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Monday, April 19, 2021

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Leading Pandemic Response also Works for China-Controlled WHO

Canada’s chief public health officer, who has been called out for a lack of a proper response to the coronavirus epidemic, has direct ties to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Theresa Tam, who has served as Canada’s top health official since 2017, is one of seven people who sit on the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee for the WHO Health Emergencies Programme (IOAC). This committee is mandated to evaluate “the performance of the key functions in health emergencies.” 

The WHO’s credibility has been questioned in light of the coronavirus epidemic, and there is mounting evidence that it lacks integrity and is heavily influenced by the Chinese regime.

On February 3, asked if she thought Canada should stop the flow of travelers from China, Tam dismissed the idea as not necessary, saying a travel ban could “do more harm than good.” 

Tam added that closing borders could “negatively affect a certain country that’s trying very hard to do its best, can impede whether this country in the future will ever share anything transparently with others … I think the idea is to support China.”

It was not until mid-March that Canada officially closed its borders to non-citizens and permanent residents.

Rebel News recently called for her to be fired for her ties to the WHO and a lack of a proper response to the coronavirus epidemic. In a petition launched Thursday titled, Rebel News demands that Tam be replaced. 

“She has to work for Canadians — not foreign dictatorships,” says the Rebel News petition, which as of today had nearly 19,000 signatures. 

“Her loyalty to the WHO is why she has given such bizarre advice to Canadians — like telling us not to wear masks. That never made any sense — until you realize she was taking orders from China’s WHO.”

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