, saying, “Very few Christian or “Christian” colleges take a stand” on Biblical authority:

“This list of Christian colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood should be a reminder to Christian parents and students that they should always check what a prospective college will be teaching (to and check each professor you will be involved with) against the absolute authority of the Word of God. Very few Christian or “Christian” colleges take a stand on Genesis as they should. Most compromise in some way with evolutionary ideas and millions of years. And many today are soft on gender, marriage, and abortion from a truly Christian worldview perspective.”


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