Transgender bathroom, School
(Photo: Harbingers Daily)

A high school student who identifies as transgender, who sued the school over which restrooms to use, is continuing to pursue the litigation even three years after graduating. To its credit, the Gloucester County School Board in Virginia has continued to defend itself.

Gavin Grimm is a biological female who announced prior to sophomore year the intention to identify as male. The school accommodated Grimm by offering the use of the faculty or nurse’s office restrooms, but after a few weeks Grimm complained that this was “stigmatizing.”

The principal then permitted Grimm to use the boys’ restrooms, but parents who heard of the arrangement began complaining to school administrators.

The school board then adopted a policy declaring that “use of said [restroom and locker room] facilities shall be limited to the corresponding biological genders.”

Although the school also provided additional unisex, single-user restrooms, available to Grimm or any other student, Grimm sued, charging a violation of Title IX—the 1972 law prohibiting discrimination based on “sex” in education.

In the first round of litigation, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled in Grimm’s favor by saying it must defer to the Department of Education’s interpretation of Title IX—which, under the Obama administration’s guidance, said that Title IX prohibited discrimination based on “gender identity,” as well as “biological sex.”

The Supreme Court accepted an appeal of that ruling, but when the Trump administration rescinded the Obama guidance, it sent the case back to the lower courts. Without the Obama policy to hide behind, a three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit declared on its own that the school had violated Title IX and the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

(In addition to its implications for schools, the case illustrates the importance of judicial appointments. The majority consisted of two Obama judges, Henry F. Floyd and James A. Wynn Jr., while a convincing dissent was written by Judge Paul V. Niemeyer—an appointee of former President George H. W. Bush.)

Last week, the school board appealed for review of the case by the full 4th Circuit. Since the case has already been to the Supreme Court once, it would not be surprising if it ends up there again.

Hopefully, the full Circuit Court and the Supreme Court will find that separate shower, locker room, restroom, and housing facilities for the sexes—long permitted under Title IX and its regulations—can continue to be implemented on the basis of biological sex, which is the basis for the separation in the first place.

HD Editors Note: Life Site News Reported, “It is awful enough that so many children are being confused by the gender-fluid ideology introduced to them in schools, and that so many of them are beginning to believe that they were born into the wrong bodies. (As Sky News recently reported, hundreds of young people are already attempting to find out if they can return to their “birth sex” after transitioning.) But now, it is often children who are being hurt and disturbed by the new social experiment that adults are imposing on them who are forced to push back against this lightning-fast social trend.”

“Delusional adults may have entirely forgotten the natural order of things, but children live with the reality of the world as it is, not as a handful of incredibly powerful and influential activists wish it to be,” Life Site continued. “As always, it is the guinea pigs who are so often damaged and destroyed by the experiment.”

The fight against these dangerous transgender bathroom policies is a matter of protecting children. Pastor Jack Hibbs delivered a message last year to parents about the attack on innocence and manipulation kids are facing in schools:

Schools are attempting to normalize Gender neutral bathrooms and Showers, posing many obvious problems. Schools Are pushing disturbing sexual “education” on children that would astonishing adults to hear. Schools are indoctrinating children with Gender confusion and glorify Homosexual Activity.

What gave the schools the right to think that they have the authority to expose their experiment to our children?

It’s time to raise the alarm bells! We are talking about polluting a generation for the rest of their lives with perversion and confusion. Parents need to stop playing games and get back to parenting!

If you think this is normal and you are not offended hearing what our kids are being taught, then you are a bad parent.