November 27, 2021
Saturday, November 27, 2021


Evangelical Analysis: Gov. Huckabee, Rev. Graham & Loe Hohmann – The Presidential Debate

Mike Huckabee No Teleprompter Meant Biden Leaned on Old Conspiracy Theories

The Democratic Party’s political strategy over the last four years has centered around conspiracy theory. On Tuesday night, we saw that nothing has changed — Joe Biden is content to run on even more conspiracy theories.

If one could get past the on-stage cross-talk, there was something of real substance that voters should not ignore about Joe Biden’s role in the attempted coup against Donald Trump starting months before the 2016 election.

One conspiracy theory, “Russiagate,” underpinned the Democratic Party’s reaction to the 2016 election and its efforts to undermine the early part of President Trump’s administration.

Documents released by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday confirm what we always knew: the entire idea that President Trump was a Russian secret agent was cooked up in the summer of 2016 to distract from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — and President Barack Obama was briefed that even Russian intelligence knew of the plan.

After cheering from the sidelines as the country was put through two years of baseless hysteria over imaginary “collusion,” Biden showed us on Tuesday that he hasn’t had enough of Russiagate.

“Putin’s puppet,” he called the president, reaching for the deranged “resistance” believers still clinging to their Robert Mueller sweatshirts.

Even worse is the context in which he managed to slip the line in there: by reference to yet another conspiracy theory. Despite weeks of investigation confirming that there is no evidence that Russia placed “bounties” on American troops in Afghanistan, Joe Biden was still up there repeating it as though it were fact, rather than an obvious political ploy to revive “Russia” as a campaign issue four years past its expiration date.

Biden kept going, making reference to The Atlantic’s ridiculous smear about the president calling America’s World War II dead “losers” and “suckers.”

Of all the anonymous hit jobs the media has cooked up over the last five years, this one was one of the weakest. It didn’t even pass the smell test.

There were multiple people with firsthand knowledge — including John Bolton, who wrote a book about how much he hates the president — who went on the record to say it didn’t happen.

There’s also documentation from the day in question confirming President Trump’s version of events, that one of his many cemetery visits was called off due to inclement weather.

Yet there was Joe Biden, repeating it as fact, as though the White House, John Bolton, and the U.S. military were all in a conspiracy to debunk an Atlantic article.

Alas, conspiracy theories are absolutely essential to how Joe Biden and other Democrats have tried to portray the president to the American people from the day he announced his candidacy. Without conspiracy theories, they’d have to face the fact that his policies, leadership, and even his much-maligned forthrightness are — at their root — basically appealing.

President Trump handled the situation well.

He’s used to it by now.

Joe Biden wishes he could say the same about his own “Russia trouble.”

When President Trump cited the Senate investigations revealing that his son Hunter’s foreign dealings were even worse than previously known — including accepting $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch and ex-wife of Moscow’s mayor — “thoroughly debunked” is all Biden could manage to unconvincingly stammer.

One could easily say the same of Biden’s entire candidacy.


Franklin Graham – The Problems We Face as a Nation Cannot be Solved without God

After watching the debate last night, we are reminded that the problems we face as a nation cannot be solved without God. He is our only hope.

Many areas of our country are in chaos. People are so divided. The coronavirus has attacked almost every country in the world, with no end in sight.

But God can deliver us, if we call upon Him, turn from our sins, repent, and put our faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. May we continue to pray for those in leadership that God would give them wisdom and direction. And we need to pray for all aspects of the upcoming election.

The Word of God says, “Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.” (Isaiah 45:22)


Leo Hohmann – Antifa as ‘Just an Idea’ a Bad Sign for Christians in Joe Biden’s America

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump reflected the state of America in 2020.

Chaotic, confusing and hopelessly divided.

Past debates, while heated, contained at least a moment of congeniality and even humor. Who could forget when Ronald Reagan, fending off charges that he was too old to be president, grinned and stated that he would not hold his opponent Walter Mondale’s “youth and inexperience” against him. Mondale could be seen chuckling at Reagan’s deft handling of the pin-prick attack.

Compare that with Biden’s vicious accusations against the President of the United States – calling him a “racist,” a “liar,” a “fool” and a “clown.” He told the president to “just shut up, man!”

Biden’s arrogance was on full display, saying at one point “I am the Democratic Party.” Hmm, I wonder what AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talaib and Bernie Sanders would say about that. Not to mention George Soros, who owns the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel and no doubt owns Biden as well.

Biden refused to call for law and order in the streets when pressed by Trump.

The biggest takeaway from this debate, however, should be Biden’s cavalier reaction to the issue of Antifa, a well-funded group that has organized the rioting, looting and burning in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and Kenosha, among other cities, often in cooperation with Black Lives Matter, another Marxist organization bent on the destruction of the nuclear family, our free-enterprise system and America as we know it. Biden refused to denounce the radical Marxist groups. He said Antifa was merely “an idea, not an organization.”

Even if Antifa could be reduced to an idea, Biden couldn’t bring himself to declare it a bad idea. Is it any wonder that when Trump asked him point-blank whether he could name even one law-enforcement organization that has endorsed him, Biden fell silent?

So if Biden is the Democrat Party, and he approves of Antifa, the takeaway should be obvious for anyone paying attention.

Democrats are Antifa and Antifa are Democrats. Whether they have any formal ties, they are two organizations working toward a singular goal.  This is huge, as it confirms our worst nightmare should Biden become our next president.

If elected, Biden will not rein in Antifa, and in fact will unleash them on his political opponents similar to the way Hitler unleashed his Brownshirts on Jews. It will be open season on Christian conservatives. They will be assaulted in the streets, coming out of their churches, in their homes. Their businesses and property will be fair game for attack under a Biden-Harris regime, whose attorney general will simply turn a blind eye while the media continues to do what the media always does – ignore that Antifa even exists.

How do we know this? Because the beginning of this assault is already underway. The only difference is that under Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, the federal government is encouraging and assisting state and local police in the investigation and prosecution of these attacks. Earlier this week, Trump declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization [something I advised the president to do more than a year ago]. A President Biden could be expected to overturn that designation and let the group run wild, hunting down and attacking the enemies of the Democrat Party.

No matter how staunchly they will try to deny it, Biden’s bowing to Antifa in the first debate provides the clearest evidence yet that the Democrat Party has completed its transition into America’s most powerful communist party.  Biden had an opportunity to denounce Antifa, or at least draw a clear line of distinction between it and his party, and he passed.


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