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Worldview With Amir Tsarfati: Massacres, Tween Terrorists, And Nuclear Weapons

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Israeli Special Forces Take Down Terror Cell in Jenin

When the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) caught wind of an imminent terror plot being prepared in the Jenin refugee camp, special forces were sent in last Thursday morning to stop the attack before it began. But on the way in, the Israeli military units came under gunfire and explosive attack by members of other terrorist groups. Heavy firefights ensued which resulted in nine terrorists and civilians being killed and 20 wounded. Despite the best efforts of the enemy, the raid to stop the terror attack was successful. Immediately, the usual suspects in world governments and in media were up in arms, saying it was a massacre by Israel and demanding the UN Security Council condemn the action. In Gaza, the Islamists responded by launching three rockets at Israel, resulting in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroying a Hamas underground rocket manufacturing site and a military base also used by Hamas. Then, last night, in response to more rockets being fired from Gaza, the IAF sent fighter jets to target a production and storage site for chemical raw materials for rocket manufacturing, as well as a site for the production of the actual rockets.

Massacre in East Jerusalem Synagogue

Sadly, the Palestinian terrorists were not satisfied with their rocket retaliation for the raid in Jenin. The next night, a 21-year-old Arab resident of East Jerusalem, exited a car and walked toward a synagogue where people had gathered for Shabbat. The terrorist pulled out a handgun and began firing indiscriminately. Seven men and women were killed, and at least three more were wounded. After his rampage, the shooter escaped by car. However, his vehicle was stopped, and the terror suspect was shot dead as he drew his gun to fire on police. As the mourning began in Israel over this tragedy perpetrated on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a very different reaction took place on the Palestinian streets of East Jerusalem, Hebron, and Bethlehem, and even in other Arab countries. Fireworks were lit, candies were passed out, and there was singing and dancing in the streets as they celebrated this bloody slaughter. For more information about this tragic event, please watch my Breaking News Update.

Tween Terrorist Sacrificed by Islamist Idealogues

Just hours after the synagogue massacre, a 13-year-old Palestinian boy ambushed a Jewish father and son on an East Jerusalem street and shot them both. The son who was wounded was an off-duty officer in the IDF Paratroopers Brigade and managed to shoot his young attacker. All three are being tended for their wounds, with the father and son being listed in serious but stable condition.

Israel Strikes Iranian Missile Smuggling Pipeline

After firing warning shots to allow drivers to get clear of their vehicles, IAF jets on Sunday targeted a 25 truck convoy at the al-Qaim border crossing between Iraq and Syria. Six refrigerated trucks were destroyed, which are the type that Iran typically uses to transport missiles and drones. In the same action, other fighter jets targeted a meeting of Iranian commanders in Abu Kamal, a city located just northwest of the border crossing. It is suspected that these men were the ones in charge of the weapons transport.

Massive Drone Attack on Military Targets in Iran

A major drone attack occurred within the borders of Iran Saturday night. Several cities were targeted, including Tehran and Isfahan. Hardest hit appears to be Isfahan, where a defense factory which produces ammunition and weapons was heavily damaged. Witnesses say that quadcopters were used that dropped bomblets on their targets. While most point their fingers at Israel for the attack, others claim that it was a combination of the US and another country not Israel. For more information about this strike, watch my second Breaking News Update of the week.

Iran’s Islamic Regime Gets Upper Hand on Protests

After months of protests and civil unrest against the Islamic regime of Iran, it appears as if the powerful arms of the government and military are finally winning out. Twenty Iranian citizens have already been executed, and another 100 are waiting for their death sentences to be carried out. The protest movement stood strong for as long as it could. Unfortunately, it needed someone to stand strong with them if they were to have a chance of toppling Iran’s radical theocracy. But instead of coming alongside the freedom-craving masses, the governments of the West chose to kowtow to the ayatollahs in the vain hope that they might garner a new nuclear arms deal. Now it is too late, and many more will pay the price with their lives.

Terror Attack in Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Tehran

Last week, a lone gunman forced his way into the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran. Once inside, he shot three embassy personnel, killing one. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was quick to condemn the act and offer condolences, but the Azeri government isn’t satisfied with their rival state’s proclamation of innocence. Instead, the government in Baku believes that Iran is purposely keeping embassy security lax, and, as a result, Azerbaijan is pulling its entire embassy staff from Tehran.

Mosque Blast in Peshawar, Pakistan

A bomb detonated in a Peshawar, Pakistan, mosque Wednesday, killing 101 people and injuring more than 220 more. The suicide bomber moved to the front of the mosque during prayers and detonated his vest. The power of the blast brought the roof down on the worshippers. The mosque was located in a high-security area and was built specifically to be used by police forces. All but three of those dead were members of law enforcement. Claiming responsibility is Omar Mukaram Khurusani, the head of the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar terrorist organization and a member of the leadership council of the Pakistani Taliban. Because the perpetrator was able to get past several checkpoints into the area, there is speculation that he had help from the inside.

US Army Kills ISIS Leader in Northern Somalia

Last Wednesday, special forces of the United States Africa Command killed Bilal al-Sudani, the senior leader of ISIS in northern Somalia. In the helicopter attack, al-Sudani met his maker along with ten of his fellow militants. Then, two days ago, a Hellfire R9X “Ninja” missile fired from a US drone killed Hassan al-Khadrami and two of his companions while they were at a gas station in Yemen’s northeastern Marib province. Al-Khadrami was a senior al-Qaeda leader who was responsible for manufacturing explosive devices in the Arabian Peninsula. Nice work, ‘Merica!

Russia Accuses the United States of Involvement in Nord Stream Explosions

In an apparent shift from Vladimir Putin’s previous accusation of Britain blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that the US was directly involved in the sabotage. Meanwhile, German investigators aren’t ruling out the possibility, saying that they are still “open to the possibility” that a Western country is responsible for the underwater explosions in order to blame Russia.

Russia Continues Advancing as Ukraine Prepares for Possible Offensive

Vladimir Putin’s military continues its gradual advance, particularly in the area of Bakhmut where Russian forces claim to have the Donbas city surrounded. Casualties are high with estimates reaching the tens of thousands. Meanwhile, Ukraine appears to be preparing for a counter-offensive against the Russian incursion. Military airfields are being upgraded in order to handle western fighter jets, such as the F16, even though none have been promised yet. The US appears ready to send missiles to Ukraine which could be used to target Crimea, although the Biden administration is still holding back on greenlighting an advance into the region which was annexed by Russia in 2014. One European leader who feels that Moscow’s victory is assured no matter what Ukraine does is Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán. Because of the Russian elections next year, Orbán says that Putin needs a victory. So, he is using shock and awe tactics to turn Ukraine into an “uncontrollable ruin.”

Three Reasons We Could See Nuclear Weapons Used in 2023

The world continues to be closer to nuclear war than it has been in six decades. I believe there are three situations that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons in 2023:

  1. If the US greenlights and fully arms Ukraine for an offensive into Crimea, that could trigger Vladimir Putin into deploying a nuclear missile.
  2. If Iran employs the enriched uranium that the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) affirms that it is holding in the manufacture of a nuclear bomb, we could see the use of some sort of nuclear weapon by the Tehran regime or one of their proxy terrorist militias.
  3. Tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula, and now South Korea is talking about beginning its own nuclear program. If they decide to do so, that could be what pushes Kim Jong-un over the edge leading him to put his own nuclear arsenal to use.

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