Hezbollah Threatens Israel after Member of Terror Group Killed in Syria

Hezbollah-linked social media accounts are mourning a member of the Terrorist Organization killed in Syria. On Tuesday night hundreds of accounts shared images of the dead “martyr” and also vowed revenge against Israel.

One account showed Hezbollah driving a car toward the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, a common style iconography, suggesting the liberation of Jerusalem from Israel, among pro-Iran and Hezbollah accounts.

Many accounts quoted various religious texts to mourn the death of a man whose name was given as Ali Kamel Mohsin. Al-Mayadeen media, which is pro-Hezbollah, said Israel was in fear of reprisal.

Statements attributed to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah also suggested Israelis keep an eye open in case of an attack. Hezbollah monitored Israeli media for responses, suggesting Israel was concerned. “There is fear and alertness in Israel,” Al-Mayadeen noted.

Social media accounts put up hashtags indicating it was a “sincere promise” to retaliate. Images of Mohsin showed him in fatigues with a rifle. He was allegedly killed during airstrikes in or near Damascus in the early morning hours of Tuesday. “If the blood of the martyrs awaken us wherever we fall asleep, hope ignites us that the possibility of responding is an opportunity to come,” one social media user noted.

The loss of this Hezbollah fighter is one of several who have been killed in Syria in the last year. Last fall Israel carried out an airstrikes against a “killer drone” team and killed two Hezbollah members. Other Hezbollah members have been killed fighting on behalf of the Syrian regime.

A Hezbollah member named Jad Yasin Sufan was buried on July 10 in Syria near the Sayyida Zaynab shrine. There was an airstrike on a vehicle in Syria on April 15 near the Lebanese border which Hezbollah blamed on Israel. Hezbollah cut five holes in the fence along the Israel-Lebanon border in retaliation. In addition a Hezbollah member was killed in February in Syria near the Golan Heights. Another Hezbollah operative named Mashhour Zidan was killed near the Golan in July 2019, a year ago.