‘One-World Government’ Just Nutty Talk Until The UN Demands It – Jan Markell

United Nations

The influential and corrupt United Nations has been viewed for generations as the probable leader of a future one-world government, and now an eye-opening speech is laying out that power-grabbing vision for the world to see.

“Now is the time for global leaders to decide,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proclaimed in a July 18 speech that suggested the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the “fragility” of a world where worldwide inequalities have been exposed.

“Let’s face the facts,” the UN leader warned. “The global political and economic system is not delivering on critical global public goods: public health, climate action, sustainable development, peace.”

He went on to urge countries to support a “New Global Deal” that is based on “fair globalization” and the rights and dignity of every human being.

The UN leader’s speech complements 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” addressed by the UN, from “quality education” to “climate action.”

By the end of the speech, Gutteres had addressed income inequality, colonialism, racism, climate change, patriarchy, gender equality, corporate taxation and tax evasion, greedy billionaires, labor rights, hate crimes, and xenophobia.

“Will you succumb to chaos, division, and inequality?” he continued. “Or will you right the wrongs of the past and move forward together for the good of all?”

Responding to the UN speech, End Times expert Jan Markell of “Understanding the Times” says the Bible clearly lays out what the world will look like.

“We know that the Bible in Revelation, particularly [chapter] 13, even in Daniel, we can see that there’s coming a global government with a single leader and a one-world religion as well,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Markell studies Bible prophecy and holds an annual conference on the topic, which is known as Eschatology or “last things” as described in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel.

The best-selling “Left Behind” book series imagined just such a scenario based on those prophetic passages. Authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins created a charismatic Romanian politician as the Antichrist, who converts the UN to a “Global Community.”

In past decades, some Christian leaders have cited a date for the Second Coming and some have suggested a powerful figure is the Antichrist, such as the long-dead Saddam Hussein, only to be mocked for such claims.

Markell states flatly that she doesn’t know when those End Times events will unfold but insists the spread of COVID-19 – “pestilence” – is a warning that the clock is winding down to the Church being removed, then the UN’s grand vision of a powerful one-world government will become true.

There is also a belief inside the Church known as Preterism, which suggests the Book of Revelation is really a first-century account of Rome, not biblical prophecy. So there is no rapture of the Church, no End Times, and no Antichrist according to that view.   

Markell, however, insists the world will witness more and more calls for a one-world government as the time of Christ’s return draws closer.

“These folks have gotten so bold in the last, I would say, ten years,” she says of the UN, “that they’re just out in the open, that this will be paradise when we know it won’t.”