June 25, 2024

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June 25, 2024

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It’s A Tale Of Three High Schools With An All-too Familiar Story: The Assault On Truth

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It’s a tale of three high schools with an all-too familiar story: the assault on truth.

In Missouri, a biological male beat out several females last week for the title of “homecoming queen” at a Kansas City high school. But it wasn’t the first time.

In Pennsylvania, high school students said, “enough!” and walked out in protest when school administrators refused to keep males out of female restrooms.

And in Wisconsin, a drag queen teacher allegedly lured students to his drag content on social media that included nudity and sexuality.

Are we finally beginning to see more pushback and resistance to this nonsense?

Let’s start with the good news first. In the Perkiomen Valley School District in PA, hundreds of students organized a walkout protect during class last Friday after the school board refused to enact a policy requiring transgender students to use the restroom corresponding with their biological sex.

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Keeping boys out of the girl’s restroom seems like a no-brainer but then again, this is 2023. Franklin Graham responded:

These high school students said enough is enough… They want the Pennsylvania school district to see that their own rights, their privacy, and their safety have been ignored. More parents and students need to stand up to the agenda-driven bullies.

In a Fox News interview, students were upset and boys wanting to protect the girls took charge simply because girls didn’t want to share their bathroom with biological males. Some parents also weighed in saying the safety of females is important and these students should be commended.

This is about sanity, science, biology, privacy, and protecting our children. It’s amazing more people don’t seem to see this.

Several students have spoken with local media saying they are uncomfortable sharing their restroom with boys and said they don’t think their voices are being heard. They feel their rights are not as important as trans-identifying kids.

The mother of one student, Melanie Marren, stated:

“They are making these policies without taking into consideration how they affect the students and how uncomfortable it is just to be a teenager in general, but now have to be faced with the invasion of their privacy in those areas where they should feel safe and private,”

Next, do men make the best women? It used to be that men could only be drag queens, but now more of males are winning beauty contests and are being crowned homecoming queens. Men are winning races, track meets, and excelling in other sports where girls used to compete against girls.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the leftist patriarchy strikes again as the school crowned Tristan Young homecoming queen, trampling on the hopes of teenage girls, one of whom would have rightly won. It happened at Oak Park High School.

Let’s clarify. A boy in a dress and makeup was crowned for the second time in eight years.

Athlete, speaker, and former NCAA swimming star Riley Gaines commented on Young’s homecoming queen status on social media. Gaines, who lost a national title to biological male swimmer, “Lia Thomas,” responded on X to the fiasco:

“So stunning & brave. Another reminder to all girls that men make the best women. I wonder if a female will win homecoming king or if it’s understood that both of these spots are reserved for males. Who’s to blame here?”

Gaines also rightly criticized the uber woke sports network ESPN for celebrating Women’s History Month by doing a special about a man: swimmer, Lia Thomas. Gaines wrote that ESPN was spinless because he “destroyed real women in the pool.”

Tristan Young wrote on Instagram,

“Thank you so much Oak Park. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and it is all your doing. I am forever thankful that you have chosen me to be your homecoming queen,” “I have had a very difficult high school journey, but having the support of my friends, family and Oak Park has helped tremendously, I truly don’t know where I would be without it,”

The part about the difficult journey is sad, but those who have affirmed him as well as any transgender individuals are complicit. I hope those pushing them change their minds and behavior when mental health problems increase along with national suicide rates.

I spoke with former transgender, Laura Perry Smalts last week and, concerned for the souls of these vulnerable kids and those struggling with gender issues, said “I don’t want to make the road to hell more comfortable by affirming them.” Boom.

Looking at the cringeworthy photos from the homecoming ceremony, it makes you wonder if the girls who lost the crown to a boy were happy for him and think it’s okay that they are now losing opportunities to males.

There’s too much pressure on these kids today. Who will speak up for them? I think they are more afraid of being called transphobic or hateful or non-supportive.

Finally, a Green Bay, Wisconsin-area school district has a new PR nightmare. His name is Bryce Thomas Van Vreede, who goes by “Nova Caine” when he’s in drag, but a special education teacher at Pulaski High School by day.

Libs of TikTok obtained photos of during their off-hours and asked, “What kind of person would deliberately expose children to imagery like this?” In one picture, he’s naked except for what is apparently a duct tape thong.

One concerned parent said:

“You can say till you’re blue in the face that he’s not grooming kids, but if you’re directing them to your Instagram, that’s inaccurate…the fact that he put everything to private after this was mentioned, he knew what he was doing was wrong.”

Another parent claimed Van Vreede told students his social media account handles for Instagram and TikTok, which exposed minors to some shocking and disturbing images. As this all became known, Van Vreede changed his social media accounts to private.

For Halloween, he posed in leather shorts, a harness, and a whip as the caption read, “Sorry, mom.”

According to a source with Libs of TikTok, when the school administration first caught wind of one of its teachers allegedly grooming students, they just claimed what he was doing on his own time was his business. It didn’t affect his “professional role.”

Parents also claim they were ignored by Pulaski High School administration when they tried to confront them about Van Vreede’s behavior and sharing it with students.

Libs of TikTok have reported on many teachers who boast about radicalizing and sexualizing children. If it’s not LGBTQ+ issues, it’s Marxism. And make no mistake; this is not by any stretch an isolated case of a radicalized, agenda-driven teacher.

Parents must examine curriculum, school policies, libraries, and more. Better yet, since government schools are on fire, resist the agendas, pull the alarm, and get your children (or grandchildren) out while there’s still time.

David Fiorazo is an author, ordained pastor, host of Worldview Matters, and media contributor for Harbinger’s Daily and Freedom Project. 

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