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July 3, 2024

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Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo is an outspoken Christian who is the former Secretary of State under the Trump administration, CIA Director, and United States Army veteran.

Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo is an outspoken Christian who is the former Secretary of State under the Trump administration, CIA Director, and United States Army veteran.

We Must Reverse The Trend Of Antisemitism And Marxism On Our College Campuses

Lest we fall into the trap of thinking these protests are just another passing fad and chalk them up to the naivete of youth, we should take a hard look at what has happened on college campuses over the past few weeks.

Pompeo: We Must Support Israel’s Resolute Victory In This War Against Evil

Seeing these devastated communities firsthand only made it clearer than ever that our country must continue to support Israel in its fight to destroy Hamas, so that the tragedy of October 7 never happens again.

Pompeo: The Backward Belief Of A Two-State Solution

Israel is fighting for its very survival – why on earth would the Biden Administration be publicly pressuring it to surrender in the face of terror? Establishing a terrorist “state” on Israel’s border would only further increase the chances for attacks on Israel in the future.

Hamas-Loving Federal Employees Plot Walk-Out Over US Support For Israel

Israel’s ongoing efforts to achieve this are both just and righteous.  Despite this, hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of people working in our federal government remain so blinded by the progressive narrative of Palestinian victimhood that they cannot call terrorists what they are.

UNWRA Fueled Anti-Israel Hate and Celebrated Hamas’ Barbaric Oct. 7 Atrocities – All at U.S. Taxpayers’ Expense

It turns out that hundreds of teachers employed by the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency (UNWRA) actively celebrated the Hamas attacks on October 7th and, in some instances, took pride in having influenced them.

Pompeo: Universities Have Lost The Ability To Teach The Difference Between Right And Wrong

Historically, rising antisemitism has been an indicator that a culture has lost its moral compass, and we would do well to remember that the first German institutions to embrace Nazi ideology enthusiastically – in particular, its vile antisemitism – were the cultural elite at its vaunted universities.

Pompeo: Pressuring Israel Into A Long-term Ceasefire Would Result In A Repeat Of October 7

The attacks on Hamas were the worst acts of antisemitic violence perpetrated since the Holocaust.  Pressuring Israel to now sign a long-term ceasefire would only encourage future attacks like those we saw on October 7. 

Mike Pompeo: We Must Oppose Antisemitism at Home and Abroad

The wicked, antisemitic violence we witnessed on October 7 was worse than anything the world has seen since the Holocaust; it is imperative that America and the world tell the truth about Hamas.

Pompeo: The Status Of Freedom In Any Nation Should Be Measured By Its Commitment To Religious Freedom

Our nation must never become a place where the government’s view of morality holds more power than an individual’s belief in God.  That’s why we must continue to push back against these assaults on religious liberty.

Biden Admin Responds To News Of CCP Spy Base In Cuba With Its Usual Playbook: Lies, Obfuscation, And Blame

Sadly, instead of taking the right approach – neutralizing and deterring China’s espionage efforts while holding the Cuban government accountable – the Biden Administration continues to show weakness.  This makes the American people less safe.

Pompeo: Biden Admin Sees Religion As An ‘Unfortunate Feature Of A Backward Society Trapped In The Past’

According to emails recently obtained by ACLJ through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process, the Biden Administration seems more worried about promoting its woke agenda than securing religious freedom.

American Federation Of Teachers Is A Political Organization Advancing Its Own Radical, Far-Left Agenda

Unions like AFT also use their political power for overtly political goals, especially through pushing toxic political ideology into our classrooms and supporting it elsewhere

Pompeo: It Was A Lab Leak… But The Mainstream Media Chose To Dismiss Our Findings As ‘Conspiracy Theories’

The Washington Post called the idea “vexing,” the New York Times called it a “fringe theory,” and one ABC reporter stopped just short of saying I needed a tin-foil hat.

Pompeo: Weakness Only Invites Aggression And Further Attacks On Our Sovereignty

Why was the Administration so quick to shoot down these three seemingly harmless targets, yet so slow in shooting down a balloon that we knew threatened American sovereignty?

China’s Copious Donations To American Universities Are Made For One Reason: To Buy Influence

This influence is shockingly welcomed by the leftists who dominate our university system, even while they routinely revolt against a single conservative politician being invited to speak at their campuses.