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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

IDF Special Forces Carry Out Covert Operation, Destroy Two Syrian Outposts

In a secret operation that took place last week and was made known to the public on Tuesday, IDF Special Forces crossed the border into the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria and destroyed two outposts belonging to the Syrian army.

The operation was carried out following Syria’s continued violation of the disengagement agreement between Israel and Syria from 1974, which determines that a designated buffer zone between the borders would only be occupied by a special UN force called the Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF).

Recently, however, the Syrian military returned to the buffer zone in the Golan Heights and spread its forces across the border, leading the IDF to take action and launch the unusual operation.

The operation included combat soldiers from the Nachal Brigade and commando soldiers from Yahalom – a special unit that specializes in combat engineering – crossing the border and destroying two Syrian outposts without being detected.

“You’re facing the enemy, you’re about 500 meters away,” Cap. Michael Zilberg from the Nachal Brigade told news outlet N12. “A mission like this requires you to be very focused.”

A team commander from Yahalom described the operation and said it included “making our way in a silent and covert manner to the targets, placing a system of explosives on both outposts and blowing them up simultaneously.”

Lt.-Col. Tal Goritzki from the brigade explained the broader purpose of the mission, other than “punishing” the Syrians for violating the agreement.

“We know about the collaboration between the Syrian military and Hezbollah,” Goritzki told N12. “Every Syrian military establishment has the potential to become a dual military establishment. We won’t allow southern Syria to become southern Lebanon.”

The IDF has been focused in recent years on preventing Hezbollah and Iran from establishing terrorist positions on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, including launching attacks from the air against their positions.

HD Editors Note: Why Is This News Biblically Relevant?

In Isaiah 17, we are told that in the last days, Damascus, the capital city of Syria, will be completely destroyed. Although we are not told how this will happen or by whom, Syria has become a hotbed of activity in the Middle East that those familiar with Bible Prophecy have been watching very closely.

Isaiah 17:1 KJV – “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

In a recent Q & A, Amir Tsarfati, founder of Behold Israel, discussed Isaiah 17 and how he sees the prophecy coming together within the Middle East’s current state.

“Obviously, this is not the most peaceful place on planet earth right now. We all know that there is an ongoing civil war in Syria. We all know that Damascus is already, at least 1/3 of it is gone, 2/3 of it barely functions.” he said. “But there are several ways I can see Damascus be destroyed completely.”

“Do we know who is going to destroy Damascus? No, the Bible doesn’t tell us,” Tsarfati stated. “But the Bible tells us that the city will be a ruinous heap, it will be uninhabitable, basically. So there has to be something catastrophic that will wipe out a big, big city that has never been utterly, completely destroyed since the day it was built.”

Amir then explained that no matter who carries out the attack, it is likely Israel will be blamed, and that could lead to the fulfillment of other last days prophecies to take place.

“The way I see things going on in the Middle East, whether Israel does it or not, it will not matter; Israel will be blamed for it,” he told the audience. “I honestly believe that could be the trigger that makes the most sense to me, for the Ezekiel [38-39] war.”

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