June 1 2020
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It’s All About the Blood… The Blood of Jesus

The majority don't see why they need Jesus. The reason is simple: they're unaware of the significance of Christ's Blood Sacrifice He made on the cross.

Stampede in Kenya as Residents Surge for Food Aid

Thousands of people have surged for food aid in Kenya’s capital in a brief stampede, leading police to fire tear gas and injure several people

WHO: Criticism Of Our Coronavirus Response Is Probably Racist

The WHO, unable to refute complaints about its response to coronavirus pandemic is now calling its critics, particularly its Taiwanese critics, racists.

China Keeps Suppressing Religion While Squelching Truth About COVID-19

The West should learn from China’s actions throughout this pandemic. CCP can’t be trusted to allow honest reporting, tell the truth even during an emergency

Boris Johnson moved to hospital’s intensive-care after coronavirus symptoms worsen

British PM Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive-care unit after his coronavirus symptoms got worse, a spokesman told Fox News on Monday.

‘Lost The Credibility’: WHO Faces Mounting Backlash For Running Interference For China

The World Health Organization is facing a mounting backlash over its handling of China’s cover-up of the novel coronavirus.

France: Muslim Migrant Kills Two, Wounds Seven in Stabbing Attack

A knife-wielding Sudanese migrant shouting “Allahu Akbar!” has stabbed two people to death and wounded “at least” seven others in France.

Russia arrests doctor for giving out masks against coronavirus

Police arrested the head of Russia's Alliance of Doctors trade union for distributing medical gear to medical workers in hospitals on Friday.

India: Mob of 100 Throws Stones at Doctors Treating Coronavirus

A mob of at least 100 locals threw stones at doctors sent to screen people for the Chinese coronavirus in central India on Wednesday. As seen in a video of the attack, the mob chased the healthcare workers and civic officials down an alley, throwing stones and other objects at them, while also spitting on the workers and shouting abuse.

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Idaho; Felt in Surrounding States

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake surprises the region north of Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday evening; Reports show the quake was felt as far as Montana & Utah.

Reports Claim Iran may have Lost Nearly 15,000 People Including 17 Officials due to Coronavirus

The NCRI, in its daily update using sources on the ground in the country, stated Monday that it has evidence of over 14,200 dying of coronavirus nationwide.

Coronavirus Riot Destroys Much of Prison in Thailand

A riot broke out at a prison in northeastern Thailand on Sunday after a rumor spread of a Chinese coronavirus outbreak at the facility.

Boris Johnson says there could be a ‘Reckoning’ for China’s Covid-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

The UK’s government, led by PM Boris Johnson, is reportedly “furious” with China, and has pledged a “reckoning” for the country’s “disinformation campaign”

UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus, the PM announced on his Twitter account Friday.

Indonesia Volcano Erupts 16,000-Foot Plume of Ash

Indonesia's most active volcano erupted a column of ash about 16,000 feet into the air on Friday, officials encouraging those who live nearby not to panic.

Justice Department Brings Drug Charges Against Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro

The U.S. DOJ announced new drug trafficking charges against Venezuelan leaders Thursday that include the South American nation’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Canada Gave Away Medical Equipment to China Before Facing Shortages

One reason Canada finds itself short medical supplies may be that Trudeau shipped a great deal of it to Communist China before the pandemic was unleashed.

Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party Denying World Vital Coronavirus Information

The Chinese Communist Party is wilfully denying world vital information it needs to stem coronavirus pandemic, Mike Pompeo charged on Tuesday night.

Coronavirus Death Toll in Spain Hits 3,434, Surpassing China’s

Spain’s coronavirus death toll overtook that of China on Wednesday, rising to 3,434 after 738 people died over the past 24 hours, the government said.

Prince Charles, 71, Heir to British Throne, Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Prince’s Clarence House office said Wed. that the 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland.

Spanish Army Finds Bodies of Abandoned Coronavirus Victims in Nursing Homes

Spanish army disinfecting nursing homes found some residents living in squalor among the infectious bodies of people who died from the coronavirus.

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer Allow those Over 60 Access to Respiratory Machines

Israeli medical doctor told Israeli television that in northern Italy the instructions are to not allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines.

Italy Calls in Military to Enforce Lockdown as Coronavirus Death Toll Skyrockets

Italy calls in military to help enforce lockdown in the nation’s heavily coronavirus-stricken northern region of Lombardy, as many ignore quarantine rules

A Person Dies of Coronavirus Every 10 minutes in Iran, Country’s Health Ministry says

Iran’s health ministry said that a person is dying of coronavirus every ten minutes as caseloads continue to rise and hospitals reach a breaking point.

Evidence Shows WHO Severely Overstated Fatality Rate of Coronavirus Leading to Greatest Global Panic in History

Evidence proves the coronavirus is not as deadly as was reported by the WHO, creating widespread global panic.

Italian virus death toll overtakes China’s as outbreak spreads

At least 475 people died from the coronavirus in Italy Wednesday, marking a 19% spike within the last 24 hours, raising Italy's death toll to at least 2,978

EU Likely to Implement 30-Day Travel Ban in Attempt to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron announces a 30-day suspension on travel to the European Union (EU) in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19

L.A. Releases More Than 600 Inmates, Slashes Arrests To ‘Combat Coronavirus’

Some inmates in Los Angeles County jails are being released and far fewer bookings are occurring amid growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Satellite Images Reveal Mass Graves Being Prepared in Iran Amid Coronavirus Death Toll

Newly released satellite images reveal Iran has been preparing mass graves for victims of the Coronavirus; The Regime accused of covering up real death toll

Canada Closes Borders to Non-Citizens Amid Cornovirus Crisis; with Exception to United States

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would close its borders to non-citizens in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

American Life in Practical Standstill Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The surge of coronavirus cases throughout the United States and around the world has brought countries to a practical standstill.

Europe Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Outbreaks, Passing China

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Europe has become the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreaks, passing even the number of China.

President Trump Declares National Emergency over Coronavirus

President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak amid extensive disruptions to the economy and American life

Netanyahu Calls for Emergency Unity Government to Combat Coronavirus

PM Netanyahu called on Blue & White leader Benny Gantz to join him in the establishment of an emergency unity government on Thursday to confront coronavirus.

World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Outbreak a Global Pandemic

Expressing increasing alarm about mounting infections, the World Health Organization declared Wednesday the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic.

Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Reported to Have Contracted CoVid-19

Hezbollah’s leader is reported Tuesday to have contracted the coronavirus after meeting with a group of delegates from Iran.

Israel limits gatherings to 100 people as coronavirus cases climb to 97

Events & gatherings exceeding 100 attendees will be banned in the government’s latest measure to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus inside Israel.

Putin Backs Amendment Allowing him to Remain in Power

Russian Pres. Putin Tuesday backed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow him to seek re-election after his current term ends in 2024.

2 More AIPAC Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus, Bringing Total to 5

At least five people have tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from last week’s AIPAC policy conference, including attendees from Cleveland and Toronto.

Interactive TV Show Gives Iranian Christians a Voice

Through an interactive satellite TV program called “Signal,” members of the country’s underground church have the opportunity to share their stories.

Italy’s virus death toll jumps to 366, second-highest after China

Italy on Sunday recorded the second-highest coronavirus toll in the world, reporting a sharp jump in deaths and overtaking South Korea on infections.

Netanyahu, Pence Agree to Collaborate to Fight Coronavirus Spread

PM Netanyahu & US Vice Pres. Pence spoke Sunday about collaborating to fight the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Prime Minister's Office.