September 23, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021


Montreal Fed-Up as Thousands Protest COVID Measures & Strict Curfews Target Jews

The Citizens of Montreal have reached their limit with Government and police enforcement of severe COVID restrictions.

On Saturday, thousands took to the streets in opposition to the totalitarian-esque mask mandates and other health measures which have cut freedom off at the knees since the early spring of 2020.

The protest, which was mostly made up of families, resulted in 144 ticketed and ten peoples arrest, as some decided to flout their masks and not comply with social distancing.

The Montreal Gazette, reporting:

The protesters gathered around 12:30 p.m. at the intersection of McGill College Ave. and Sherbrooke St., not far from the Montreal offices of Prime Minister François Legault.

“From the start, we had police officers who intervened, made arrests, and gave tickets for non-compliance with sanitary measures,” Couture said. “We are mostly talking about not wearing a mask and physical distancing.”

Protesters then began to zigzag through downtown streets for several hours, forcing police to redirect traffic.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) said 14 bus lines were rerouted downtown because of the protest.

Though there are few quotes from protesters themselves, likely due to the Canadian media’s reluctance to cover events such as these, the signs held up at the event said it all.

Among the images of the event, protest signs tell a story of frustration from those who gathered. The messages [translated from French] stated things such as, “I have the right to refuse the vaccine,” “United people not submissive,” “1984 is now,” “Finished [with] the masquerade,” “Shame on the media,” and “NO [to] Slavery, Restrictions, Lies, Distancing, Vaccinations [and] Masks.”

One person used their sign to simply commend others in attendance, writing, “Thank you for fighting the masked dictatorship.”

Much like the United States, the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms is supposed to protect citizens’ fundamental rights. Nevertheless, much like America, the Wuhan Coronavirus was exploited by lawless governments, courts, media, and politicians to disregard the freedoms promised to its citizens and usurp more power.

This “pandemic” has also been used to target the freedom of religious groups, specifically that of Jews and Christians.

Canadian Churches have been fined and threatened for following the Biblical command to keep their doors open (Hebrews 10:25) and preach the Gospel to hurting communities hit by “lockdown depression,” which are yearning for truth in this time of lies and corruption.

One Pastor in Edmonton, James Coates, remains in jail to this day after being imprisoned in mid-February for holding in-person worship. A judge denied him bail, saying he would only be released before his trial (in eight weeks) only if he agreed to close down and not attend his Church.

But Christians are not the only group targeted by these “health” measures; the Jewish population has also been in the crosshairs of unreasonable government violations of Religious Liberty.

COVID Curfew Impact on Jewish Community

In Montreal, the 8 p.m. curfew has been contested by the orthodox Jewish community due to their need to have evening prayers after dark.

This has not stopped police from issuing fines to Jews seen leaving synagogues post curfew deadline.

Law enforcement officers have been seen in videos asking Jewish people for their “papers” that show they are allowed to be outside their homes, with little leniency for those without their paperwork on their person.

Rebel News, reports:

One scene captured by [Yaakov] Pollak saw Montreal police stop and ask an Orthodox Jewish man for his name and purpose for being out, though the man had a note allowing for an exception to the curfew.

“I work in a synagogue,” the man can be heard telling police, before handing the officers his paperwork.

A second Orthodox Jewish man was not so lucky, as he left his papers at home. “This is your fine,” the officer says as he hands the man a ticket. “You’ve got to have your papers with you every time,” he explains to the Jewish man. “Now I know,” the man replies. “Usually there is a warning you need to have it all the time,” he tells the officer.

“There’s no warnings, the government is strict,” the officer informs the man.

Despite the mindless compliance by many, all of these overreaching restrictions have led much of the population to distrust and pushback.

This is the case throughout both Canada and the United States, as many not only see no end in sight to the lockdowns but also brace for the new measures fast approaching aiming to push (via overbearing inconvenience or mandate) the highly experimental COVID vaccines.

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