A Pixar short film, titled “Out,” was released Friday featuring the studio’s first gay leading character ahead of ‘pride month’ in June. Although the 9-minute short has received heavy praise from LGBT groups, Parents should be concerned just how brazen Disney+ has become, pushing homosexuality on our young children.

The storyline of the film, also featuring a gay kiss, surrounds the ‘coming out’ of Greg, the main character, to his parents after he decides to move in with his ‘boyfriend’ Manuel. That’s right, not only is Disney/Pixar promoting and pushing Homosexuality on our kids, but they are also in a single swipe pushing pre-marital relations.

Although this is not the first time Disney has inserted LGBT characters into Children’s entertainment, this film was certainly intended to move the line of what is considered acceptable by parents, yet again.

In February, Disney released a movie with its first ‘official’ LGBT character in the movie “onward”. The film drew heavy criticism from the conservative community, including from Elizabeth Johnson, better known as ‘activist mommy’:

Folks, it’s 2020, and the issue of LGBT representation in Disney films isn’t going to disappear.

These people are demanding for more and more representation and celebration in all forms of media. If Disney insists on catering to them and disregarding the wishes of its conservative audience, perhaps it shouldn’t have a conservative audience.

It’s long past time we stop rewarding this immoral company with our hard-earned dollars through ticket sales, merchandise, and Disney+ subscriptions.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Disney?

Christian parents now have no choice but to shield their children from these animation studios. You would think that it would be a given that sexuality, witchcraft, and false gods don’t belong in entertainment intended for children. However, the truth is, much like Netflix, Disney does not care about the Christian audience.