Trump Signs The Never Again Education Act Into Law

US President Donald Trump signed the Never Again Education Act into law on Thursday, JNS reported, expanding the funding and educational mission of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).

The bill requires the USHMM to create educational materials with the intention of increasing awareness about the Holocaust and its meaning among teachers across the country. For this purpose, $2 million will be awarded to the USHMM Holocaust Education Assistance Program Fund annually by the US Treasury from 2020 to 2024.

Additionally, an online data-bank with educational materials meant to teach middle school and high school level students about the Holocaust will be created to help teachers tackle the issue. The data-bank will also be created by the USHMM.

Sen. Jacky Rosen called the bill a “first step in centralizing a good quality and authentic curriculum to teach the Holocaust to future generations,” the Jewish Insider reported.