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May 7, 2021
Friday, May 7, 2021

Netanyahu: Minority Gov’t with Arab Joint List would be a ‘Terror Attack’ Against Israel; Tehran would Celebrate

SOURCE: (i24 News)

At ’emergency conference,’ Israeli PM warns Tehran would ‘celebrate’ a Blue and White minority gov’t.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a rally in Tel Aviv on Sunday decrying the possibility that Benny Gantz is set to form a minority government backed by the Arab Joint List alliance in the coming days.

In a fiery speech, the premier slammed Gantz for allegedly negotiating with “terror supporting” parliamentarians during Israel’s “Operation Black Belt” against the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group last week.

Such a move was a “slap in the face of IDF soldiers,” Netanyahu stated in front of a rally of Likud supporters who booed at the remark.

“I tell you that if such a minority government is formed, they’ll celebrate in Tehran, Ramallah, and they’ll celebrate in Gaza — just like they celebrate after every terror attacks [against Israelis],” Netanyahu said.

“But this would be a national historic terror attack against the State of Israel and must not happen,” the prime minister added.

Netanyahu then referred to the leaders of Blue & White and said “there’s an opportunity to form a government together, there’s an opportunity to prevent elections, there’s an opportunity to do the responsible thing, but first of all you must do the responsible thing: show national responsibility.”

“We need unity — not minority,” added Netanyahu. “Remove this delusional idea” of a minority government off the table, “right now, tonight.”

Shortly after Netanyahu concluded his statements, the Blue & White political alliance released a response slamming the premier.  

“Residents of the south did not get an ’emergency rally,’ neither did the sick who are strewn in the corridors, not the elderly or disabled,” the party said in a statement. “As usual, Netanyahu only worries about Netanyahu.”

Sourcei24 News

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