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May 22, 2024

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Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Surprised When Their Child Comes Home From School Radicalized

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Last year, the American Library Association elected Emily Drabinski, a self-described Marxist lesbian, president of the American Library Association (ALA). At the recent Socialism 2023 conference in Chicago, Drabinski asked attendees to turn public schools and libraries into centers of radical agitation and use them for “socialist organizing.”

On one of the panels at the conference, there was a call for an alliance between pro-abortion activists and transgender forces to fight against Christians. This is just part of the ideological revolution we are witnessing in America.

Our cultural institutions have been hijacked by God-hating radicals. Parents now must be aware of the fact public schools and libraries have been victims of a Marxist takeover.

Writer, Karlyn Borysenko went undercover at the largest socialist conference in the country where she caught ALA President Emily Drabinski saying explicitly that libraries (and public schools) need to be sites of socialist organizing.

Drabinski said when she was around 14, she first began to identify as a lesbian after reading a library book about two women having “fantastic queer sex in a field.” A library book. 

For the record, the ALA publicly attempted to distance itself from Drabinski’s statements, saying in a statement the “ALA does not align with, endorse, or promote the political beliefs, values, or ideologies of any one individual — including its elected leaders.”

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So why elect one to head up the American Library Association?

Liberty Sentinel and Freedom Project’s Alex Newman has been exposing leftist agendas for decades. He writes that the latest ALA boss has become “notorious for hating parents, families, Christians, and anyone else who stands in the way of indoctrinating children.”  

He responded to reports out of the socialist conference on The Newman Report.

“Taxpayer funding is being weaponized here and it’s being weaponized to foment a revolution against us, the people paying for this; footing the bill for this kind of dangerous extremism. It’s time for the library system to leave the ALA, it’s time for the government to stop turning our children into Marxists and revolutionaries using these government schools. The system needs to be shut down.”

I agree. The future of our country is on the line, and this is one of many symptoms of much deeper moral and spiritual decay. It doesn’t help matters that fewer American citizens seem to be speaking up as the radicals have grown bolder and louder.

At the conference, American Library Association President, Emily Drabinski spoke on a panel that discussed how teachers could instruct children on Critical Race Theory, even in school districts that have banned it.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) supported the Chicago conference which also featured panels on the “best practices for developing socialist programming for kids,” abolishing police, and keeping U.S. borders open. Just like faithful radicals, the conference advocated for abolishing the family, replacing mothers and fathers with collective parenting, and forming a movement to protect children’s “right” to engage in prostitution.

Other panels at the socialist conference included:

“Kids as Comrades; Abortion, Race, and the 1%; Sex Work, Policing and Border Abolition; Lenin: Catastrophe and Revolution; Longer Road to a Green New Deal,” and many more.

Talk about fundamentally transforming the United States of America. When Barack Obama said Democrats were in the process of doing just that in 2008, few took him seriously.

Education has been part of this plan all along. Apparently, some of the sessions were not live streamed while others were. This was on purpose so the socialist organizers could speak more freely. 

More states should follow the example of the Montana State Library Commission which recently cited the ALA’s “far-left-leaning ideologies” and its conflict with the Constitution which forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist.

The Montana State Library Commission explained in its decision to cut ties with the far-left ALA saying these agendas have “no place in our schools and libraries.” They rightly declared the American Library Association “has not only turned its back on families, parental rights, and American values — it has turned its back on America itself.”

By the way, Borysenko was banned from the conference, so she was there incognito, using a different name, and in another of her posts, she exposed another radical:

“Meet Dr. Mary Bowman. Mary is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at DePaul University and a speaker at the Socialism 2023 Conference. And Mary wants to destroy the nuclear, biological family through sexual liberation and queer relationships.”

Universities have been pumping out Marxists, socialists, and ‘social justice’ activists for decades now and we are seeing more and more of the rotten fruit.

For example, Joy Pullman at the Federalist wrote that the 2022 annual ALA conference was attended by over 21,000 and featured workshops on drag queens and queering elementary schools.

Librarians learned how to push agendas and to sidestep objections to events like Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH). One workshop was titled, “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming.”

Elementary school. Let that sink in. This and much more with the help of our tax dollars.

Another ALA workshop was called, “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries.” You might be wondering what this has to do with the lost art of reading books, researching, and learning history. Nothing.

The left has simply found yet another way to reach young, impressionable children.

Originally established in the early 1990s by The Publishing Triangle as “National Lesbian and Gay Book Month,” the ALA has recognized “GLBT Book Month” since 2015, calling it “a nationwide celebration of the authors and writings that reflect the lives and experiences of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.” 

The 2022 conference featured bisexual bathroom facilities of course, and other workshops focused on diversity, so-called “equality,” inclusion, and race, including instruction on the United States, “a country built on white supremacy.” One book on the reading list was called “Disrupting Whiteness.”

Some workshops taught on how to celebrate queer sex, others on how to manage push-back from concerned taxpaying parents. Librarians are told to resist feedback. One librarian has been working since 2010 promoting drag queens and LGBT parties, fundraisers, and advocacy for “queer libraries.”

I wish I were making this up but this has gone from concerning to dangerous.

At the Washington Stand, Ben Johnson writes that Drabinski promotes the subversion of “normal family types,” and that before she was elected ALA president, she announced her plan to use the position to “build collective power for the public good.”

She promised at the time, “As ALA president, I will direct resources and opportunities to a diverse cross-section of the association,” dispersing $56 million dollars in revenue “on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, national origin, spoken language, and disability.”

It’s no wonder Drabinski gained the endorsement of education radical, Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers and a close Biden ally, who stated, “Emily Drabinksi knows how to organize and mobilize.”

At this point, parents should no longer be surprised when their son or daughter comes home from high school or college radicalized, having an anti-Christian, Marxist worldview. And true believers must not be unaware of the enemy’s schemes.

David Fiorazo is a podcasterauthor, ordained pastor, and media contributor for Harbinger’s Daily and Freedom Project. 

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