July 12, 2024

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July 12, 2024

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Harris Sees Lowest Vice Presidential Rating In American History; Are Her Radically-left Policies To Blame?

David fiorazo

Vice President Kamala Harris is going all-out to promote the LGBTQ agenda as her approval rating takes a dive. Coincidence?

Harris hosted a big Pride shindig at her home last week packed with celebrities, drag queens, and other Democrats. The festivities were reportedly sponsored by GLAAD, the organization behind the constant, massive promotion of LGBTQ-related content throughout the entertainment industry.

A week later, the day before the Fourth of July, an NBC poll found that Harris’s net-negative rating is at -17, the lowest vice presidential rating in American history. In history.

Is it possible more people are fed up with the onslaught of pride programming and perversity as well as with the lack of concern for young children from public schools to the public square?

Not that it matters much, but Kamala Harris is officially America’s most unpopular vice president. And there have been some corrupt vice presidents and administrations so that’s saying something.

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We can opine about why her ratings are so awful. Some suggest it’s due to the Biden administration’s policies that have not helped average Americans and are considered to be failing. Some of these policies include the anemic economy, the southern border, Biden’s politicized DOJ and FBI, censoring citizens on social media, as well as the push by Democrats to indoctrinate school children at the youngest ages while pushing transgender ideology.

Let’s be honest. The celebration and promotion of PRIDE is now year-round, not just for one month. And yet, many on the left have a problem with Americans celebrating our true history, our nation’s independence, the Flag, and even using the word, “patriotic.”

The hypocrisy and tyranny never end. At her extremist extravaganza last week, Harris stated:

“As Pride Month comes to a close, let us remember that pride is, and has always been, patriotic. And, as we confront the attacks on LGBTQ+ rights across the country, let us remember that we are in this together,”

Pride – a sin before our living, holy God, is “patriotic”? Also – who’s “we”? To some apparently, the marketing of evil and sexual perversion is patriotic, but being proud of our country, the American Flag, our Christian faith and freedom is not patriotic? Got it.

Naturally, White House propaganda minister and press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre was at the VP’s home LGBTQ+ event among other cultural influencers.

You may be wondering why the left keeps catering to a minority of loud and proud radicals.

This administration is known by some for endless corruption and controversial statements that are ignored or unreported by the liberal media. Obama-Biden Democrats are either well protected or people are just not paying attention anymore.

Speaking in front of New York City’s infamous Stonewall Inn (the location of the riot that launched the gay rights movement) a few weeks ago, Harris declared:

“This fight is not over, when I look at the fact that in our country, we’re looking at somewhere around 600 bills being proposed or passed, anti-LGBTQ, book bans, a policy approach that is ‘don’t say gay,’ people in fear for their life, people afraid to be, to be!,”

Or not to be? Oh, brother.

Banning depraved, pornographic materials aimed at children is wrong? Protecting public school youth causes gay people to fear for their lives? Really.

Some of us tried warning uninformed voters about Harris prior to the 2020 election. She has practically redefined radical, and that’s saying something. Remember who we’re dealing with.

Harris was one of the most liberal senators in U.S. history, she proudly supports abortion on demand – through birth, and wants more federal funding for the slaughter of pre-born babies. She even voted with Senate Democrats to block a GOP bill requiring doctors to give care to infants born alive after botched abortions.

Kamala Harris also touted Medicare for All, and is on board with forcing taxpayers to fund transgender surgeries. Harris has even gone so far as to compare ICE to the KKK, supports the Green New Deal, mandatory gun buy-backs, and would legalize prostitution if it is consensual.

Prior to being ushered into the White House, Harris boasted that she would support the use of the Justice Department to strike down state pro-life laws (among other things). Harris and her family have had ties to China and she also believes that Catholics and Christians are unfit to serve in our nation’s courts.

But the question some of us are asking is does any of this matter anymore? Maybe not.

Is there a connection between the abysmal, record-low approval ratings of Kamala Harris and her far-left radicalism? She has the worst ratings of any vice president in history, is the least qualified to serve in that office, but yet, here we are.

Abigail Ollsen at the Washington Stand believes the issue people have with Harris is both her personality and bad policies. Ollsen writes:

As the backlash to Pride Month has shown, most Americans are running from the extreme ideology of the current White House. … “In the absence of a key policy role, she has to rely on how the public perceives her, and unfortunately for the vice president, she is seen by many as off-putting and abrasive.”

Harris sought half of America’s approval through her hyper-“inclusiveness” of all things LGBTQ, but I hope the radicals realize that they are excluding an overwhelming majority of Americans who are fed up with the fed pushing pride and the endless condescension and virtue signaling.

Inclusive? They keep using that word, but I don’t think it means what they think it means. 

David Fiorazo

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