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June 25, 2024

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American Library Association Chief Says ‘Public Education Needs To Be A Site Of Socialist Organizing’

Alex Newman

Government schools and local libraries should be used for “socialist organizing,” the self-proclaimed “Marxist lesbian” chief of the American Library Association (ALA) proclaimed at a major socialism conference last week. The library boss has also becoming notorious recently for hating on parents, families, Christians and anyone else who stands in the way of indoctrinating children.

Speaking after a panel at the Socialism 2023 conference in Chicago organized by a coalition of revolutionaries advocating for the “right” of children to engage in prostitution, among other absurdities, ALA chief Emily Drabinski did not hold back. “Public education needs to be a site of socialist organizing,” she told attendees, many of them actual communists, as reported by an undercover infiltrator

“I think libraries really do, too,” continued Drabinski, who was scheduled to speak at the event but had her session quietly nixed amid a rising national furor surrounding her extremism. “Classroom libraries, but also school libraries of all kinds… There’s a real opportunity here to both connect [what’s] happening in public education [with] what’s happening in libraries.”

Among other topics, the panel at which Drabinski spoke out included discussion on how teachers could indoctrinate children with Critical Race Theory propaganda, even in jurisdictions that have banned it. “We need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing,” added Drabinski, identifying herself merely as a “librarian” named Emily when taking the microphone.

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The ALA president, selected for the post last Spring, sparked a firestorm of criticism nationwide in August after blasting “angry, white mob parents” seeking to protect their children from grooming, sexualization, and LGBT propaganda. She admitted in a 2009 article that she first began identifying as lesbian at 14 after reading in a library book about two homosexuals having “fantastic queer sex in a field.”  

The socialism event in Chicago, which featured the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) as a supporter, featured panels on abolishing the family and replacing it with government, as well as “best practices for developing socialist programming for kids.” Another panel called for abolishing police and borders. Yet one more called for an alliance with pro-abortion and “trans” forces to fight Christians.   

Following a mass exodus by state school boards from the National School Boards Association after it was exposed asking the Biden administration to target parents as terrorists, opponents of tyranny and the sexualization of children are urging state library groups to ditch the radical ALA. After all, it is critical to putting perverted filth in libraries and the escalating discrimination against Christians.  

This summer, citing ALA’s “far-left-leaning ideologies” and a “Marxist” leader, Montana became the first to go. “Our oath of office and resulting duty to the Constitution forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist,” the Montana State Library Commission explained in its July 11 decision to cut ties with the far-left ALA. 

Other officials chimed in too. “Ms. Drabinski is a supporter of Critical Race Theory, which Montana rejected as discriminatory, and other far-left-leaning ideologies that have no place in our schools and libraries,” said Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen. “By electing a declared Marxist as their President, the ALA has not only turned its back on families, parental rights, and American values — it has turned its back on America itself.”

Taxpayer funds are being weaponized to foment a revolution against the very taxpayers coerced into footing the bill for this dangerous extremism. It is time for all library systems to leave the ALA and for government schools turning children into Marxist revolutionaries to be shut down.

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist and the Founder of Liberty Sentinel.

Editor’s Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

Cissie Graham Lynch, in her article, “Parents: Get Back In The Fight — Do Not Outsource The Raising Of Your Children,” wrote:

As Christ followers and parents, we live in a spiritual war zone where Satan battles for our children’s hearts and minds. The cultural war raging around us can be overwhelming. Some parents have become weary or too busy to carve out time to shape their children’s understanding of God’s truth—leaving youth pastors to do the fighting for their children’s souls. Sadly, many parents are indifferent to God’s Word and are completely blind to the battle. This complacency has opened the door for the enemy to mold our children’s beliefs through teachers and other outside influences that are executing a different battleplan altogether.

We’ve got to wake up and get back into the fight. Time is of the essence! Satan and his army have a strategic plan, particularly regarding our children’s education. The indoctrination of our children’s minds is happening as early as preschool. And the means employed may seem harmless if we are drifting into slumber and not remaining vigilant.

The combat rages in the classroom as American history is erased and historical facts and events are rewritten. Students are being taught that the Constitution and other pillars of democracy are tenets of a racist system. With school administrations no longer offering transparency about curricula, parents are forced to go to court to find out what is being taught, bringing to light issues like the doctrine of critical race theory, known as CRT.

We cannot outsource the raising of our children to our schools and churches. God’s Word is clear: We bear primary responsibility for our children’s spiritual training and development. 

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