Facebook Threatens to Blacklist Conservative PragerU Facebook Page

PragerU, Denis Prager
(Photo: Harbingers Daily)

Tech giant Facebook has reportedly threatened to “unpublish” the page of PragerU just one week after Twitter suspended the educational non-profit’s account.

Social media giant Facebook has reportedly threatened to “unpublish” the page of the conservative non-profit group PragerU just a week after Twitter suspended the group’s account. Facebook has threatened to delete PragerU’s page for allegedly repeatedly violating the website’s community standards.

PragerU told Breitbart News that Facebook is retroactively deleting and flagging old PragerU posts and counting one video posted by the group as “multiple violations” which has contributed to the page being marked as “at-risk” of being unpublished.

Breitbart News reported last week that PragerU had it’s Twitter account suspended for tweeting a video of a press conference held in Washington D.C. by the group America’s Frontline Doctors and organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots. Breitbart News reported:

Conservative non-profit group PragerU had its account restricted on Wednesday for allegedly violating the platform’s rules regarding posts about coronavirus after sharing a video of the “White Coat Summit” featuring medical doctors.

“American doctors are holding a ‘White Coat Summit’ in Washington, D.C. to address ‘a massive disinformation campaign’ by the media about coronavirus,” read PragerU’s tweet. “Watch as Dr. Stella Immanuel tackles the media’s narrative about hydroxychloroquine.”

PragerU alleges that it spoke with Facebook representatives on the issue who confirmed that sharing any mention of hydroxychloroquine being a possible treatment for the Wuhan coronavirus violates Facebook’s community guidelines. PragerU noted that mentions of the drug by news outlets such as CNN did not appear to violate Facebook’s guidelines.