Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) renewed her call for the complete removal of the Minneapolis Police Department, emphasizing the need to “disband,” “dismantle,” and completely “get rid of” it in a Tuesday interview with Teen Vogue.

“The need to disband and dismantle — get rid of — the Minneapolis Police Department comes out of a place of understanding that they don’t have credibility within our community,” Omar told the magazine, asserting that it is operating with “impunity.”

“The need to disband and dismantle — get rid of — the Minneapolis Police Department comes out of a place of understanding that they don’t have credibility within our community,” Omar told the magazine, asserting that it is operating with “impunity.”

“They are not doing the core function of solving half of the homicides in our city. So if you are not functioning in the ways in which you are supposed to function, protecting and serving, and your function has become to brutalize and cause harm to our community, then you shouldn’t exist,” she continued.

In June, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a pledge to disband the police and replace it with a community-led system.

“We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D), said at the time.

“And when we’re done, we’re not simply gonna glue it back together. We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response. It’s really past due,” he added.

After taking steps to eventually abolish the police department, three council members received private security detail, costing the City of Minneapolis tens of thousands of dollars. While they cited threats, the police, at the time did not have any public reports of threats against the council members.

The defund police movement is not unique to progressives in Minneapolis. Left-wing agitators across the nation have seized on racial unrest and have demanded their respective city leaders to defund the police. All the while, many have inflicted carnage on their cities, supposedly in the name of racial justice.

Rioters have dominated Philadelphia in recent days following the fatal police shooting of a black man armed with a knife. Monday night’s riots resulted in at least 30 injured officers.

Countless videos show protesters looting several stores, walking out of at least one establishment with big-screen TVs. Protesters assaulted a journalist on the scene filming Tuesday night’s riots.

ormer President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for presidential hopeful Joe Biden (D) in battleground Florida on Tuesday and defended protesting during his speech to supporters.

“They [Biden and Harris] understand that protest is not un-American. This country was founded on protesting against injustice,” he said, praising Americans for “joining together to declare — in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state — that Black Lives Matter no more but no less”.


He told supporters that they cannot abandon “all those young people who are out on the streets,” encouraging Democrats to “channel their activism into action.”

HD Editors Note: Why is this News Biblically Relevant?

In these perilous times, we see a 2 Timothy 3:1-9 humanity doubling down on influencing our next generation. From children to teenagers, our youths are being targeted on all fronts. At the expense of our children’s innocence, a godless agenda is being propagated with increasing intensity.

Teen Vogue has become more and more severe in the evil they are pushing on their 12-16-year-old audience. In recent years they have published many articles promoting sexual immorality too explicit for adults to be comfortable reading. The made for teens magazine has also encouraged abortion, witchcraft, communism, and now hatred of the police.

Ken Ham recently wrote about the unbiblical and anti-God indoctrination our children are facing with the new BLM movement infiltrating K-12:

While many people (sadly, including many Christians) blindly hashtag #BlackLivesMatter on their social media posts and use BLM language in a well-intentioned effort to fight racism, the group isn’t really about putting an end to racism at all. It’s an anti-biblical group that stands against the God-ordained family unit, marriage as one man and one woman, gender as male and female, and so much more. They want a complete upheaval of nearly every societal norm (many of which are rooted in America’s Christian heritage).

Parents—know what your children are learning. And if your children are in public school, you need to work extra diligently to ensure you are training them in a biblical worldview so they can spot lies like those found in this Buffalo curriculum (that is likely used—or will be used—in other places as well).

Leo Hohmann, in his article, “How Your Child is Being Groomed to be the Next Antifa/BLM Street Rioter, explains at length the Anti-America agenda being bread in schools:

The left’s obsession with race is driving a wedge between generations and tearing at the social cohesion necessary for any nation to succeed.

President Trump’s executive order banning critical race theory from federal agencies is a great first step in stopping the Marxist infiltration of government but if he wants to make a real and lasting difference, Trump will turn his focus to the nation’s public schools.

Here, he will find a cesspool of leftist propaganda being drummed into the heads of students and their teachers.

This is where the foundational views of America’s next generation of leaders are being formed, and right now the most fashionable thing on the menu is critical race theory. It’s being served up in mega-doses and any teacher who complains faces the threat of discipline or termination.

Critical race theory can best be summed up as anti-American hatred dressed in the garb of scientific scholarship.

Ever wonder how the left gets so many young people to take to the streets on a moment’s notice, before any of the facts related to a situation are known? George Floyd was killed and mobs formed immediately. Same with Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, Jacob Blake in Kenosha, and now they are threating to burn down the country because Trump is fulfilling his constitutional duty to name a replacement for deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Critical race theory is your answer. It’s been a staple of social studies courses for at least a decade in K-12 public schools and longer than that in the universities.

Today, children are no longer taught that there is no difference between races. They are no longer told that we are all made in the image of God and were created equal, as the Bible explains (Genesis 1:27Galatians 3:28). Instead, teachers and schools have taken upon themselves to teach children that their skin color determines whether they are inherently morally abhorrent or a victim in need of reparation.

This is more than problematic as it exacerbates divisions rather than unifies in the truth of God’s mutual love and creation. As many pastors and teachers have emphasized in recent months, what we are facing today is not a “skin” problem; this is a “sin” problem.