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August 2, 2021
Monday, August 2, 2021

Greece and Turkey Struck by Large Pair of Earthquakes

Both Greece and Turkey suffered the effects of two very large earthquakes on Friday, with Turkey currently taking the majority of the damage; Casualties are reported as well.

Following a massive 6.6 earthquake with its epicenter located in the Aegean Sea, both Greece and Turkey are feeling its effects. Turkey, however, is taking the majority of the damage. At least one report suggests that the magnitude of the first earthquake may have even reached 7.0. Furthermore, a second earthquake took place in Turkey shortly after the first that measured in at 5.5.

Well over a dozen buildings could be seen collapsing in Izmir (biblically known as Smyrna). The Greek island of Samos also faced damage, as a small church collapsed. Additionally, two teenagers were killed.

As of Friday afternoon, at least 14 people have been killed in Turkey. One of the casualties is reported to have been a drowning, as several streets were flooded in the process, especially in the coastal city of Izmir. The quake could be felt as far away as Istanbul, and according to local officials, more than 100 aftershocks have been experienced.

In addition to the 19 known deaths, several hundred injuries are reported so far.

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