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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Fauci Pledges New Admin’s Commitment To Taxpayer-Funded Abortion At The World Health Organization

Fauci pledged the new admin’s aggressive pursuit of abortions funded by US taxpayers, after Biden rejoins Chinese-dominated WHO last week.

GOP Congressional Report: ‘Beyond Doubt’ the CCP ‘Actively Engaged in a Cover-Up’ with WHO’s Help

The report states that "beyond doubt" the CCP engaged in a cover-up to obfuscate data and suppress those who attempted to warn the world

‘China Has Total Control’: Trump says US will Terminate Relationship with WHO

Trump said Friday that he would terminate the relationship between the US & the WHO immediately, accusing the organization of taking directives from China.

Trump Gives Pro-China World Health Org. 30 Days to Reform or Permanently Lose Funding

President Trump issued another ultimatum to the embattled World Health Organization (WHO) Monday, threatening to permanently withdraw the US’ support.

China Asked The WHO To Help Cover Up Coronavirus, German Intelligence Concludes

Xi Jinping personally asked the WHO to delay the release of critical information regarding its coronavirus outbreak, German intelligence has concluded.

Why Pro-lifers Should Question the Agenda of the World Health Organization

The WHO proved itself to be an advocate for abortion & sexual promiscuity after it declared abortion to be an essential service during COVID-19 pandemic.

Communist China Sends $30 Million to World Health Organization After U.S. Freezes Funding

China announced it will donate another $30 million to World Health Organization, which has undergone scrutiny for helping China with Coronavirus cover-up.

YouTube CEO: We’ll delete anything that contradicts WHO on COVID-19

The CEO of YouTube, announced that all content contradicting the WHO on the coronavirus pandemic will be removed from the video platform.

Report: Trump Admin May Redirect W.H.O. Funding to Samaritan’s Purse, Red Cross

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) may redirect funds from the WHO to charitable groups such as Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross.

Coronavirus: World Health Organization Director Has a Long History of Cover-Ups

WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has faced increased scrutiny over his handling of COVID-19, has a long history of covering up epidemics...

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Leading Pandemic Response also Works for China-Controlled WHO

Canada’s chief public health officer, who has been called out for a lack of a proper response to COVID-19, has direct ties to the World Health Organization.

China Relies on Disgraced WHO After Mounting Evidence COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Lab

The Chinese government is using alleged WHO findings to counter mounting evidence that the coronavirus may have originated in a Wuhan lab.

Trump Halts Funding To WHO For Aiding China’s Coverup Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Pres. Trump announced Wednesday during the White House COVID-19 press briefing that he has ordered his administration to halt funding to the WHO.

Nikki Haley On Board With Trump’s Call To Defund World Health Organization

Nikki Haley blasted the UN-based World Health Organization for taking China’s word about the potential dangers and transmissibility of the coronavirus.

WHO: Criticism Of Our Coronavirus Response Is Probably Racist

The WHO, unable to refute complaints about its response to coronavirus pandemic is now calling its critics, particularly its Taiwanese critics, racists.

Sen. Graham Says ‘No More Money to the WHO,’ Calls Them ‘Chinese Apologists’

Sen. Lindsey Graham said WHO should not receive funding from the US under its current leadership after they continued to cover up for communist country

WHO Demands Abortion Be Considered ‘Essential’ During Pandemic

WHO: “services related to reproductive health are considered to be part of essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

‘Lost The Credibility’: WHO Faces Mounting Backlash For Running Interference For China

The World Health Organization is facing a mounting backlash over its handling of China’s cover-up of the novel coronavirus.

Evidence Shows WHO Severely Overstated Fatality Rate of Coronavirus Leading to Greatest Global Panic in History

Evidence proves the coronavirus is not as deadly as was reported by the WHO, creating widespread global panic.

Europe Becomes the Epicenter of Coronavirus Outbreaks, Passing China

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Europe has become the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreaks, passing even the number of China.

World Health Organization Declares Coronavirus Outbreak a Global Pandemic

Expressing increasing alarm about mounting infections, the World Health Organization declared Wednesday the global coronavirus crisis is now a pandemic.

Third Israeli on quarantined cruise ship tests positive for coronavirus

A third Israeli aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, the Foreign Ministry says.

Health Ministry issues warning as alarm spreads over deadly Chinese virus

The Health Ministry issued a travel warning Monday on visiting the central Chinese city of Wuhan due to the outbreak of a mysterious respiratory disease in the city that has already killed three people.

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