SOURCE: (Jerusalem Post)

Women’s March board member Zahra Billoo has compared American Israel Defense Forces (IDF) lone soldiers to ISIS recruits on Twitter.

The difference between ISIS and the IDF is clear. ISIS carries out acts of terror, and is widely recognized as a security threat. The IDF is a military force that works to defend a country. This is not the only time Billoo has criticized Israel on Twitter. She has been outspoken about her dislike of the Jewish state and its supporters. She also tweeted that “Israel commits war crimes and terrorism as a hobby” and called it an “apartheid, racist state.” Billoo also tweeted in 2015 about “racist Zionists” being scary, and alleged that the FBI recruits “mentally ill young people” to join ISIS.

Billoo is an attorney who works at the San Francisco Bay Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and was brought to the Women’s March board on Monday after three founding members, including Linda Sarsour, stepped down following accusations of antisemitism. 

Sarsour tweeted that “there is nothing creepier than Zionism,” among other antisemitic remarks. She also claimed on Twitter that at a speaking event “right wing Zionists carrying Israeli flags” joined protesters waving confederate flags. However, Twitter users later shot back saying that there were pro-Israel demonstrators, but no confederate flags.